Well, let me tell you, because I just did it this morning. The best way to use the Tooth & Gum is to get a water pick. Get yourself a water pick and fill it with distilled water, put in about 8 dropperfuls of the Tooth & Gum, and then turn it on and work it deeply in between your teeth and deep under your gums. Turn on that water pick as strong as you can handle it. If it makes your teeth bleed, stop there and use this formula and it will stop the gum infection, it'll stop your gums from bleeding, and eventually tighten up your gums and stop them from any receding. So put the formula in a water pick. That's the best way to use it.

Or, if you don't have a water pick, after brushing and flossing just swish and gargle with 1 dropperful of Tooth & Gum Formula, 1 dropperful of my Digestive Tonic and 1/2 ounce of distilled water. Put these ingredients into a shot glass, swish, strain it through your teeth, gargle and spit it out. Using these two formulae will destroy the bacteria that cause cavities, bad breath and many diseases.

— Dr. Schulze