Just last week at my company, the American Botanical Pharmacy, I spoke to an intimate group of a few hundred Health Crusaders from around the US. I took questions and gave my best answers. In the following weeks I will be sharing those answers with you right here on my BLOG site.

One thing I talked about specifically is my new book, KEEP CALM AND GET HEALTHY. I think it’s the best book I’ve ever written because it’s the first step you need to take when you are confronted by a serious disease or medical prognosis. First you need to KEEP CALM and remember that you do have time, usually much more time than the medical doctors say, to try to rush you into medical or surgical intervention. And plenty of time to GET HEALTHY, change their prognosis, change your future and assist your body in HEALING ITSELF!

So sit back for a few minutes—it’s a fifteen-minute video. And, if you would like a FREE copy of my book, just go to to order one. Or you can read my new book online, right now, by clicking on the “Keep Calm And Get Healthy” green cover in the upper right column!

Remember, there is ALWAYS an option to expensive, life-changing and painful surgery, and hospital nightmares. So, KEEP CALM AND GET HEALTHY!

— Dr. Schulze