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Pancreatic Cancer, Chemo & Carrot Juice


My husband was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and it has also spread to his liver in the form of several smaller tumors. He had his first chemo treatment last week and is due for another in a few days. He is also beginning your Incurables Program today. I would rather he lay off of the chemo until he is finished with your detox program. He feels the chemo is giving him piece of mind along with your program and the other natural things he is doing in conjunction with his treatment, i.e., prayer, essential oils and Flor Essence tea. What is your opinion of whether or not he should stop the chemo for now while doing the Incurables Program? What kinds of experience have you had with this type of situation in the past? Thank you.

- Laura, F, Holly, MI, United States,

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Dear Laura,


The medical prognosis for your husband is extremely bad.

(Diagnosis is the guessing of what disease your husband has and Prognosis is the guessing of what will happen, telling the future, fortune telling.)

So the prognosis, what the medical profession says will happen with their treatment, is that your husband will most likely be dead in less than six months, if not three months. Even if he survives their treatment, his long-term prognosis, “chances of survival” for five years is less than 5%. The lowest of almost any cancer. Of the 30,000 people medical doctors treat with this disease every year, over 29,500 die. And I didn’t even include his liver cancer. These are quite bad odds. If you have any doubts about these statistics, just ask your husband’s oncologist.

If you do ask the oncologist, the medical doctor will look very uncomfortable when you ask, and may even totally avoid the question and never give you a real answer. They may also make statements like, “Well, you know we make breakthroughs in treatment all the time”, or “we are getting better at targeting the cancer” or they may even lie. But, if you persist to get the truth—the real facts, the real statistics, their real life expectancy and odds—they will be the exact same as I mentioned above.

Worse, with the chemotherapy that his medical doctor is suggesting, you should know that the results are pathetic. The clinical trials for Gemcitabine and other chemotherapy chemicals for advanced pancreatic cancer, and all of their horrific side effects and financial costs have only been reported to have an average of a five-week increase in lifespan. Even if this is true, this is ridiculous. Personally, my experience is that chemotherapy shortens lifespan.


This is where I will mention my famous “Faulty Mathematics of Medicine”, which is…

The medical odds for your husband are based on this equation:

Your Husband’s Pancreatic & Liver Cancer

+ Medical Treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery)

= Prognosis or Results (death very soon)

Your husband and his pancreatic and liver cancer, plus the medical treatment (chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) equals his prognosis, which is death very soon.

Why I call this the “Faulty Mathematics of Medicine” is because medical doctors are often so stubborn, egotistical and close-minded, that they assume that “their way, medical treatment, is the only way” and also that “their prognosis or results” is what always happens. What I mean is that they assume that your husband’s pancreatic cancer will kill him in a matter of months, no matter what.

In my clinic, what I did was to change this medical equation to an alternative equation:

Your Husband’s Pancreatic & Liver Cancer

+ Creating Powerful Health (Healthy Lifestyle Changes)

= Prognosis or Results (Living Happier, Healthier & Longer)

The patient, plus getting extremely healthy, equals very different results! In my clinic, many patients survived their cancer, in fact MOST of them did. My survival rates were far better than what the medical profession is getting. Why? Well, first of all it is not my program or treatment or herbal formulas that are curing the cancer. And even if it were my treatment that cured them, the medical doctors would force the government to put me in prison if I said that. On the contrary, my focus was to get my patients Extremely Healthy. Then, when my patients Created Powerful Health, their immune systems would kick into high gear, along with all of their organs, and simply reverse the process of degeneration, reverse the disease process, heal the cancer and more important, Create Powerful Health.

Again, it was my patients’ own bodies, their immune systems and their increased health that CURED their cancer.

Although nothing is guaranteed, and no one knows exactly what will happen, and also that no two patients, or cancers, or diseases are exactly alike, my clinical results were consistently far better than the medical professions orthodox treatment of the cancer.

Heck, I had one patient, who after having malignant breast cancer in BOTH breasts involving her lymph nodes, and also uterine and ovarian cancer, was told by the chief oncologist at one of America’s best hospitals that even with aggressive medical therapy she would be dead in two months. Well, she did not undergo the medical therapy and is still alive, and that was 25 YEARS AGO!

I will explain more…

Do People Die from the Cancer or the Cancer TREATMENT?

I have done a lot of cancer research at hospitals, and spoke to numerous oncologists and cancer specialists at cancer research centers. My conclusions are this:

My clinical experience is that in America, when people die from cancer, they are NOT actually dying from cancer, but instead, they are dying from the medical TREATMENT itself. They are dying from the chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. AGAIN: They are NOT dying from the cancer—they are being killed by the medical doctors and their medical treatment!

An AIDS Analogy

I first discovered this in the 1980s during the first outbreaks of AIDS. I noticed that when people in America died from AIDS, their symptoms and their actual “cause of death” were very different than those people that died from AIDS who lived outside the United States, and had different medical treatment or no medical treatment at all.

I soon realized that the symptoms of AIDS and the physical circumstances surrounding their death and their actual “cause of death”, were actually the symptoms of the side effects of the chemotherapy drugs and NOT the actual symptoms of the disease. So in the United States, patients with AIDS were actually dying from the treatment of AIDS, not from the disease itself.

Worse yet, I also did an extensive longevity study and discovered that the people who were dying from AIDS the fastest were Americans who were subjected to the medical treatment. And, the people who were living the longest were those that denied any medical treatment, or had none available to them, and just DID NOTHING. They lived longer just wasting away from the disease, and actually had a better quality of life than those who underwent the chemotherapy onslaught.

Then, there were my patients who had AIDS who simply ignored the fact that they had AIDS, focused on Creating Powerful Health, and they ended up living the longest—longer than the two other groups!

In fact, I had patients who completely recovered from the worst stages of the disease, who also had the AIDS-associated diseases of Kaposi’s Sarcoma Cancer and Pneumocystis Lung Fibrotic disease and had scarred lungs, and they survived. Most of my AIDS patients are still alive today, over two decades later. Some don’t even test positive for AIDS anymore!

Furthermore, the main reason that death from AIDS is actually in decline in America today is simply because the medical establishment realized they strongly overreacted with their treatment, and have now decreased their treatment protocols and are using much less aggressive chemotherapy.

Now, Back to Cancer

Since I had so many patients with cancer, I decided to do this same research and discovered the exact same scenario and statistics.

I discovered that the group that died the quickest, from various types of cancer, was the group who did the most aggressive medical treatments. In fact, the speed at which patients died from cancer was usually totally equal to the aggressiveness of their medical therapy.

I discovered that the group that lived longer was the group who did nothing at all for their cancer. They lived longer and also had a much better quality of life. They just totally ignored the cancer, rotted away and eventually died, but they lived happier, healthier, had less pain (if any), had a better quality of life and lived quite a bit longer. Some even recovered.

I had one patient with medically documented, very aggressive last-stage colon cancer. She was in her late 70’s and she did absolutely nothing at all. Actually, she told me that she had a lot of peppermint growing in her backyard, and she believed this would help her, so every day she picked some of it and made fresh peppermint tea and drank many cups a day. Within three months her cancer was completely healed. Gone. So she almost fits in this category of “Do nothing and live longer”.

The third group, who lived the longest, and many of them actually healed their cancers, were my patients. Instead of doing any medical treatment, instead of just ignoring that they had cancer, instead (are you ready, this is a very extreme and radical approach to cancer) instead… these patients got really, really healthy.

Think about this, it makes so much common sense! And it’s so SIMPLE!

Instead of filling your body with very poisonous chemicals in an attempt to KILL the cancer, instead of using radiation to KILL the cancer, instead of doing torturous and disfiguring surgeries to KILL the cancer, and instead of doing nothing…

How about instead we get EXTREMELY HEALTHY and:

FLOOD the body with more nutrition than it can possibly use, so it has all the building blocks to build more immune cells and more immune chemicals to build and repair organs.

STOP consuming any food or liquids that we know are carcinogenic.

BUILD the body back up by creating a new food program that includes lots of food that we know is loaded with nutrition and life and that we know heals cancer.

FLUSH the body’s own elimination organs and channels, to rid the body of any accumulated poisons, toxins and waste, and then DETOXIFY, STIMULATE and TONE these elimination organs to work more efficiently in the future, to eliminate poison faster so it does not build up in the cells and organs again.

FREE THE BLOCKAGE by stimulating the circulation, to get more blood, oxygen, nutrition, immune cells and immune chemicals throughout the body, especially to any blocked or cancerous areas.

CHANGE the focus of your therapy from KILLING CANCER to Creating Powerful Health!

This follows the old Chinese philosophy that I have always liked:

“Focus on the GOOD, to Eliminate the BAD.”

This is also the fundamental philosophy of Natural Healing. Which is the recognition that we are not smart enough to know what cancer really is, or where it all is in your body, nor how to heal it. So instead of trying to kill cancer, simply get extremely healthy and let our own bodies do the healing.

I had my patients STOP doing anything that we know makes us sick, and especially that we know causes cancer, and START doing EVERTHING we can that we know will Create Powerful Health, and just hope and pray that when we get really healthy, that our own body will know how to heal the cancer. And it does. I saw this hundreds of times, probably thousands.

Why Do People Get Cancer?

Friends, this is why we have an immune system. Oncologists have told me that many of us have cancer, every day. But the difference is that our own immune system, which is designed to eat up any mutating cells before they get a chance to grow and multiply and turn into cancer, is working and doing its job. So a better question than, “Why do I have cancer?” would be, “Why is my immune system not working and taking care of me and eating up this cancer?”

There are many physical, emotional and spiritual reasons our immune system stops protecting us, the main one being that we are exposing ourselves to more toxins and poisons than our body has the ability to eliminate. So, it gets overloaded, our health declines and we create disease. These toxins and poisons are physical, emotional and spiritual.

So my research for many years, and my clinical results with all of my patients that healed their cancers, has shown me the following:

If you want to survive longer than with aggressive medical treatment, DO NOTHING AT ALL.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, and you want to live the longest, run away from the medical doctors and hospitals and GET REALLY, REALLY HEALTHY!

And, if you want to die the quickest, undergo aggressive medical cancer therapy including Chemotherapy, Radiation and Radical Surgery. This will also guarantee you the worst pain, greatest disfigurement, largest amount of physical and emotional torture and the hugest financial stress and financial burden, if not bankruptcy.

FACT: Well over 50% of American bankruptcies are caused by hospital and medical bills! Yes, the hospital will take your home away from you if necessary to get their money, and even if you die, you still need to pay, and they will take EVERYTHING from your spouse and children.

I had numerous patients whose spouse underwent major medical treatment for cancer, and many experimental treatments, like bone marrow transplants, that were not covered by their insurance. Regular treatment or experimental, these patients racked up huge medical bills, beyond what their insurance would cover, and once their nest egg and life savings was gone, the bills kept piling up. Eventually the patient could not take the torture anymore and died. But when the patient died, the hospital and medical bills remained. You would think that if you die, that you would get a refund, or at least a pardon from the remainder of the bill, but this is not how the medical system works. I had many patients, who not only lost their husband, but also ended up having the house taken away from them by the bill collectors and courts from their unpaid medical bills.

So, Regarding Your Husband and His Pancreatic Cancer

You now have my decision regarding whether or not I advise chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or any medical treatment for your husband. My decision is based on my research, clinical experience and my patients’ results. My answer is NO MEDICAL TREATMENT!


As far as doing both, or what I call the “Chemotherapy and Carrot Juice” program, I never saw positive results when my patients did this. This is not because I am a hard-headed Natural Healing Purist. It is simply because these two treatment methods COUNTERACT and CONFLICT with each other. The philosophy and the therapy are OPPOSITES.

With Medical Treatment the method is POISON, to induce powerful chemical poisons into the whole body, and hopefully this poison will kill the cancer cells before it kills you.

Additionally, the cancer may be burnt using radiation treatment or cut out using surgery, or both.

With Natural Treatment the method is to Create Powerful Health, and let the body’s own defensive systems reverse the disease process and eliminate and heal the cancer.

These are two radically different approaches so obviously one does not work with the other. You cannot inject powerful chemical poisons into the body while attempting to cleanse and detoxify the body of poisons.

Having said that, in your letter you stated:

“He feels the chemo is giving him peace of mind along with your program and the other natural things he is doing in conjunction with his treatment, i.e., prayer, essential oils…” 

The most important part of your husband’s treatment will be his feelings, his attitude, his positive outlook, and his positive affirmations. Look, you now know I do not advise the medical treatment simply because it is deadly, IT DOES NOT WORK, and furthermore I believe it will kill him long before the cancer would.

But your husband’s belief is the most important. So, I would simply send him my answer, by sending him this BLOG, and keep planting lots of seeds in his mind, and keep putting lots of fresh wheatgrass juice around the house, and lots of tools from great raw food to fresh juices and positive affirmation books. Make this FUN!

Over the years I have learned—in my personal healing, my clinical experience and my life experience—that the most powerful healing tool for cancer, and for any disease, far more powerful than wheatgrass juice, my Detox Tonic, my Detox Programs, or even my Incurables Program, far more powerful than anything… is LOVE!

So I would give him a HUGE dose of LOVE first, every minute of every day, and then help him to create a powerfully healthy lifestyle.

Life is a “limited time offer”. We are all going to die, but I found my sick patients were obsessed with the thought of dying. No medical doctor, no natural doctor, no psychic or priest, and not even the great Dr. Schulze knows whether we have a decade or two left to live, or only one day. So stop focusing on cancer, stop focusing on death, and start focusing on LIVING, living HEALTHY, LOVING your husband and LOVING LIFE!

Attitude is EVERYTHING!

Finally, I know this answer was more than you asked for, and long. But I get many letters and thousands of questions each week from people who have all types of cancer. And this year I will be answering many of them and explaining many details of my clinical programs for cancer. So, this answer was not just for you Laura, but for EVERYONE out there in cyberspace, all around the world, who has cancer or any degenerative or supposedly incurable disease, and is looking for answers, and is going to heal themselves, naturally. My thoughts, positive affirmations, prayers and love, are with all of you!

— Dr. Schulze

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