Dear Krystal,

I have literally thousands of letters from moms all over the world, who refer to their children as “SuperFood Babies” or “Miracle Babies”. This is because for one reason or another, either they could not get pregnant, or they were having miscarriages, or other problems with their pregnancy, and they ALL had healthy babies and ALL attributed it to the fact that they started taking plenty of SuperFood Plus.

I have thousands more letters from moms who had sickly or ill babies, and again took copious amounts of SuperFood Plus while breastfeeding, and healed their babies’ illnesses by enriching, fortifying and making super-nutrient rich breast milk.

The bottom line, you name the possible pregnancy and/or baby problem, and I can show you a customer testimonial showing a MIRACLE pregnancy or MIRACLE baby healing using SuperFood.

Now, I know I am preaching to the choir here, and thanks for your support of my healing crusade.

Pre-Natal Vitamins vs. SuperFood Plus Well, the simple answer is that SuperFood Plus is the absolute best Pre-Natal Vitamin you could possibly take.

Pre-Natal and Nursing Dosage Normally, I suggest that expectant moms take a double-dose of SuperFood Plus every day, to take care of their nutritional needs, and the growing baby’s nutritional needs.

The same goes for after the birth, when you are breastfeeding, as you and your baby, need the extra nutrition then, too. You can go back to your regular dose of SuperFood Plus when you stop breastfeeding.

I also suggested to ALL moms, and dads, to start taking SuperFood Plus when they were just thinking of getting pregnant, as the extra nutrition is needed for every reproductive chemical, hormone and cell, and just makes getting pregnant much easier, and healthier.

And Krystal, if you have ANY signs of hormonal imbalance, I would also suggest all women as an aid to get pregnant, to start taking my Female Formula, 2 droppersful three times daily, until they are pregnant. This worked wonders in my clinic helping women to become very fertile. But, from your letter, it sounds like you are very healthy, so I do not suggest that you personally take this formula. Don’t try to fix it, if it’s not broken! I just added this for the many women that have a hard time getting pregnant.

You are NOT an Adult No offense meant here, but an adult dose is based on 150 pounds of body weight, so since you weigh only 100 pounds, you are only two-thirds of that weight, so techniquely you are only “two-thirds of an adult”, or two-thirds of an adult dosage.

So normally, as I said earlier, I suggest a double-dose for women wanting to get pregnant, or who are pregnant, and for women who are breastfeeding. For you, you can take two-thirds of an adult dose if you feel like you are taking too much. Now having said that, you cannot overdose on SuperFood Plus, so you can also take the full adult dose two times daily.

Also, don’t forget all the ways you can take it, but start with a morning SuperFood Plus breakfast blender smoothie. Many women in my clinic, especially during their first trimester, this is the only thing they could get down, and keep down.

You can also take 5 or 10 of the tablets anytime you want, and you can have a SuperFood Bar as an afternoon or evening snack. Just try to make sure that you have your SuperFood Plus TWICE a day, every day.

Preventing Birth Defects (NOTE: This is reprinted from my June 2012 Special Report on kidneys, page 14, “In the News”, first article, ‘A Woman’s Best Friend’. You never know what you will find in the back of one of my newsletters!)

A Woman’s Best Friend We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend, but Folic Acid is definitely a woman’s best friend! Folic Acid is a B-Vitamin, and it helps our body to build all kinds of new cells to look good, hair cells, skin cells, it even makes fingernails healthier and stronger.

Better yet, it is now proven that pregnant moms who get 400 micrograms of Folic Acid every day during pregnancy, prevent birth defects.

According to the federal government’s (CDC) Center for Disease Control website, if a woman has enough folic acid in her body before and during pregnancy, it can help prevent major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spine. Women need 400 micrograms (mcg) of Folic Acid every day.

Using SuperFood Plus, in either drinks, tablets or bars, twice a day (which is what I always suggest for pregnant and lactating mothers) gives you 538 micrograms of naturally occurring Organic Folic Acid from herbs, fruits and vegetables, which is 134% of your daily recommended intake of Folic Acid required to prevent birth defects.

Krystal, again, thanks for your vote of confidence with your family’s health. You will be a Mom soon!

— Dr. Schulze