Earlier this year, Dr. Schulze was in Los Angeles speaking to a group of a few hundred customers, and as usual, after any presentation, we can never stop him from leaping into the crowd trying to answer everyone's personal questions. These moments are always AWESOME, and this year we were prepared, and had two camera people leap off the stage with Dr. Schulze and capture rare footage of him “crowd surfing” and doing what he does best!

In PART ONE, Dr. Schulze explains how people often “pussyfoot” around with Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine Dosages, while medical doctors are sharpening their scalpels, preparing to cut organs out, or implant radioactive seeds. His message is simple—turn up the INTENSITY of your Natural Healing Programs and Herbal Dosages if you want to see Healing Miracles happen in your life! He also explains how to do NATURAL SURGERY for skin cancer. Additionally, he talks about the difference between CHEMOTHERAPY and Natural Healing methods. Focusing on the GOOD to eliminate the BAD.

This video contains AMAZING Natural Healing Evangelism!!!