Modern Sports Drinks are Disease Drinks: they are DEATH DRINKS because they will cause Diabetes, Heart Disease and even Cancer. They are PURE GARBAGE!

Continuing on from a few weeks ago, (the “Electrolyte Popsicles”), this week Dr. Schulze shows you his simple Pre-Workout Drink, that you can make yourself in LESS than 1 MINUTE!

He tells you the greatest Sodium Vegetable for your Electrolytes, and shows you how to make a morning Pre-Workout Drink that will make a huge difference in your workouts.

Dr. Schulze told us to also mention WATERMELON, the perfect Sports Drink Food, loaded with natural sugars, and natural salts and minerals in the rind. Juice the whole watermelon for an amazing sports drink.

Finally, he also asked us to mention his Vitality “SHOT” which is his secret weapon to an amazing workout. Take it 30 minutes prior, and you will have the best workout of your life!