Dear Brent, Thank you so much for sharing your Cat's Miracle Healing with all my readers!

Many Questions

I saw that you wrote me months ago and didn't get an answer, so you were forced to use the Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine knowledge that you have gained from reading my work and your other experiences in life. GREAT! I truly wish I could answer everyone, but I cannot. So EVERY week I pick a question to answer, like yours, that covers an issue that I get MANY similar inquiries about, and then I answer it in such a BROAD and LONG WINDED way, on purpose, as to EDUCATE an additional 1,000 or 10,000 BLOG readers on the same subject that they have questions about.

This is why it is so important for everyone, interested in Natural Healing or Healing Diseases in a Natural Way, and Herbal Medicine to… READ EVERY BLOG POST!

It will only take you a few minutes a week and this will be your education, so if and when a health crisis hits you, your family or a loved one, YOU WILL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO! It won't be a big deal at all!

So first off, GREAT job for using the Natural Healing WISDOM that you have gained, and putting it to use, and being a great doctor, and healing your cat!

Killer Diseases

I know that some of you out there think that I should only be dealing with killer diseases on my BLOG every week, and I do at least every other week. But I also know how much love and healing all of your pets give you on a daily basis, and how important they are in keeping you happy and healthy. know that most of you have pets and send me many questions about them and their health. Almost everyone has pets, and in my clinic my patients would drag their pets in all the time. They brought in their dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, real pigs, miniature pigs… I have treated over 1,000 horses and even goats with the bloat.

The bottom line is we use the same herbal medicines we would use with ourselves, with a few adjustments.

Two Important Things to Remember

Dosage Like you did, you adjusted the dosage you gave your cat of the herbal medicine it desperately needed to survive based on my weight rule, the weight of the child or pet turned into a fraction by placing the patients weight over 150. So in your case, a 15-pound cat is 15 over 150 (15/150). Then you simply reduce that fraction down and you will end up with the fraction of 1/10th. So your cats correct dosage would be 1/10th the usual adult dosage. In the same way a 1500 pound horse would be 1500 over 150 (1500/150) or (10/1) or 10 times the adult dose.

(By the way, this is how I started giving horses an entire 90-capsule bottle of my Intestinal Formula #1 for colic, taking it out of the capsules and then mixing the herbal powder ingredients with a gallon of warm water and tubing it into the horse.)

This is the safest way to discover the dose for any animal, human, alien, whatever. NEVER use age; weight bases the dosage on the individual metabolism, making the proper adult dose being for a 150-pound individual. So if you weigh 200 pounds, take a little more!

Common Sense Brent, you did a great job using your common sense too, and modifying my programs to achieve your results. The bottom line is doing hatever you need to do to get the herbal medicine into the animal, or the child. Good work. Look, I have squirted my Echinacea Plus directly into a cat's mouth with feline AIDS and then spent the next week nursing the bite marks and scratches on my hands and arms. Modifying taste, disguising taste, adding herbal medicine to food, all these are ways to get the herbal medicines into your “patient” are awesome. In my clinic, I would have parents make herbal medicine popsicles or have herbal “tea parties” to get their children to take the herbs, I would put the horses' herbal medicine into alfalfa and molasses, whatever it takes.

Finally Food

I do have dogs and cats. Everyone who lives with me has a job to do, including the animals. So beyond love, my dogs are for security and my cats keep the house free of mice. Over the years I have adjusted their diets over to raw meat. It only makes sense; this is their diet in the wild. I have also found that my animals with more sensitive digestion do best on raw meat.

Dried cat food, with all the garbage chemicals added to it,is the leading cause of kidney and bladder infections, urinary tract inflammation, blockage and cystitis in cats, so get him off of any regular cat food. The health food store cat food that you mention is a much better choice, s almost everything that you can buy in a health food store is cleaner than a similar item bought in a regular grocery store. Regardless, I still advocate raw meat for carnivores like dogs and cats. If you make the shift, just make it over three months and it wont upset you cat's digestion.

I am not the primary caretaker of my pets, so a word from Anisha Jones here, Master Herbalist, head of quality control for Dr. Schulze's Herbal Medicines, and keeper of the Schulze family animals…

Dear Brent,
Do not feed your cat any dry food or any food with grains or carbohydrates. Cats cannot metabolize the sugar well, and this causes blood sugar problems for them, and weakens them and causes all types of diseases. Also, I do not suggest free feeding any carnivore. Feed them only ONCE a day - do not leave the food out for them. This keeps them leaner, meaner and HEALTHIER. Just like with human animals, FAT CAUSES DISEASE and KILLS. You can feed your cat (or dogs) simply raw meat, or make a food with chopped up raw meat and some binder like eggs or add some fish. Dogs can eat some roughage like some leftover grains. Look, I am a vegan, so I find this a bit disgusting, but I have found that cats and dogs are not. Sure you can make any animal a vegan, but I am telling you what I have seen - raw meat is the best and healthiest food program for them, in Dr. Schulze's Clinic, and in our lives.
I also fast the dogs one day every other week and give them a fresh bone. This day they get only a bone and no food.
Fasting is as good for carnivores as it is for humans. All bodies need a day of rest once in a while. Again, most pets are unhealthy and get sick, just like humans, because they are too fat.

Great Healing your cat! Anisha

Create Powerful Health!

Dr. Schulze