Happy 2015 Friends!

10 YEARS AGO this video was filmed in my Pharmacy Store. (Notice my fatter face, pony tail and bigger body, I am really happy that I dropped 40 pounds and look even younger now, 10 YEARS LATER!)

I still meet people EVERY WEEK that only have one bowel movement a week, if not one bowel movement a month! So, I asked my Web Department to RERUN this classic Dr. Schulze video on NEW YEARS DAY and WEEK, especially for those of you out there that are constipated and think you are alone.

I wanted to let you know that if you do ONE THING this year, PLEASE get yourself a bottle of Intestinal Formula #1 and start taking it, or my MAX formula or the Bowel Flush “SHOTS”. But whatever you do, lets start 2015… by getting 2014 out of your gut, OK!

You cannot be healthy at all, nor feel good or have energy, with a belly full of old toxic fecal waste, so lets get it out! YOU WILL BE AMAZED at how GREAT you will feel. Expect a MIRACLE!

And, if you know someone that is constipated, or only has a bowel movement once a week, or even less often…SEND THEM AN EMAIL WITH A LINK TO THIS VIDEO!

It is not just a matter of being regular; it is a matter of PREVENTING DISEASE and BEING HEALTHY!

Happy New Year

— Dr. Schulze