This week, Dr. Schulze teaches us why getting powerful nutrition into our bodies every day is the FIRST STEP to getting well and staying well.
He begins by sharing that your immune system constantly needs to create more immune cells, from B-cells to T-cells to macrophages, but what is it going to make those immune cells FROM? Chicken nuggets? Beer? No! This is why nutrition is #1.
Check the contents of your kitchen. Is what is in there going to make you happy and healthy? If not, throw it out! Get more nutrition. Make your plate a fresh fruit and vegetable “rainbow” of vitamins and nutrients. 
Dr. Schulze's bottom line: You must flood your body with nutrients. Every cell in your body needs potent nutrition to function and even more powerful, daily nutrition to continually create NEW, healthier and stronger cells. Nutrition is what makes you…YOU!

Stay healthy and see you next week.