Dear Friends!

I get many questions from customers all over the world on what I eat, how I take my herbal formulas, and even how I simplify my 5-Day Detox Programs. So, I thought I’d bring back a video I shot two years ago in Italy, where I show you exactly how EASY it is to make my Liver Flush Drink. Plain and simple, if it’s not easy—I don’t do it!

Look, I KNOW that you have a very busy life, and I also know that you don’t have a lot of time, so I made my best attempt to keep this short. I even taped outline notes right on my kitchen cupboards, in an effort to try and force myself to keep to the point, and not go off telling clinical stories. I almost did it!

And just so you know, this video was originally part of a 3-part series, so when you get a chance, check out the other two!

Video #1 is “Make it EASY: What to Eat & Drink” Where I talk about eating and drinking with the seasons. I also demonstrate making an amazing, tasty and super-healthy “Liquid Dinner Drink”, plus Breaking the Rules and more.

Video #2 is “Make it EASY: Taking Your Herbal Tonics” In this video, I show you how to make it so easy, actually ridiculously simple, you will never stress again about taking all of your herbal tonics.

Anyway, I know you will enjoy them, but most important, you will get some awesome information that will make it even EASIER for you to use my herbal medicines and follow my programs. I also included a few secret recipes, so let’s have some FUN and let’s get HEALTHIER!

— Dr. Schulze