This week Dr. Schulze talks to a woman who has been plagued with Kidney Stones. He explains what liquids she should drink to flush her kidneys, and more importantly, which liquids will not contribute to the formation of any future kidney stones. He also explains why it takes longer to dissolve a large stone versus a bunch of smaller stones.

Anyone with a history of Kidney Stones should do Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day Kidney Detox at least every six months, if not more often, just to PREVENT the growth and formation of any future stones.

Furthermore, if they currently have kidney stones, then they also should do his 2-Day Kidney Stone Dissolving Program, immediately after completing the 5-Day KIDNEY Detox.

To read about Kidney Stones, what they are and how to prevent them, go to the books on the right margin and click on Detoxification, Volume Two and read pages 232 and 233.

To read how to make and do Dr. Schulze’s 2-Day Kidney Stone Dissolving Flush and Routine, read pages 243 through 245.

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