I meet people EVERY WEEK that only have one bowel movement a week, if not one bowel movement a month!

So, I have asked my Web Department to RERUN this classic Dr. Schulze video that was taped in my California Pharmacy YEARS AGO, when I was introduced to a wonderful woman who was very constipated all of her life.

dr-schulze-natural-healing(Notice my longer hair and fatter face, compared to the new slimmer and trimmer Dr. Schulze!!!)

Anyway, constipation is such a common problem in America I should probably rerun this video every month!

If any of you are constipated, PLEASE start on my Intestinal Formula #1 right away. And, if you know someone that is constipated, or only has a bowel movement once a week, or even less often… SEND THEM AN EMAIL WITH A LINK TO THIS VIDEO!

It is not just a matter of being regular; it is a matter of PREVENTING DISEASE and BEING HEALTHY!

Free the BLOCKAGE!

— Dr. Schulze