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Medical Doctor Meltdown WARNING!


Dear Dr. Schulze, You're a scamming asshole who should be ashamed of taking advantage of those that need real medical help the most. Both myself and the rest of the medical community would LOVE to cure all diseases, however, we require evidence. Kindly provide some good quality evidence or just fuck off, you moron. Kindly remove yourself from this earth, You are a Moron,

- XXXXXX, X, South Carolina, USA,

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The following letter from a reader contains language that many would find offensive. Since I do not edit or tamper with the emails that are submitted to me via my BLOG site, and I do not alter the words in any way, if you are offended by strong language and 4-letter words—Do Not Read the following letter. Thank You.

Dear Anonymous Medical Doctor,

Let me answer a few of your questions and accusations.

I don’t see myself as taking advantage of anyone. I am simply sharing my personal life experience and my clinical experience. I leave it up to the people themselves to make their own health decisions.

My clinical experience is definitely biased, as I am sure yours is.

Most of my patients were already told that there was nothing more that can be done by their medical doctors, and simply told to go home and die. In fact, most of my patients were told by their medical doctors that they would be dead in one or two months. I can think of no greater form of malpractice than this, telling people they are going to DIE, and these words are spoken by medical doctors to their patients every single day in America.

How dare they be this arrogant and play God?

But they do. Doctors know that a person’s immune system reacts to their emotional dialog. Do they think telling a patient they are going to die helps them? Even worse, is that medical doctors are so egotistical that they tell patients there is NOTHING more that can be done. REALLY? What about spiritual healing, laying on of hands, prayer, and the thousand different forms of alternative medicine from herbal medicine to detoxification to juicing to enemas, to physical exercise and so on? What medical doctors should say instead to their patients is: “There is nothing more that can be done, THAT I KNOW OF, so I suggest you seek out help elsewhere!” But they NEVER, EVER say this!

I also witnessed firsthand with my parents, and then with my patients, the cold heartedness, cruelty, disfigurement and the physical, emotional and spiritual torture, and financial ruin of modern medicine. Sure, I see a few of the benefits, like with trauma care, but from my point of view, there are many more downsides. I honestly believe that most people would live as long, if not longer, and certainly be happier and healthier without the majority of the practice of modern medicine. This can be simply proven by the fact that in America we spend more money per person on medicine and medical care than any other country in the world, and we still don’t even rank in the top 15 countries for longevity. We are obviously not getting the most bang for our buck with modern medical care and medicine.

Also, it is well documented that the increase in lifespan in Americans over the past 200 years is not at all from modern medicine but from better sanitation practices (sewage not being dumped in the streets) and from better, cleaner water quality.

Anyway, sure, some of my patients did die, but most lived. I do consider all that survived to be absolute healing miracles, including myself.

So biased? YOU BET!

Don’t be too quick to judge what you do not understand. I once saw a tribal healer chew up herbs, and then spit them into his patient’s faces. Lo and behold, most of them got well, even though my scientific mind could not comprehend how this could possibly work. On the other hand, your scientific mind should understand how herbal medicine works, as after the ingestion of any plant substance, the body assimilates the chemicals in the herbs, just like it would with any man-made drug, except many of the plant's chemicals are a God-given mystery. After all, the first major heart drug, Digitalis, is an herb, Digitalis lanata or Greek Foxglove plant, and is still used today worldwide.

Getting Evidence Kills!

You want evidence? As far as evidence, thousands of my patients healing themselves was enough evidence for me. Or the woman my son, Arthur, met that I wrote about a few weeks ago (see my BLOG post, “A.I.D.S. GONE!”) who was told by her team of oncologists that she would be dead in two months—and that was 25 years ago—but instead she is very much alive!

In my clinic, I found that the evidence you mention usually involved more torture, biopsies, and was also expensive, dangerous and caused more diseases. Like mammograms now being linked to breast cancer, and like CT scans. Many medical doctors suggested my patients get CT scans to make sure that their disease, tumor, whatever, was gone. But today, the same medical experts are reporting that CT scans themselves cause 29,000 cases of cancer yearly in America and 15,000 of those people will die from the CT scan. (See my BLOG commentary, “The Danger of CT Scans”.)

Is this the kind of evidence you are talking about?

I too like evidence, but not when it risks the health of my patients, or gives them cancer, or kills them. In my clinic, I had to accept my patients’ visual proof, my patients’ word for it, and the fact that my patients’ pain was gone. They felt great, they looked great, their energy came back and they remained alive—this was proof enough for me that they were indeed healed. I had so many patients with cancer tumors who did go back to their medical doctors for evidence, and got it, but only to be told many negative things like the cancer is likely to return and kill them. Sure, anything is possible, but I could think of a lot more positive things to say to someone who just healed themselves of cancer.

I have also found that the medical community at large is also a very biased group, and when my patients would have a miracle healing, the medical doctors were no longer interested when the patient started telling them that the healing came from a juicer, an attitude change or fresh garlic. This was also my personal experience when I created my own miracles, after being told my heart would never be able to pump blood in an adult body, being told I would never grow skin back on my burnt hand without skin grafts, and being told I would never walk again with my destroyed knee. And when these medical doctors asked how I created these healing miracles, well, when I started telling them how, I was met with disbelief and attack, just like your letter, even though I was standing right in front of them with the absolute undisputable proof.

In Closing

I have to believe that if my work makes you so angry, that this might be a sign of your own insecurity in your own medical field and practice. Maybe your own guilt for what you have done in the past, that you KNOW is wrong. Look, I am also insecure. It is no light thing to assist people to make life or death decisions about themselves, their children, parents, family members or loved ones, as I did in my clinic and I am sure you have done many times. But, in the last two letters from customers, the medical doctors had given up anyway.

Almost every single day I get an email or letter from someone, who was told by their medical doctor that they were dying, and instead they turned their downward spiral around, got healthy, and their disease went away.

Here is another I got today:

Sent 4/10/12 at 3:14 AM 

On this, my 47th birthday, I’d like to give thanks to the man who helped me save my life.

Dr. Richard Schulze and I have never met and he doesn't even know who I am - not yet anyways.

But I know a lot about him. And it was his knowledge, expertise and commitment to help educate others as to how we can heal ourselves of any dis-ease that allowed me to come back from the brink of death just over 8 years ago when I had been given only a few months to live.

Thanks to his Free Educational Material, sage advice and the BEST Organic Nutritional Supplements in the world, I have been able to heal myself from a terminal illness.

So thank you, Dr. Schulze. You are my Hero, my Mentor and my Touchstone. One day I hope to tell you that in person.

May God, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, Spirit and any or all Spiritual Entities - Bless You for being the most generous person I have ever known, but have yet to meet.


— Carissa S. in Seattle, WA

(By the way Carissa, thank you, you are AWESOME…and HEALED!)

So Mr. Anonymous Medical Doctor, you tell me what should I do with this email? What should I say to Carissa? Should I contact her and tell her she should have obeyed her medical doctors, and not be an embarrassment to them, and died eight years ago when her medical doctor gave her two months to live? How dare she live!

I think what you are telling me is that I should tell her to go back to the hospital, so someone like you can run a barrage of tests on her, most of them will probably cause her another disease, so we can prove she is healed or not healed. Who is going to pay for this? And, do you really think medical doctors, hospitals, drug companies and their $2 trillion dollar a year business are looking for proof that they are wrong? Or that there are other, common sense, more inexpensive and more fun ways to heal disease? I don’t think so, my friend.

Look, I never claimed to “cure all diseases”. I do claim that YOUR BODY has the ability, power and knowledge to heal all diseases, and that if you set up the proper healthy lifestyle and healing environment for this to happen—by getting EXTREMELY HEALTHY—well then, YOUR BODY can and will heal you from any illness, or any disease.

Just STOP doing what made you sick in the first place, and START doing what will help your body to heal itself. That is the cure for all disease.

Regardless, I am sorry that my customers’ letters and miracle healing testimonials make you so angry, and please try to see it in your heart to forgive them, they are simply excited that they or a loved one is still alive and did not die as the medical doctors had predicted.

In last week’s letter, “Brought Back from Death’s Door”, Joe T. in Camden, Maine states:

“I'd be happy to document any of this at your request, and give you the name of his doctors…”

So email me again, if you want, and I could ask this man on your behalf if he would be willing to talk to you, but I would use nicer language with him, than you did me. My mom used to always say you’ll get more from people using honey, than vinegar.

— Dr. Schulze

“Tart Words make No Friends, as a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a Gallon of Vinegar.”

— Benjamin Franklin (from Poor Richard's Almanack, 1744)

DISCLAIMER: This BLOG's purpose is to promote the sharing of information about healthy living and dietary supplements. The views and opinions of Dr. Schulze and those of his companies and BLOG administrators are offered for your information and are not intended to constitute medical advice. If you are sick, injured, or pregnant, consult a licensed medical professional.


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