In this week's video, Dr. Schulze responds to numerous people (even a few medical doctors) that questioned his BLOG video from two weeks ago about Diarrhea.

Dr. Schulze's response gives you the best and simplest explanation of one of your body’s most important systems—the Immune System—and why it is SO IMPORTANT NOT TO CUT OUT PARTS OF IT. You will be AMAZED at some of the things he tells you in this video.

Also, Dr. Schulze is very aware that this video went over by one-and-a-half minutes, but he said that it is not bad to take two years of Immunology class and simplify it for you in a four-and-a-half minute video. He also promised to give you back your one-and-a-half minutes over the next few weeks.

This is an amazing video, Dr. Schulze suggests that everyone watch it, so they have some good ammunition to NOT let any doctor cut their tonsils out!

Tune-in next week for “500,000 Kids Injured Every Year!”