Antibiotics KILL ALL BACTERIA. They are not selective. They KILL ALL of your bad bacteria, and ALL of your GOOD bacteria, too. This is why after antibiotic therapy ALL of your good bacteria is destroyed—like your healthy intestinal flora, your digestive bacteria, vaginal flora, etc. KILLING all of your good bacteria leaves you susceptible to the many other dangerous harmful bacteria lurking in the environment.

This year 3 MILLION Americans will be infected with C-diff, a very dangerous and even lethal intestinal bacteria that infects people after they take a course of antibiotics. 16,000 will DIE! The remainder will have severe diarrhea.

Worse, the spores of this bacterial infection are almost always ingested in hospitals.

Since medical doctors won’t stop their indiscriminant usage of antibiotics, C-diff infections are on the rise. But don’t worry; medical doctors think they have the answer.

They are now taking fecal matter out of supposedly healthy Americans and TRANSPLANTING it into people with C-diff infections. I kid you not!

C-diff bacterial infections are just another folly of drug therapy. Is this a side-effect or a disease caused by medical treatment and pharmaceutical drugs? Worse, what diseases will be transmitted by sharing fecal matter? What new diseases will be created by sharing fecal matter?

I am sure the worst is yet to come.

— Dr. Schulze