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More On Prostate Cancer – Fighting It Naturally!


Dear Dr. Schulze, My husband has prostate cancer, and has changed his lifestyle to be vegan for the past 18 months. We have done 90% of your products and advice. We have heard that soy products and some fruits such as apples, prunes, raisins and pears feed the cancer? Is this true? Thank you for helping me keep my husband out of the hospital and living a healthy life. He has trouble with a swollen prostate, which makes urinating difficult at times. He keeps himself emptied by self-cathing, a few times a day, when he feels his kidneys starting to ache. Done the detoxes from time to time, and juices every day. Haven't been able to get him to do the 30-Day Detox or Incurable program. He has an extremely busy life, but I feel he can do whatever he puts his mind to; maybe you could persuade him? Waiting for your reply ASAP, thankful for what we've learned from your books and blogs. God bless your efforts, you're an answer to prayer.

- Brenda , G, Lansing, MI, United States, .

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Dear Brenda,

Hmmmmmm… “My Husband has Prostate Cancer”

Hmmmmmm… “We” have done 90% of your products and advice”

Hmmmmmm… “Thank You for helping to keep my husband out of the hospital”

Hmmmmmm… “Haven’t been able to get him to do the 30-Day Detox or Incurables”

Brenda, I have a question… Whose prostate is it anyway? Whose prostate is swollen? Whose prostate is cancerous? Who has to stick a tube up his penis twice a day?

And who is writing me this letter?

The most difficult thing about Natural Healing is that we cannot heal anyone of disease, no matter how much we love them; they have to heal themselves!

You sound like an amazing woman to me, a great wife and if I were looking for a woman, or a nurse, I would give you a call immediately. And, I totally applaud your husband for making all of the changes that you have told me he has done, although I am sure you are the one who has made this all happen.

Look Brenda, I really appreciate your faith in me, my Natural Healing Programs, my Herbal Medicine and all of the work that you, and your husband, have done. I am not being hard on your husband, and I do congratulate him for all the good work he has done, but I take Cancer VERY SERIOUSLY and I want more than anything for him to HEAL HIMSELF and I KNOW, in order to do this and give him his best shot he has to get MORE INVOLVED!

And, you writing to me is very typical of my clinic. There is no accident that 90% of my patients were female. I would like to think that it is simply because I am a handsome hunk, but the reality is probably closer to the fact that women are more open and flexible when it comes to new things than most men. Maybe this is one of the wonderful differences between estrogen and testosterone. We know that testosterone makes things harder, stiffer, and less flexible, ALL puns intended. This is one of the reasons you love him, but also these same reasons make men less open and receptive.

Anyway, just make sure that you are not dragging your husband through this Natural Healing adventure. And, make sure that he has more energy with healing his prostate than you do. I know Brenda, if you could, you would have his prostate transplanted into your body and you would heal it yourself, and then give it back to him, but you cannot do this.

Again, I applaud you for all you have done, and him for what he has done so far, but his healing will take an immediate and amazing change if he leads the charge, gets into his programs and gives me 110%, and gets his prostate healed and gets his body to heal itself of cancer.

Let me tell you, if he doesn’t take this more seriously, the cancer will!

NOTE: Psychologists now say there is a third personality type, the type “C” personality (verses the type “A” and type “B”). They say that the type “C” personality is common with people who have Cancer and they describe it as people who don’t speak for themselves when they have the diseases, which is what is happening here. So, we need to get your husband to be the one who is Creating “his own” Powerful Health!

And, I understand that he has an extremely busy life, but if he loves life and wants decades more, he has to give me a season here, and take a break from work, give me 110% and we will get this cancer out of his body and he will heal himself.

The best thing you can do right now for me is two things…

#1: Love your husband for who he is, not for his level of healing participation.

We are all going to die someday, and ALL of us could have lived a little longer if we would have taken better care of ourselves and lived healthier. But, at the same time, we have to balance quality with quantity. So don’t be too hard on him if he also doesn’t want to do any of my programs as intensely as you do, or if he isn't as disciplined as you in creating a Natural Healing lifestyle. You fell in love with him for a reason and it was not his ability to drink carrot juice.

#2: Send this BLOG to him!

Mr. Brenda, I have had people with prostate cancer in far worse shape than you, totally heal themselves. You can do this. And, you are lucky to have your wife on your team. I have NO DOUBT that with your determination, kick ass intensity, my programs and with your secret weapon of your wife, the prostate cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

Finally, answering your initial question, the foods you mention do not feed cancer. What feeds cancer is toxins and poisons that we get exposed to in our food, water and air. And, what feeds prostate cancer are all animal foods and they are probably what caused your husband’s prostate cancer in the first place. So I congratulate him for making the change to his vegan lifestyle. Dried fruit, like some prunes and raisins are very concentrated and high in sugar, so I suggest eating only fresh fruits.

Finally, finally... make sure your husband is using my PROSTATE Formula, 3 droppersful, four or five times a day, every day, until he can urinate with no problems at all. I've had a thousand men who could barely pee because of their swollen prostate, be able to urinate with a strong stream again just by using this formula, so make sure he takes it every day.

God Bless You Both and Your Efforts,

— Dr. Schulze

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