This week, Dr. Schulze answers a customer question on Diverticulitis and how to ease the pain and discomfort that comes with it.

Dr. Schulze begins answering the question by referencing the latest Merck Manual, and the statistic it gives, which states that EVERY person will one day have Diverticulosis (herniated pockets in their bowel), if they live long enough. But, the Merck Manual from the 1950’s stated only 10% of people would get it. How could this be?

This rising surge in Diverticulosis cases is mainly due to the lack of healthy nutrition, and the lack of healthy elimination, in the average person’s diet. The constipation our ‘modern lifestyle' causes, leaves the bowel herniated with pockets of dried fecal waste and poisons. Diverticulitis occurs when those herniated pockets become raw and inflamed.

His bottom line response to dealing with this issue is using his Intestinal Formula #2 and HerbalMucil Plus. That’s it. His patients swore by these products and his customers swear by them today to help ease the discomfort of a “hot” bowel.

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