I shot this video a few weeks ago when I was in Los Angeles. I was reading some of the horrifying FLU news headlines to a group of ABP customers.

It’s bad enough when we hear public officials, hospital staff and government experts say, “We are in a Real Mess!” or “It’s Out Of Control” or “We Lost This Battle”. But now experts are saying that not only are people getting this flu who already had a flu shot, and were supposedly protected, but the original flu has now “shifted”, “drifted” and mutated into a new flu.

WORSE, this week it was discovered that there are NEW, totally different, viral strains being identified. In fact, some people are getting all of them at once!

Almost everybody I know has had the flu, some people more than once. You MUST double up on all of my Cold & Flu PREVENTION TIPS. Personally, I have been taking a Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT” EVERY DAY since the beginning of January.

And if you get sick, YOU MUST BE VERY AGGRESSIVE!

So please, EAT AWESOME and get your nutrition in.


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Save yourself from the pain and misery, and the loss of income from getting sick!

Flu season is here and you need to GET PROTECTED!

—Dr. Schulze