This week, Dr. Schulze brings you the “best of” his recent @TheHerbDoc Instagram videos!

PART ONE: It’s Spring! Plant something, even on a balcony in New York City, you can do it. Plant something that will give you life! It’s fun, connects you to the earth, and grounds you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. HEAL!!!

PART TWO: My son has brought back chili seeds from his travels around the world. Everyone should have some hot chili peppers in their house, even if you grow them in a pot in the kitchen, and even if you only use them to spice up your food that will get your digestion and elimination going, but they might just save your life!

PART THREE: My friend makes her own raw dog food for all her dogs, and dumps a healthy adult human dose of SuperFood on top. When she didn’t add it to one of their bowls, the dogs fought over the one with the SuperFood in it! Dogs, cats, horses, humans—I’m not sure who loves it more!

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See you next week!