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Is Detoxification “Hip”?


Dear Dr. Schulze, After reading a few of your blogs I came to the realization that a detox is your answer to every ailment! So is detoxing the new hip way to be healthy or what? I mean I didn’t hear about detoxing 15-20 years ago?! When did detoxing become so fashionable? And why is it so important according to you?!

- Julia, B, Playa Vista, CA, USA,

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Dear Julia,

You sound a bit sarcastic, even a bit angry—all signs of needing a detoxification. Sarcasm and anger will NOT get you what you want out of life, and worse, they promote disease. Love, Joy, Fun and Bliss, that’s what you want!

I must also point out that just because you didn’t hear about something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I wouldn’t brag about your ignorance. I am not exactly sure what your problem is, I think there is way more to your story than you just having a bitch about me and detoxification, but I will answer your questions regarding Detoxification for all of my BLOG readers.

After reading a few of your blogs I came to the realization that detox is your answer to every ailment! 

Hmmm… well… now that you mention it, YOU ARE RIGHT!

Julia, simply put, your body is just a hunk of meat and fluids. It’s flesh, organs, fluids, muscles, bones, fat, etc, and all of these things are made up of cells. In fact, this thing called “Julia” is about 10 trillion cells (plus or minus a few hundred million or so). And, every single cell needs nutrition to do its job, and then while doing its job, it creates metabolic waste, which must get out of your body.

Because our modern lifestyle (especially in America) is the consumption of more junk and less clean, whole food than ever before in history, and because we now move our bodies less than ever before in history, and have more mental stimulus and stress than ever before in history, we tend to get backed up with more cellular metabolic waste than our body can easily remove… more than ever before in history.

When this metabolic waste is allowed to build up in our body, it eventually causes irritation, inflammation, blockage and finally illness and disease. From heart attacks and strokes caused by arteries clogged with fat, to neurological diseases caused by blocked nerve pathways, to liver and gallbladder disease caused by bile blockage, to cancer caused by blocked nutrition and waste removal, well, as I always say, BLOCKAGE is the root cause of ALL disease. So naturally, DETOXIFICATION, which is simply the removal of this blockage is the fundamental cure for ALL disease!

Detoxification is simply the process of flushing this accumulated metabolic waste out of the body. If this is done periodically, a clean body prevents disease, resists disease and even reverses and heals disease.

So YES, now that you mention it, your conclusion of my methods and teaching is absolutely correct.  Detoxification IS the answer to every ailment!

So is detoxing the new hip way to be healthy or what?

You are actually RIGHT AGAIN! It is currently VERY hip and cool since everyone from Tom Cruise and Sting, to Penelope Cruz and even Steven Seagal, and most ALL of Hollywood’s A-list movie, music and entertainment community use my herbal medicine and do detoxification programs. The list is extensive.

 I mean I didn’t hear about detoxing 15-20 years ago?!

Where were you, in a vacuum or an isolation tank? I repeat: Just because you didn’t hear about something, doesn’t mean it did not exist.

Have you heard of Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Gandhi? They all promoted fasting and detoxification for physical and spiritual health. Also, so did the modern day founders of most religious groups from John Wesley and his Methodist Church to Brigham Young and his vegetarianism and herbal medicines for his Mormon followers. Both of these great men used many detoxification treatments.

Detoxification is as old as history. In the history of every culture, every ethnicity, every religion and every nation, detoxification, purification, cleansing, fasting, flushingwhatever you want to call it—has been practiced since the beginning of time, for physical, emotional and spiritual health and healing.

I could tell you the names and styles of hundreds of leading doctors of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries that wrote hundreds of books, actually thousands of books about detoxification.

Since the 1800s, many doctors were famous for their detoxification routines, from Father Sebastian Kniepp of Germany, Vincenz Priessnitx of Austria to Benedict Lust, Henry Lindlahr, to my great teachers, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. John Ray Christopher and Paavo Airola, and on and on. So I understand you are new to the idea of detoxification, but trust me, just because you haven’t heard about it, doesn’t mean it did not exist. It is as old as the human race.

When did detoxing become so fashionable? And why is it so important according to you?!

As I said, it is as old as the human race. Why is it so important, well, in the grand scheme of things, maybe it isn’t? I would put Family, Love, Friends, Fun, Laughter, Joy, Bliss, Sex and my dogs and motorcycle all on the list above Detoxification.

But, when it comes to health and healing, it is fundamental, FOUNDATIONAL! Routine cleansing, flushing and detoxification are the greatest tools to a very long and very healthy life.


So, I welcome you to come on over from the dark side and into the light. The only thing you stand to lose is your sarcasm and anger.

My 5-Day BOWEL Detox is going to rock your world. As I can tell from the energy in your letter, you have some waste to get rid of. And, I would follow that up with my 5-Day LIVER Detox to flush out that anger. I also suggest a little hormone balancing, like with my Female Formula. These three suggestions will be life-changing for you.

So let’s forget that detoxification is hip and fashionable, if that bugs you. Let’s forget that you didn’t know about detoxification until recently—don’t be embarrassed, actually who cares? But now you know why detoxification is so important, and so fundamental to healing disease and staying healthy, and more important, living a healthy and happy life.

That’s always the bottom line—Creating Powerful Health so you feel GREAT and have all the ENERGY you need to do ALL of the things you want to do in life, and then to live as LONG of a LIFE as possible.

That’s the name of the game, Julia.


— Dr. Schulze

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