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I'm Still Constipated!


Dear Dr. Schulze, I have been using Dr. Schulze products for about 5 years and have suggested and helped out many people with these products. I have completed all the detox programs multiple times. I eat all organic foods and have tried everything short of a raw diet. Nevertheless, I still have an issue with constipation and if I don't use the Formula #1, then I don't eliminate. I would really like to get off the constant use of the Formula #1 product. What do you suggest?

- Diane, R, Green Bay, WI, ,

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Dear Diane,

In my decades of clinical practice, seeing tens of thousands of patients, I have ALWAYS been able to sort out people’s constipation, even in Hirschsprung’s Disease where there are no nerves to the bowel. Also, I have had the most extreme cases of constipation in my clinic that I have ever heard of in any medical books. (See my 5-Day BOWEL Detox book, or my NEW Detoxification: Volume Two book, both available FREE now for the asking. Or better yet, check the right side of this blog to read them right now!) In both of these books there is a section called Constipation Record Breakers (in the 5-Day BOWEL Detox book, see page 37, and in the Detoxification: Volume Two book, see page 49) that tells many of these EXTREME stories. They will make you feel downright healthy.

OK, It sounds like you inherited a very dysfunctional and lazy bowel, so I am sure constipation is a family trait. Usually this begins with generations of bad eating habits and bad genetic “engineering” from basically people with genetically weak colons falling in love with other people who have genetically weak colons, and then having babies who have even weaker colons. In the same way that we can genetically “breed” strengths, and I am sure you have many of these, we can also “breed” weaknesses, and we know your big one is constipation. (Does all of this breeding talk sound too German of me?)

Anyway, you state that you have used my Intestinal Formula #1 for five years, and would like to stop using it. I hear you, but I want to tell you that I too inherited a very dysfunctional and lazy bowel, and as a child I had only one bowel movement a week. As a teenager I tried all of the colon cleansing formulas available and NONE of them worked for me, so that is why I eventually designed my Intestinal Formula #1. I took this formula myself for 12 YEARS—7 YEARS LONGER THAN YOU—before my bowel really worked great on its own. Now the only time I use this formula is when I eat constipating food or travel. Having said that, I do have a few people that have been on this formula for almost 30 years now, and they have such dysfunctional bowels, or will not change their lifestyle enough, that they may end up using this formula for life, BUT THAT IS BETTER THAN BEING CONSTIPATED! Which brings me to another part of your letter.

First, I want to congratulate you for all of the dedication and work you have done to be healthier. Doing all of my Detox Programs, eating better, making lots of great healthy changes in your life (can you tell I am setting you up to whoop your ass)… If you are really serious about curing your constipation, you say you have done everything except raw foods, well, I suggest you go there now and begin a Vegan Raw Food Program. I have never had a patient do this and still be constipated—NEVER—but it could be possible, so I suggest you find out.

I would also increase your movement program to an hour a day, every day, and also check and make sure that you are not emotionally “holding on” to anything. I would get a FREE copy of my 20 Steps To A Healthier Life book and look into each and every one of my 20 steps and see if there is anything that you have missed.  You can find this book on the right side of this blog, too. Click to read it right now—FREE!

Remember, the Natural Healing of disease is the process of changing our lifestyle and our life for the better—physically, emotionally and spiritually—until our body heals ITSELF and our disease simply goes away. So be patient.

I would also try some of my other bowel formulas, like the HerbalMucil Plus, which will add more fiber than a raw food program, and this may be your answer. I would also try my Intestinal Formula #1 Maximum Strength and my Bowel Flush “SHOT”. These formulas may offer your body a break from the Intestinal Formula #1, and also they will work differently for you, so try them too.

If raw foods are too much of a push for you, I totally understand. Natural Healing dictates that you can heal yourself of ANYTHING—ANY DISEASE—and that all you have to do is STOP doing what makes you sick and START doing what will Create Powerful Health. Well, that can be easier said than done. Most of us have our limits of what we are willing to do. This is where the herbal medicine help comes in.

So in the mean time, while you are becoming a health fanatic, we have herbs to literally assist your body to work perfectly, even though your current lifestyle improvements have not been enough to offset your genetic weakness, but KEEP GOING!

This is the beauty of herbal medicine. It will keep you clean inside, make your bowel work well and keep you safe from colon disease while you are figuring out how to live.

Please, congratulate yourself for all that you have done so far. Give yourself lots of appreciation and hugs and kisses, and then take the next steps to a healthier life! Who knows? You might be one day away, or one week on raw foods away from your healing of a lifetime!

Celebrate whatever it is, keep smiling, keep laughing and have FUN with the journey and adventure!

— Dr. Schulze

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