Dr. Schulze’s High-Nutrition / Low Calorie / Low Glycemic Summer Break-Fast!

In this video, Dr. Schulze explains how he “breaks his fast” every single day with this amazing power-packed drink. Learn how he makes it, why he uses these ingredients, and what they do for you in your body.

This morning drink is LOW glycemic so it’s perfect for anyone with Diabetes. Plus, it’s HIGH in nutrition so it’s the perfect way to start your day, knowing that you have all the important and essential vitamins that you need right at the beginning of each morning. It’s also LOW calorie (only a few hundred calories) and EXTREMELY LOW in fat.

Dr. Schulze also recommends adding some of his powerful herbal formulas that will help you LOSE WEIGHT, have MORE ENERGY and have healthier, more consistent BOWEL MOVEMENTS, too!

Let’s make this the BEST summer of your entire life, and the BEST summer starts with the best Break-Fast!

To make Dr. Schulze’s Summer Breakfast drink, put these ingredients in a blender…

16-ozs Herbal Tea (any non-caffeinated tea)

2-ozs fresh, organic Fruit Juice

½ Banana

Add fresh organic seasonal berries and fruit such as…

2 Strawberries

2 Raspberries

2 Blackberries

2 Blueberries

Add fresh, raw, organic, unroasted, unsalted seeds and nuts such as…

2 tsp Sunflower Seeds

2–3 Almonds

2–3 Walnuts

1 tsp Chia Seeds

1 tsp Flax Seeds

Plus, any greens and herbal formulas that you like, such as…

2 Tbsp SuperFood Plus powder

1 tsp Super-C Plus powder

1 tsp HerbalMucil Plus powder

1 scoop SuperSlim powder

And, three times a week, add one Vitality “SHOT”!

Put all of this in the blender, whatever you can get that’s raw, organic and fresh. Blend and drink! YUM!

Here’s to the BEST summer of your life, filled with POWERFUL Health, Joy, Bliss and FUN!