Dear Shirley,

I am sorry for your recent loss, but I celebrate your husband’s ADDITIONAL 13 YEARS!

I know what it takes to hold someone’s hand, and help them, and keep their spirits high, and guide them through my Incurables Program, especially after a medical doctor tells you that they will be dead in a few months. But you believed, and you won, 13 MORE YEARS!

Your husband was a lucky man. You were a GREAT wife, and you are a great woman.

I am ALWAYS preaching the fact that my Natural Healing Programs, Lifestyle Changes and Herbal Medicine, will not only greatly increase the Quality of your life, but also INCREASE THE QUANTITY! You just proved that again!

I also constantly preach that you can heal yourself of ANYTHING, ANY Disease, ANY Illness, if you are just willing to STOP doing what made you sick in the first place, and START Creating a Healthy Lifestyle. You just proved that again too!

Your beautiful testimony about your husband and him healing his cancer, and living 12 YEARS AND 3 MONTHS PAST HIS MEDICAL DEATH SENTENCE, proves both of these messages. So I thank you for your wonderful testimony!

Now, regarding your thyroid question, “Is there something natural I can take that will help me balance my thyroid?”

Shirley, I don’t mean to state the obvious but you cannot balance an organ that YOU DON’T HAVE, and that the medical doctors removed.

But don’t give up hope, YOU CAN BALANCE YOUR BODY!

One thing that science has discovered is that your body has the amazing ability to adapt, especially if you create a super healthy lifestyle. Just like your husband’s body when he got really healthy, it expelled his lung cancer, from the inside, eventually releasing and coughing out the tumor, and from the outside by it being expelled out through his skin on his chest and back. In this same way, your body can and will figure out exactly what you need and heal you too.

Your husband built up his body, and immune system, until it reversed the degeneration, killed the cancer, and kicked it out of his body! In the same way, your body, if given the opportunity (by creating powerful health), will figure out how to do EXACTLY what you need.

There have even been numerous cases where endocrine hormones, like your thyroid hormones, were manufactured by other endocrine organs when the needed endocrine organ was missing, like with your missing thyroid. There have even been cases reported where needed endocrine chemicals and hormones were manufactured by non-endocrine organs, like the stomach and intestines. So the bottom line is that ANYTHING is possible when it comes to the human body!

The program I would suggest is to start getting really healthy, and follow ALL of my lifestyle guidelines. Normally, I wean people off thyroid medication very fast, in a month, when they have a thyroid. For you on the other hand, since your thyroid was removed, if you want to do this, I would take an entire year and do a very slow and very gradual wean off program of your thyroid medication. This will give your body a chance to adapt, balance, wake up and create whatever chemicals it may need to make up for your missing thyroid.

I would also take 2 droppersful of my Female Formula, three times a day, during this entire year. The herbs in this formula will hypersensitize your hypothalamus organ in your brain, which releases all of the chemicals that tell your individual endocrine organs what to do. This organ will know what you need, and by releasing chemicals, it will ask your body to do what it needs to do.

You will also need plenty of available nutrition, for your body to manufacture these hormones and natural metabolic chemicals. I suggest eating an awesome nutritious vegan food program and beyond this, getting additional supplemental nutrition by taking a double dosage of my SuperFood Plus two times a day, in the morning and late afternoon. This way you will have plenty of the nutritional building blocks that you need to create ANYTHING!

I would also make sure you are nice and clean, by doing all three of my 5-Day Detox Programs during the year.

Finally, make sure you read my "20 Steps to a Healthier Life" Book (just click on the second book in the right column and read it here for FREE!) and add any steps that you may not be doing, and increase your participation in any steps that you already do. And don’t forget your movement and exercise. By the way, did you know that Hatha Yoga is scientifically known to compress, massage and stimulate all of your endocrine organs?

And remember, there is no limit to only one miracle per family! You have created a big one with your husband; one that our entire scientific and medical community still says is impossible.

So get ready for your next healing miracle!

— Dr. Schulze