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Raising Your Hormone Levels Naturally to Increase Fertility!


Dear Dr. Schulze, I am 41 years old and my husband and I are trying to conceive a child. After a year of trying to conceive (I know, a late start for me at my age, but we just married a year and a half ago and I am a late bloomer), we still have not had any success. I have had my hormones tested and the labs showed my hormone levels (particularly FSH and AMH) were low. Not surprised, I know it all decreases with age, but I do see a lot of women conceiving later in life and I feel very youthful and lead a healthy lifestyle. I do take monthly fertility blend vitamins and fish oil to help provide a well atmosphere in my body. I have also used your cleansing products before and actually just completed a bowel cleanse and love and believe in your products. I had a recent consultation with a fertility clinic and was suggested for IVF due to my age and low egg count. Of the four hormone labs, only the two aforementioned were a little high (but not impossibly) for natural conception. I like to believe anything is possible if you want it badly enough. My insides are healthy as well with the exception of a small polyp I may have to have removed which seems logical to me to provide the best level ground for conception. I prefer the idea of allowing conception to occur naturally and with the help of natural products. I feel like I can make this happen (God willing). I had read about your Female Shot and am interested in it's possible benefits for what I am trying to achieve. My goal is to do anything to allow my body the possibility of conceiving naturally. My question is, can that product possibly provide benefit to my hormone levels? Also, what is the recommended frequency of the shots? Any information would be wonderful. Thank you Dr. Schulze in advance for your shared knowledge and wisdom in the area of Natural Healing.

- Kathy, B, San Diego, CA, United States, .

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Dear Kathy,

This is not a tall order. I had hundreds of patients in my clinic older than you, with lower levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone and AMH, and not as healthy as you by any means, that were able to get pregnant, have healthy pregnancies and eventually have healthy babies.

Here are my suggestions:

#1: Get the Waste out. I always suggest, first and foremost, to start with my 5-Day BOWEL Detox. Your bowel surrounds your ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and all parts of your female reproductive anatomy. Whether it is any female imbalance, disease or disorder, or just wanting to get fertile and get pregnant, getting your bowel cleaned out, toned and working efficiently is the best place to start. OK, you did this. Good job!

#2: Nutrition. Your body makes its hormones from quality nutrition (not pizza and soda) and there are two ways to achieve this. The most important is getting on a great food program. Organic food, vegan food, don’t worry, you will get plenty of protein, calcium, etc. See my 3 Clinical Food Programs on page 76 of my “20 Steps” book, which you can read right here on this BLOG. And get the juicer out!

#3: MORE Nutrition. On top of a great food program, I suggest you take nutritional supplementation. I would STOP the fertility blend of vitamins (I can just imagine what they are made from) not what is added to them but what are the vitamins actually made from?

Also, I would STOP the fish oil. If Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids is what you are looking for, then Flax seeds and Chia seeds are a much better, cleaner and a nontoxic source of these oils.

And START my SuperFood Plus, two doses a day. I would make a morning blender drink, including the above seeds, and adding two rounded tablespoons of my SuperFood Plus (see my Summer Breakfast Drink recipe and video on this BLOG).

Then I would have a SuperFood Bar in the afternoon, or an additional SuperFood Plus nutritional drink or 15 tablets… your choice.

NOTE: I had so many female patients—and now female customers—that were told they could not have children, that now have healthy babies. Almost all of them refer to their children as ‘SuperFood babies’. This proves the power of nutrition in making you fertile!

#4: NO IVF! In Vitro Fertilization has an 87% FAILURE RATE. Did they bother to tell you this?

#5: START my Female Tonic. Take 2 droppersful, three times daily for three months. Every day! This has ALWAYS worked! It will balance all of your female hormones and get you VERY fertile.

#6: You can also use my Female “SHOT”. It’s a great way to get your female organs going and producing hormones. I suggest two to three Female “SHOTS” a week during the first month, then during months two and three, just the Female Tonic at the dosages I suggest above is fine.

Kathy, it sounds by your letter that you are level-headed, make great decisions, have understood my work and have even started with the right detox program, and would be a great patient. I have NO DOUBTS that you will be pregnant soon. Just remember one thing, your husband. Please make sure that having kids is also what he really wants to do, talk about it a lot, and also make sure that he is healthy and that he takes his SuperFood Plus every day, too.

I also suggest that he follows the same programs I outlined in numbers 5 and 6 for you, but using the Male Formula and Male “SHOT” and maybe even the Super Ginseng tonic. All of this will create powerful and numerous “good swimmers”.

And not to be obvious here, but make sure that you both know when you ovulate, and that you have lots of sex before and during your ovulation (check your mucous daily). Also, keep a menstrual diary and write down all the dates of menstruation, first day of period, when you think you ovulated, etc. This will help you know when to have sex. Oh yeah, and don’t get too serious about all of this, keep sex fun, don’t turn it into a strictly baby producing exercise. Laugh a little, or a lot!

Finally, you are sooooo right about letting conception occur naturally. With IVF, you are medically forcing your body to become pregnant, even if it is not ready and not healthy enough to have a baby. This is a great recipe for disaster and often results in miscarriages, sick moms (preeclampsia) and premature and sick babies. Your body does not want to have a baby right now for a good reason, and that reason is that you are not strong enough and healthy enough. It is always best to assist God and nature instead of going against what your body is doing. With IVF you are medically forcing your body to do something it is trying to protect you from.

So the simple and logical solution, and one that ALWAYS works, is you getting stronger and healthier, and balancing your hormones! And when you do this, your body will produce the right hormones, your female organs will come alive, and you will get pregnant and have healthy children.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Adventure… Mom!

— Dr. Schulze

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.

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