Dear Glenda,

I gave up years ago trying to convince anyone of anything. My Natural Healing message is for those that want an alternative, or an option to the standard practice of medicine. But this alternative comes with a hefty price tag. It is called RESPONSIBILITY.

Her current medical doctors' hefty price tag is in dollars, whether she pays it to them, the hospital, the insurance company or even if the insurance is part of her pay compensation. There are no free lunches when it comes to medicine. Somebody pays, and pays big, even if it's the taxpayers paying for her Medicare.

There is also an additional fee in the form of the pain, torture, disfigurement, drugs, side effects and the new, medically dominated lifestyle that she will have to adjust to, to medically “maintain” her disease.

So when anyone says they need a medical doctor to approve a natural program, they are simply saying that they don't want to do the program. This is simply because everyone knows that medical doctors have absolutely NO TRAINING in Herbal Medicine, Nutrition nor ANYTHING NATURAL and almost always say NO to anything they don't understand. And also because they make NO MONEY if she heals herself naturally. For these and many other reasons, I must assume that anyone who uses this very lame excuse really doesn't want to attempt to heal themselves, outside the box of standard medicine. I therefore wouldn't waste my breath or time with them.

Asking a medical doctor if one should do an Herbal or Natural Program is like asking your plumber if you need a new electrical service panel box in your house. THEY SIMPLY DON'T KNOW. Your plumber would have the brains to say, I don't know, but a medical doctor's response is almost always to say NO to anything they don't understand.

Having said all of that, I have had many patients, and customers remove themselves from the Liver Transplant List by doing my 5-Day LIVER Detox program, and also by following my guidelines to create a very healthy lifestyle. But, I heard you say she won't do this, so I guess the transplant list it is.

Finally, at the beginning of next year, I am releasing a new version of an old formula I used in my clinic. I am calling it my PROTECT Formula. This formula is designed for all the people we love, that won't do anything healthy for themselves, in spite of the fact that they are diseased and dying.

This formula is to protect the Heart and Circulatory system, the Liver and the Brain, and therefore, protect us from some of life's biggest killers-like Heart and Circulatory Disease, Strokes, Cancer, Liver Disease, Dementia and Brain Disease, etc.

Just one of the herbs in it, Milk Thistle (which is also in my L-GB Formula), is famous for protecting liver cells. There are volumes of scientific and medical research done on this plant and its powerful phytochemicals and their powerful ability to protect liver cells and prevent liver disease and death.

I designed this formula for our parents, friends, relatives and loved ones like your sister-in-law, who won't do anything natural, won't eat right, won't move, won't stop torturing themselves with medical doctors and won't stop having surgeries. We know where they are headed, and if we can just get them to swallow a few herbal pills a day, well, it will buy them some time and slow down their self-destructive path and hopefully keep them around for a few more years.

My PROTECT Formula will be re-released in January and I would highly suggest it for her.

Thanks for your support and stay healthy,

– Dr. Schulze