Along with being an herbal doctor, I have also been an herbal “veterinarian” all of my life. Pets are simply another member of most families in the modern world, in fact, most of my patients loved their pets more than some of their relatives. Because of this, my patients have asked me to treat their pets' illnesses ever since I started in this business.

I realized 30 years ago that an entire bottle of Intestinal Formula #1, removed from the capsules, and mixed with a gallon of warm water, and then tubed into a horse through the nostril, was the absolute cure for colic, which is the #1 killer in horses. I also realized long ago that you better wrap a cat in a towel, or tape a dog's mouth shut, before you apply Anti-I Tincture to their open wounds, and I have a few scars from bites and scratches to prove this valuable lesson.

But, if I have learned one thing over the years, whenever treating any animal, they ALL need better nutrition just like us, in order to heal their diseases, recover from their injuries and be healthy and strong. So many years ago—right after I invented SuperFood—I was asked to treat an entire stable of horses with ringworm, and besides creating 20 gallons of diluted Anti-I Tincture to wash them with, I also fed all the horses large amounts of SuperFood Plus Powder, mixed with alfalfa and molasses, to supercharge their nutrition and immune system and get them healthy, fast!

Then, when I finally made the SuperFood Plus Tablets, well, they were the absolute natural and perfect nutritional treat for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, mice, miniature pigs, you name it—ALL household pets. After all, our pets need super nutrition too, to live healthy and disease-free, just like us.

And, before you ask how many tablets to give them, just use my weight rule for children with your animals too, by putting their approximate weight over 150 pounds.

So for a 50-pound dog, 50/150-lbs is 1/3 the adult dose or 5 SuperFood Plus Tablets. And a 10-pound cat should get one or two tablets (although I give my cats 5 and they get buzzed). Then, for and a 1500-pound horse, 1500/150-lbs would be 10 TIMES the adult dose.

Don't worry… I've never overdosed any animals, even human animals, on nutrition.

Enjoy your pets, keep them healthy and HAVE FUN!

— Dr. Schulze