Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides co-star, Penelope Cruz recently displayed the contents of her designer purse to Marie Claire Magazine, and spilled her secret on keeping cold and flu free!

Dr. Schulze's Cold & Flu Herbal "SHOT": "When you are starting to get sick, you just drink one of these. You will never forget the flavor because it is horrible—onion, garlic, echinachea, and a very strong combination of herbs—but it works."—Penelope Cruz

Read the whole article, What’s in Penelope Cruz’s Bag? Click here.


A Note From Dr. Schulze:

Friends, as you know my clinics were in Hollywood and Malibu, California and at one time or another I worked with almost every famous Hollywood star, director, producer, etc. I never talk about them personally—NEVER—but occasionally some of them talk about me!

You know me, I am very focused on Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine but... at the same time I recognize that millions and millions of people read celebrity, star and fashion magazines and want to know what the stars are up to. So, I thought that from time to time I would post a few of these Dr. Schulze/Star stories that make the news, in case you missed them.

I know, I know, many of you very serious health crusaders, like me, would rather hear about my routines for gallstones or cancer than what the stars are doing but... you also have friends and relatives that don't (or won't) take my herbal medicine just because you do, or even when you tell them to. Over the years I have found that they might take my medicine once they discover that Tom Cruise, Sting, Madonna, Steven Seagal or the President does, so it never hurts to release a few of these stories.

Remember, I am a diehard Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine evangelist and I will stop at nothing to try and get you—and your relatives and friends—to heal yourselves naturally, so that is why I do what I do!


— Dr. Schulze