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Orange Juice Causes Cancer?


Dear Dr. Schulze, I am taking Intestinal Formula #1. However when I look up two of the things that are in the product - Senna & Cascara Sagrada, some very disturbing things are said. Senna is toxic to tissue and organs. Cascara Sagrada an herbal stimulant laxative is considered quite dangerous. Causes constipation, the very thing it supposed to relieve, along with digestive problems, liver damage, lesions in colon, rectal bleeding, Hepatitis. You are saying it helps... seems contrary to what I am hoping to accomplish. I hope you will respond to this please.

- Pat, S, Independence, MO, USA, ,

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WHOA! What garbage are you reading and where the heck are you looking?

The Libertarians have a great statement: QUESTION AUTHORITY, which simply means to Question the AUTHOR. Personally, I question almost everything, and then I go into my heart and I make my best-informed decision.

A small amount of the information regarding herbs on the Internet is written by people who have no education or training in herbal medicine or for whatever reason hate plants! Then, you have the articles about herbs (usually they are more like negative warnings) written by Medical Doctors, Medical Groups and Associations, the Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Manufacturers. Again, usually these articles are more like warnings, that seem to always start out by promoting the herb, but by the end of the article they always end up saying things like, “this herb is not proven effective”, or “it may not be safe to use” and then they always end with telling you to not use the herbs unless you consult your medical doctor (a person who knows absolutely nothing about herbs and usually will suggest chemical drugs instead). Generally, the medical industry DOES NOT want you to use herbs to treat yourself. It takes money right out of the pocket of that $2 trillion dollar industry! So let’s take a big breath here and look at the stupidity of the ridiculous statements you are making, or that they are making and you are repeating.

Senna, the Real Jewel of the Nile!

Senna has been used by humans for health since the beginning of time. It is often called Alexandrian Senna as it grows and is a native plant of the Nile delta area of Egypt, and has been used as bowel medicine there for 5,000 years. It is still used today by people all over the world, including medical doctors in America. It is a non-prescription herbal medicine that is safe and is sold in EVERY regular pharmacy under numerous brand names like Sannacot, etc., and in health food stores all across America, and has been sold like this for over 150 years. Medical doctors worldwide even regularly prescribe it. I don’t know where you read that it is toxic to tissues and organs, but I could probably find many things in your own kitchen that are toxic—and it is not the Senna.

Cascara Sagrada, Sacred Bark!

Cascara Sagrada literally translated means “Sacred Bark”. It was given this name by Native Americans, and then the Spanish, for its amazing healing ability. Native Americans have used it for thousands of years. In the past 500 years it has been used by immigrants to the United States, and in the past few hundred years, internationally. Cascara Sagrada bark, Senna leaves and pods and Aloe all contain emodin. Emodin is a cathartic anthraquinone that stimulates the muscular contractions (peristalsis) of the colon, which promotes more frequent and more complete bowel movements, relieving constipation. The FDA has recognized it as being effective for this purpose, but there have been some FDA disagreements over Cascara Sagrada in 2002 (in ridiculously high dosages, that would almost be impossible to ingest), but regardless, it is still very legal to use as an herbal supplement. All of my herbal products meet FDA guidelines to manufacture and sell, and my facility is also an FDA inspected and approved ORGANIC herbal manufacturing facility.

FIRST, repeat after me… “In Dr. Schulze I Trust!”

You can buy a lot of herbs and herbal products. There are many sold in stores and even in pharmacies. You can buy them online, you can even buy bags of herbs and even make your own formulas, but when you buy herbal medicines from me… you are not just buying herbal medicines… you are buying DR SCHULZE. And there is a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Look, I am not asking you to blindly trust me, but I am asking for some level of trust here, otherwise you should just go to the store and buy any old herbal products, or go to a medical doctor and take drugs.

Why should you trust me? Mainly because I have been an Herbal Doctor all of my life. My two teachers alone practiced herbal medicine in their clinics for a combined 100 years, and when you add in my over 40 years of experience so far, well, you have got 140 years of experience and well over 200,000 patients. I don’t know everything, but I KNOW Natural Healing and I KNOW Herbal Medicine, and I know how to help people to heal themselves using herbal medicine. This I know!

Pat, you have to trust in somebody, some of the time, so I suggest you STOP looking for the few negative reports written by ignorant people about wonderful healing herbs, and START focusing on Creating Powerful Health, and START trusting in me. Or, STOP using herbs altogether and go to medical doctors. Just pick one and stop panicking and STOP working yourself up into a frenzy—this is what’s going to make you sick!

Orange Juice Causes Cancer?

If you look hard enough, you can find articles written promoting or condemning anything and everything. God exists. God doesn’t exist. Apples heal. Apples cause cancer. Two glasses of orange juice fed to a male rat supposedly gave it cancer—yep, that’s on the Internet too! Look it up.  Oh yeah, and there are lots of stories about computers causing cancer, too. Inoculations save lives? Inoculations KILL? It’s all out there.

Just look up Chemotherapy on Wikipedia and you will see a woman smiling in the picture, like she is having a ball, getting her chemotherapy. Then why did most of my patients say it was like getting HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A BASEBALL BAT, or like getting RUN OVER BY A TRUCK? Also, Wikipedia says it’s an effective cancer treatment, but to the contrary, the Federal Government’s own General Accounting Office report stated that: “There was no observable improvement” with using chemotherapy! It’s a confusing world out there.

Seek Your Own Truth!

Look Pat, you have to believe in something. So go inward into your heart, you will find what is right for you. Trust yourself. Seek your own truths!

The Bottom Line

It seems to me that you are looking for evidence to NOT get your bowel working, to NOT get healthy and to NOT use Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine. Because this is exactly what you found!

Most people when researching herbs they want to use, just read the articles about how using the herb will improve their life, and maybe even save it. So the Big Question I have here is why are you doing this? Whom are you trying to convince—what is your point?

My patients that were always looking for reasons to not use herbs and not get healthy, well, they usually found their reasons and achieved these goals. I strongly suggest that you get your head screwed on straight, focus on what you WANT, and want to achieve, and Just Do It! What you are doing now will cause illness and disease, and it’s NOT FUN!

“Your Focus Determines Your Future!”

“Tomorrow is what you DO and BELIVE Today!”

— Dr. Schulze

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