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Immediate Response On Last Week's BLOG! And Don't Miss The Closing Letters!


Last week I responded to Lisa M's question about my SuperFood Plus, and some things she read about it on a website. I mainly responded to her about her faith, and how important it is for all of us to listen to our inner voice, and follow this voice. Whether you call it intuition or the voice of God within you, ALWAYS follow your inner voice. And this is especially important in Healing Yourself!

But I also responded to her to let her know that most of what was written on the website she saw was either incorrect or immature. And then seized the opportunity, not to defend my product, but to explain to my readers why and how I make it (as I get many questions like this) and what my priorities and focus are when making it.

Then, almost immediately, I received a response email from Jonathan Bechtel, the man who actually published the incorrect facts and immature comments regarding my SuperFood Plus on his website.

His letter was so sincere, I decided to print it this week, and I commend him for writing it. Since I don't respond to people directly, I will add some responses to him right in his letter.

— Dr. Schulze

This is the letter I received, and my responses to this gentleman are in BOLD

Hi Dr. Schulze!  

This is Jonathan Bechtel from Health Kismet.  I just read your blog post about the review I wrote on your Superfood product.

First off........when I first wrote the review, I made quite a few editorial errors which were stupid on my part.  Your fans did an excellent job of pointing these out to me.

They were:

1). The details about the nutritional information on your product.  Whether or not they are synthetic/natural, etc.

As I stated last week, all of the nutritional information on my SuperFood Plus label is derived from what is NATURALLY present in the foods and herbs, in the SuperFood Plus. No synthetic vitamins are added. Just Super Nutritional Foods and Super Nutritional Herbs. So thanks for recognizing this.

2).  Not respecting the brand you've built for yourself with your honest work.  I should have been more careful to portray your Superfood Plus in a constructive light and highlight how it most benefits people.

I agree, but you are younger than me, and I too made such mistakes when I was younger. Please do not beat yourself up about this at all. I did the same to a few of my teachers when I was much younger. But I meant what I said about you in my BLOG last week, when I said:

I liked most all of what he says on his website. He seems to be an energetic young man with a sincere desire to help people.”

And now after reading the letter you just sent to me, I believe even more in my assessment of you.

3).  In my entrepreneurial career thus far (about 1 year strong) I think that picture I took of myself (making a face when taking my SuperFood Plus), is the single most embarrassing thing I've ever done. I've had a lot of failures (and a few successes!) but few things that I believe were categorically stupid, and that was one of them.

Again Jonathan, don't be too hard on yourself. Yeah, I think it was a stupid thing to do too. Just so you know where I am coming from…

I spent decades running my clinic dealing with very ill patients dying from all sorts of horrific diseases that were literally eating them alive. Often their flesh was rotting off, smelling horrible, bleeding and infected, they were suffocating, going blind, etc. They were dying from all sorts of horrible diseases when they crawled into my clinic. Furthermore, they had also been tortured by the medical profession, burnt with radiation, poisoned by chemical drugs and chemotherapy, maimed and disfigured by surgery. And, once all of their money was gone, they were then tossed away by the medical profession, and now they were crawling up the stairs of my clinic, almost dead. I want you to imagine this picture.

I was making herbal formulae (probably before you were born) to literally save their lives. I used my SuperFood Plus along with the juicer to build their blood up so they wouldn't die from anemia before my other herbal tonics had a chance to kick in. So taste was never even considered. Surviving was the only factor.

Now I still disagree with you about the taste of my SuperFood Plus. I love it and so do my customers. To me it is an excellent popcorn seasoning as well as a great sprinkle onto almost any dish, like rice and veggies. But taste is acquired, and to anyone who is used to junk food and sugar, and not vegetables and live food, well, my SuperFood Plus may take a little getting used to.

So with regards to these three issues.....honestly, honestly, honestly........I'm sorry my business learning curve had to come at the expense of your online reputation.  You've obviously earned your success, and to be honest I aspire to follow in your footsteps (in one way or another), not to rake you through the mud.

Apology absolutely accepted! Although I forgave you before you even wrote this letter.

And don't worry at all, about my online reputation. I decided years ago that in order to get my message across, that I would offend a few people. I am NOT for everyone. I am a doctor, I come from the clinic, and as I said before, my patients were dying horrible painful deaths. My job was to keep them alive, and help them create their own Healing Miracles, NOT be politically correct. You will see this in a reader's comment I will post after my response to you.

For What Its Worth, the editorial mistakes I made were apparent sometime ago and I rewrote the review at my own discretion.  I'm not sure if you've since seen it, but I believe it doesn't contain anything that you wouldn't agree with.  If there IS something that's not factually accurate then please let me know.  I'm not looking to pick a fight.

Well done. I then suggest you go back and remove your old work if you feel it is incorrect.

Just remember what both of our companies are ALL ABOUT—Helping People Get Well—and NEVER lose sight of that goal.

Jonathan, if you remain focused on Helping People to Heal Themselves, then everything you do will be good! This is the focus that absolutely drives me (and now my company), which is easier for me to see and remain focused on, because I can close my eyes and still see a few of the patients that didn't make it in my clinic, especially the kids. This will haunt me forever, and I transform this haunting into positive energy to ALWAYS do my absolute best!

This is why I will now urge you to start a clinic, and start seeing patients. You don't need any degree or any license, you have some experience and a flair and passion for natural healing and natural living, so start helping people, start guiding people. You have plenty of knowledge to start, and you will gain your real knowledge once you start dealing with patients. There is no shortage of sick people out there that need your help.

You're characterization of me and my company is about right. New, bootstrapped, climbing the mountain but not yet on top of it.  But I do believe it has the chance to be something unique and very useful.

I'm agreeable and polite by nature, but I don't think most people would describe me as a pussy.  (Even though I make the occasional egregious mistake).  You'd probably like me as a patient.

OK, now you're sounding better to me, but talk is cheap. Again, I suggest that you start seeing patients, this is where you will do your real learning. I think now you can see it from my perspective, a young guy making faces and whining about the taste of what I think is the finest, natural, herbal, nutritional, vegan and organic nutritional supplement available. Regardless of how you think it tastes, in the clinic, I saw it save thousands of lives literally bringing people back from the dead.

For What It's Worth, Incredible Greens is manufactured in an FDA approved facility and not in my bathtub.  Would you mind correcting that?

I never said bathtub, I said kitchen, which I do not think is a derogatory statement simply because that was where my clinical laboratory was, where I made all of my patients' herbal medicines, and also where my original “start up” manufacturing took place. In fact, still today, this is where most of my personal research and development takes place—in my home, in my kitchen, with my Champion juicer, my Vita Mix, my food dehydrator, etc.

You're right that my product is not organic.

This is where I am going to nudge you Jonathan, to get you with the program.

Organic foods contain 4 to 10 times more nutrition; that's more vitamins and minerals. Organic herbs contain 4 to 10 times higher concentrations of phyto-chemicals or herbal chemicals that create the healings. So for the sake of your customers, GO ORGANIC.

Furthermore, in the 1960's we had a saying, “You are either part of the Solution, or you are part of the Problem, there is NO MIDDLE PATH”. If you are NOT using Organic, Jonathan, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

The foods you are selling people are sprayed with insecticides, herbicides, have residues of synthetic chemical fertilizers, and then gassed with highly toxic, carcinogenic and mutagenic antibacterial agents. It just does not make sense to try and help people get well, and then POISON them at the same time.

Furthermore again, even if the toxic residues in your products are not a concern to you or your customers, the growing of your non-organic ingredients is pouring billions of tons of poisons back onto the earth, where we live. So again, you are making your customers sick in both ways.

Jonathan, I will not let up on this one. EVERY piece of food that comes into my house is ORGANIC. It's 2012, not 1970, and there is absolutely no excuse for you not to be buying organic ingredients and using them, for your customers, the planet, everybody! So until you go organic, you are part of the problem. OK, I guess that was more than a nudge!

I want you—I need you—to not be a few steps below me, but to rise above me. Since I took all of my teachers work and seriously upgraded it, I expect you to do the same. Open a clinic, and take Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine to the highest level you possibly can!

My blog didn't receive very much attention when I wrote it but things have obviously changed since then.  I'll make sure to be more careful.

Again Jonathan, Focus on Helping People to Heal Themselves, then you won't make these mistakes again.

All the best,

— Jonathan

Now a few more fun comments from my readers…

A Reader That Doesn't Like That I Used the Word PUSSY

Dear Dr. Schulze,

 I am writing this note today to respond to your latest blog post entitled, “Is SuperFood Plus Natural? Herbal Nutrition 101.”

I object to you insulting others by calling the man in question “a pussy.”

Furthermore, I demand that you explain to your readers why you chose to use the word “pussy” as it also contains a connotation that can be perceived quite degrading to women, despite the fact the expression actually refers to the nature of the feline species being afraid or cowardly. Nonetheless, why do you employ this word? What does using this word as a weapon do for you?

And in the future, please, I implore you - - consider finding words in your vocabulary that actually articulate what you mean to say. And then consider whether you really should say them, and then publish them on the Internet...  

I will not support a company that insults others, or calls other people "a pussy" for any reason, under any circumstances, period.

I am disgusted by your actions and words and am requesting you edit your post and apologize to those who've attempted to diminish or harm.

 A long-time customer and supporter of your business,

— Lisa J. in Los Angeles, CA

Dear Lisa,

Wow, Lisa, you have a big button here and I would safely guess it is not with me. I suggest you get some psychotherapy, heal past issues or learn 1,000 jokes, actually why not do all three? And since your big deal is with the word pussy, maybe you even need to pay some additional attention to Chapter 18 of my 20 Steps Book, on More Sex!

My focus is and has always been, to help people heal themselves of any and all diseases, using Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine, period!

I learned in my clinic, that when people are dying, they can't hear very well, their mind is foggy (usually from all the fear, pain, and chemical drugs). Often they need a good kick in the ass. Over the years I have discovered that using a few choice words usually gets people's attention, like it did yours. After all, their life is at stake!

One day you may be real sick, and you will be lucky to find a doctor like me that will kick your ass if you need it kicked, and then you will know why I occasionally throw in a word like pussy, and you will appreciate me more.

Sorry if I lose you as a customer, but since my focus is to help people heal themselves of disease, I will not change who I am or how I express myself for anyone who is allergic to my vocabulary, because, like in your case, of some trauma with a man they experienced earlier in life. Also, I won't change my approach simply because it has helped thousands and thousands of people to heal themselves.

— Dr. Schulze

PS: When I use the word pussy, meaning someone is “being a pussy”, I am referring to them being a wimp, like pussy-footing around, like tip-toeing, whether they're male or female. I am not referring to the female genitalia, the vagina or vulva, a cat, the James Bond film Octopussy, nor referring to women being afraid, cowardly or degrading women or anything else in your wounded imagination.

And Another From a Pastor…

Dr. Schulze,

I enjoy seeing someone with some conviction and zeal in a generation that has become mainly pleasers.

I am a pastor in NY and the same thing happens with spiritual teachings. People proclaim that they love God and believe in Him and then a little snake comes along and then people begin to question His integrity in a blink of an eye.

In my 11 years as pastor I have seen scores of healings take place in front of me, yet we could have seen more if their faith wasn't so wishy-washy.

Thank you much for your honest messages and great products.

— John F.

81 Years Young!

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Good for you!!! The first reason I started buying your wonderful products is because I DID NOT WANT FILLERS. If I use Flaxseed I want it freshly ground, not put up and mixed with the other things. I would much rather have the pure ingredients that you use then have them watered down with bulk fillers. I used your SuperFood Plus for only three days and I could tell IMMEDIATELY that it had super power, and keeps me going all day. I am 81 years old!  Keep up your good work!

— Yvonne R.

Thank You!

Dear Dr. Schulze...

You are Bleeeeeping Awesome!!! Thank you for your latest Blog post!!! Write On! (double entendre intended) I really mean it: Thank You.

— J.D.

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