Dear Odelya,

Thanks for your great question.

What is a Stent? For my readers that do not know, a stent can be any type of object used to open up a tube. When one is placed into the human body, the procedure is called stenting.

Medical stents are usually made of a metal or plastic mesh like material, but some graft stents are made from other fabrics. Stents can be placed in the body in a number of places for a number of uses. I have had patients who had them in the Esophagus to keep it open after esophageal cancer surgery, I have had patients with stents placed in their prostate after prostate surgery, I have had patients who had stents in various places, like their urethra to keep the flow of urine going, to stents in their bile ducts and of course like yours, Odelya, the most common, stents placed in blood vessels, like the coronary arteries, to keep them open.

Most Stents are placed into blood vessels to force them open, and keep them open, and even placed in sites where there is an aneurism or weakness in a blood vessel wall.

In your case, since you had a heart attack, I am sure the Stent was placed in one of your Coronary Arteries to keep it open, and keep blood flowing to that part of your heart. This type of Stent is a very small, self-expanding, metal mesh tube that is placed into the narrow or blocked area of a coronary artery, expanded, and left in place.

Years ago, many medical doctors would just do a balloon angioplasty, compressing the fat, cholesterol, or arterial plaque, thus forcing open the blocked coronary artery, but this surgery usually failed very quickly. Stenting, the use of metal stents, forces the artery open, and KEEPS the artery open.

Cardiac Medications I really like that you said that you are doing your best to refuse taking any medications. I like this because this shows me that you are taking your situation seriously, and that instead of just taking chemical drugs to make your heart stronger and keep your arteries clean and clear, you are achieving these same results by lifestyle changes, which is what I did with all of my cardiac patients.

Many medical doctors, like the AWESOME cardiologist, Dr. Dean Ornish, have proven time and time again that you can STOP further arterial plaque build-up, and even REVERSE and UNBLOCK blocked coronary arteries, by making lifestyle changes like:

• Stop eating Cholesterol and Saturated Fat

• Becoming a Vegan

• Aerobic exercise 1 hour a day

• Reduce your weight to normal (for most people this is dropping 20 or more pounds)

• Flexibility movement like Hatha Yoga


Almost every single patient of mine that was on any Cardiac drugs was able to safely wean off of ALL of their cardiac, blood pressure, cholesterol lowering and diuretic medication by making healthy lifestyle changes. The few who stayed on their drugs were able to lower the dosage of them by 80% or more, so they didn’t have any negative physical disabilities from the drugs. So good for you, Odelya, for reducing or not even taking any of your cardiac medication, but I do have this word of CAUTION for others reading this…

Let me be clear! I approve of weaning off of and/or stopping ANY and ALL cardiac medication. But let’s not be stupid either, as many cardiac medications literally keep you alive, so weaning off while making the MAJOR LIFESTYLE CHANGES I mentioned above is the safest way to do this.

Also, many cardiac drugs, like beta-blocking agents, cannot be stopped cold turkey or all at once and are best weaned off under the guidance of your cardiologist. Now having said that, I recognize that MOST cardiologists will advise you to NOT stop taking your medications, and many are afraid to. This is simply because MOST patients just want to stop taking the medication, and do not EARN the right to REDUCE or STOP taking their medication through Healthy Lifestyle Changes. Also, most cardiologists have no idea of what is possible with Healthy Lifestyle Changes so if your cardiologist says no, fire them, and find a new cardiologist that will acknowledge your drastic lifestyle changes, and your desire to wean off of your cardiovascular medication.

In my clinic I had a sign:

Everyone is looking for a good doctor, I am looking for GREAT PATIENTS!”

Bottom line, you must EARN the right to wean off of ANY pharmaceutical drug, by making changes in your life, and creating a Healthy Lifestyle!

5-Day Detox Correct Order You are correct again, it is ALWAYS best to begin with my 5-Day BOWEL Detox! This is simply because almost ALL detoxification ends up dumping the waste material that you are dissolving, scrubbing, cleansing and flushing out of your body, into your intestinal tract, which ends up in your bowel. So, getting your bowel tuned up, functioning frequently, efficiently emptying and getting out all the old, built-up waste material is the FIRST thing, and first Detox, that you want to do. After that, you can do the 5-Day Liver/Gallbladder or the 5-Day Kidney/Bladder Detox Programs.

Will the 5-Day BOWEL Detox Dissolve a Stent? Good question. NO, it will NOT dissolve a stent!

My 5-Day BOWEL Detox WILL draw out and remove metals from the bowel or colon. It will remove any heavy metal deposits, like mercury, lead, and even radioactive material like strontium-90. This is why I ALWAYS suggest doing it after any heavy metal exposure, or suspected exposure, and even after any major dental work, especially after the removal of any amalgam or mercury containing fillings. Or after eating seafood, especially bottom dwellers like lobster, oysters, clams, etc.

But, the herbal ingredients in my Intestinal Formula #2 WILL NOT dissolve a metal stent that is in your arteries.

You Said You Recently Became a VEGAN! Did you know that most people re-block their coronary arteries within 5 or 7 years after coronary bypass surgery, or stenting or balloon angioplasty? This is because they DID NOT MAKE ANY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHANGES, and just kept living the same way that blocked their arteries in the first place. This is OK, fine, but if you don’t make any changes, these people should get themselves prepared for another heart attack, or stroke, or at least more cardiovascular surgery.

This type of ignorant behavior keeps the medical doctors rich and the hospital beds full. Furthermore, (a rare Dr. Schulze political statement) I am not for raising my taxes to pay for any federal or state health care program, designed by ANYONE, Republican or Democrat, that doesn’t factor in patient responsibility to PREVENT disease. Because, if we just keep cutting and pasting every American, over and over again, without them taking ANY responsibility for their future health, well, we as a nation will go broke in a few hours. Wait a minute… WE ARE BROKE! Health Education, NOT Medication!

Finally, Odelya… Please don’t beat yourself up for having a blocked artery and getting a stent. That’s water under the bridge, that’s over, and let’s look to the very bright future. At 47, you probably also had a genetic predisposition that combined with your lifestyle, aided in blocking your coronary artery. Regardless, there is no reason that you cannot live to be 150, or more. Just keep up with your good, healthy lifestyle program, keep your weight down, move your body every day, stay Vegan, stay POSITIVE, stop eating salt, fat and sugar, stay clean doing my 5-Day Detox Programs, use my Heart Formula and my PROTECT Formula, and be very loving, especially to YOURSELF!

— Dr. Schulze