Dear Jan,

First… YES!!!!!

Dissolving all of your Kidney Stones—YES, Great Job!

And with NO PAIN, that’s what I like to hear, and that’s exactly what my stone dissolving routine is designed to do, dissolve them and/or make them slide out without the pain. Thank you so much for sharing your Healing Testimonial. It will give many others the courage they need to dissolve their kidney stones.

Now make sure you begin to follow all of my lifestyle suggestions, especially with eating and drinking, and stop making kidney stones!

As far as your serious question regarding your daughter-in-law with Huntington’s disease, IT IS NO TOUGHY AT ALL! She just needs to be reminded of the following…

First, our health level is determined by our Genetics reacting with our Lifestyle, the way we live. REMEMBER, genetics ARE NOT A SURE THING, they are only a POSSIBILITY! If she lives an unhealthy lifestyle, she will probably manifest her negative genetics and create her disease. If she lives a really healthy lifestyle, like I suggest—physically, emotionally and spiritually—she will not manifest her negative genetics and won’t even have to pass them on to her children. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. This is basic genetics. We don’t have to live out our genetics, we don’t have to pass them on to our children either, it’s up to us! This is how we can create weaker and weaker offspring, or stronger and stronger ones. So tell her to get with the program, the HEALTH PROGRAM.

Please also tell her she is failing my emotional program right now by living in FEAR! Living in FEAR that disease symptoms will appear at any moment is no way to live. Give me a break. This will almost guarantee that she will get the disease. And YES, I have had patients that had the genetic marker for Huntington’s disease, and by living a really healthy lifestyle, the disease NEVER manifested.


OTHERS WERE ALREADY MANIFESTING THE EARLY SIGNS OF THE DISEASE, AND SOME OF THEM HAD THE FULL-BLOWN DISEASE, AND THEY MADE IT GO AWAY. Come on, you are a believer now with your Kidney Stone dissolving healing miracle. YOU convince her!

As far as your old hip injury, WOW, what a surprise, a surgeon that suggests surgery! YES, my Deep Tissue Oil is a miracle in a bottle, so get using it. Just keep it away from your vagina and anus when applying it. If it gets there it will just be uncomfortable for a few minutes (well, a lot less uncomfortable than hip surgery) and it won’t hurt you.

Also, use my Hot and Cold Hydrotherapy Routine right over the area two times a day. Get to a Hatha Yoga or Stretching class to get the kinks out, and some deep tissue bodywork is in order, too. No ‘oil smearers’, I mean DEEP WORK.

Finally, you seem to be all caught up in whether or not other people have had success with my programs for specific diseases, like Huntington’s disease and your hip injury. You just created a total healing miracle, avoiding kidney lithotripsy or even kidney surgery, or worse, a kidney transplant, by following my advice and using my Herbal Detox Programs. Do you think my Natural Healing programs and Herbal Medicine are only effective for Kidney Stones?

Stop doubting. You just created a healing miracle! LOOK INTO THE MIRROR, BABY, and START BELIEVING!

Your body can and WILL heal itself of anything. All you have to do is STOP doing what makes you sick and START doing what will Create Powerful Health!


— Dr. Schulze