Dear Margie,

Yes. My 5-Day KIDNEY Detox—which includes my K-B Formula, K-B Tea and Detox Formula—along with my Kidney/Bladder Flush Drink and also my Kidney Stone Dissolving Program, will dissolve any stone, whether it’s in your kidneys, in your bladder, or stuck in your urethra. And if it’s really stuck in your urethra, I know that no pain in life seems to come close to the pain of a kidney stone stuck in your urethra. So don’t be afraid to use my Nerve Formula, which will reduce the pain and keep you relaxed. That will keep your urethra and your body from continually having spasms when the stone is in there. But you need to do my Kidney Stone Dissolving Routine repeatedly, until you have no stones in your kidneys, your urethra, or anywhere. See the directions below for making my Kidney Stone Dissolving Routine, and get to work.

Dr. Schulze’s Kidney Stone Dissolving Routine This routine takes two days and can be repeated. It should be stressed here that this routine should only be done once you have completed Dr. Schulze’s 5-Day KIDNEY Detox.

First, fill a gallon jug with 2.5 quarts (80 ozs.) of fresh-squeezed, organic apple juice. Be sure to use strong apples; ones that make you pucker. Add twenty ounces of fresh-squeezed organic citrus juice (half lemon, half lime juice is best.) Add ten ounces of organic, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, one entire bottle of K-B Formula and two entire packages of K-B Tea.

Let sit for 24 hours, then strain. That morning, start drinking four ounces every hour, consuming a total of sixty-four ounces each day for the next two days. You can even drink an ounce every fifteen minutes. You should also be drinking distilled water, up to sixty-four ounces a day. Store the brew in your refrigerator until finished (two days).

– Dr. Schulze