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Kidney Stones, Horrible Pain and My Natural Solution


Dear Dr. Schulze, I just had my second bout (battle is more like it) with passing a kidney stone (and this time around was MUCH more painful than the first). I am looking into using your kidney products as they (as well as all of your products) were recommended to me by a friend. My concern, however, is what will happen once I begin your regimen. I still have an approx. 3mm size stone lodged in my right kidney that has not moved for years. My stones are made up of calcium (unlike most stones in women, which are either struvite or uric acid), which I have been told cannot be dissolved like non-calcium types of stones. I have also been diagnosed with nephrocalcinosis (calcium built up in my kidneys). So my question is, will my one stone and/or other stones and calcium deposits begin to be passed once I start your regimen, causing the excruciating pain one experiences when passing kidney stones? Lord knows I do NOT want to go through THAT again. My fear of passing stones and the accompanied pain is what is making me hesitant about trying your kidney product(s). I thought I'd take a shot at posing my question to you in the off chance that you had time to answer. Thank you!

- Tony, P, Moorpark, CA, USA,

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Dear Tony,

I remember as a young kid, hearing my father screaming in agony in the bathroom. When I opened the door, he was semi-conscious lying on the bathroom floor, covered in sweat, and tears. It scared me to death, I thought he was dying, he was white. He wasn’t dying, even though it may have been more painful than most deaths. He had passed a kidney stone.

I started by telling you this story Tony, so you would know that I KNOW, what pain you went through. Years later I also heard the stories from my patients who passed stones, BEFORE they did my clinical treatments. So again, I KNOW the level of pain you have been in.

A microscopic view of the sharp edges of a Kidney Stone. (OUCH!)

On the other hand you are turning into a human fossil, if the medical doctors are right and you have nephrocalcinosis, or your kidneys are building up with calcium, well then you need to do two things immediately.

If you have read my BLOG, you know, YOU can heal yourself of ANYTHING, ANY DISEASE, all you have to do is STOP doing what is causing it and START doing what will Create Health!

So First, you must STOP doing what has made you sick, and STOP your body from depositing sediment, calcium or anything, into your kidneys.

The best way to do this is to get IMMEDIATELY onto a high quality, clean and nutritious food program. This depositing of waste into your kidneys is a sign of consuming garbage food and drink, causing an imbalance in your metabolism, caused by the intake of garbage food and drink, causing an imbalance in your Ph, caused by an intake of garbage food and drink. So you guessed it, a complete overhaul of your food and drink intake is in order.

I would STOP eating any and all animal food and become a complete vegan, and if this is too much of a stretch for you, at least become a vegan until your kidneys are clear, then you decide. Animal food throws off your body’s Ph, and causes it to be very acidic, and the result of this acidic body is calcium, uric acid and other unwanted substances depositing into your joints, (gout / arthritis) or muscles (fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue) and kidneys and bladder (stones / calculi). When you get on a good quality vegan food program, this will alkalinize your Ph and your body, which will totally inhibit any further depositing of calcium into your Kidneys, and furthermore, your body will start to naturally dissolve the calcium deposits that are now present in your kidneys, joints and elsewhere in your body.

Also Tony, your calcium stones are not rare at all, the vast majority of kidney stones are made up of calcium. And whoever told you that they were rare, or worse, that you can’t dissolve them, probably a medical doctor, was an idiot. Calcium stones are easy to dissolve, you just have to know how. I have had people dissolve them eating fruit, drinking apple cider vinegar, I had one man who dissolved over 30 huge calcium stones, much bigger than yours, just by going on a lemonade fast. Regardless, I highly suggest doing my Kidney Stone Dissolving Routine that I had so much success with in my clinic, and I’ll tell you about it later, it’s safer, but for now, just know calcium stones are easy to dissolve.

So, Tony, It’s time to get onto an awesome, healthy, detoxifying and cleansing food program, like my Juice Flushing Food Program, or my Purifying Food Program.

You can find all my food programs in my book, Detoxification, Volume One, in Chapter 9, on pages 53 through page 73. You can buy this book from me, and I like the money, but you can also read it right on this BLOG site for FREE. Just go over to the pictures of the books on the right margin, and scroll down to what is currently the 3rd book down with the orange cover, Detoxification Volume One, and click on it.

Personally, because of your illness, I suggest you read the entire book over a few times, and the Detoxification Volume Two book also.

Next, you must START doing what will Create Powerful Health, which is START Cleansing your Kidneys!

I want you to START on my 5-Day Kidney Detox Program. Except I want you to do it for a month, and not just 5 Days. All of my 5 Day Detox Programs are for the average person, who is not sick, ill or diseased, and is just looking to do a nice flush out, a preventative clean up, and a tune up and tone up of their Bowel, Liver & Gallbladder or their Kidneys & Bladder. You are very ill my friend, so you need to be much more aggressive and get yourself well.

I know you are scared, have had horrible pain passing stones, but you need to have a little faith here. Once you get on a great and clean food and clean drink program, and then start on my 5-Day Kidney & Bladder Detox, and my Kidney Stone Dissolving Routine, you will start dissolving your stones and calculi, and stop ramming them through your body.

Now go to my Detoxification Book, Volume Two, and read the entire section on my 5-Day Kidney Detox, paying special attention to page 244, reading my Kidney Stone Dissolving Routine.

Use your FEAR as a great Motivational Tool to get you to STOP eating and drinking crap, and START on a new healthy food and drink program that will not fill your kidneys with rocks, and to begin my 5-Day Kidney Detox Program to flush out your old rock collection.

— Dr. Schulze

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