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Dr. Richard Schulze: The Original Natural Health Revolutionary

Wisdom from one of the early pioneers of modern Natural Healing.

Hold the Presses!


Most women think monthly Menstrual Cramping is normal; IT IS NOT.

Sure, ALL women experience some mild, occasional menstrual cramping from time to time. But, when the pain is more than an occasional twinge, and it comes EVERY month, and especially if it is moderate to extreme pain, and includes irregular or heavy bleeding, well, this is a sign that you need to get in balance, and steps should be taken to create better health.

In my clinic, I dealt with thousands of models and actresses that had mild to extreme menstrual cramps, and EVERY single one of them were able to make lifestyle changes and use herbal medicines that made even the most extreme and totally debilitating cramping go away.

The following are two letters from BLOG readers about Menstrual Cramps. If you are experiencing monthly menstrual pain, or abnormal bleeding, PLEASE read on, as I have some answers for you that will change your life.

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I am writing on behalf of my wife. We just started our journey to creating powerful health and are currently working through bowel and liver detoxes. My wife has what the doctors think is endometriosis, but are not certain. This is where the uterine lining grows in places it shouldn't according to my Internet diagnosis. The problem comes during her monthly cycle. While that time of the month comes with cramps and discomfort and pain is a given most of the time, however, when she tries to have a bowel movement during this time she is reduced to sobbing from the pain. Even the contracting of those muscles is excruciating. And this is even with very loose stools, not just like forcing backed up constipated junk. Again, this only happens during her period, no other time. I can't bear to see her in this much pain and I know there has got to be something she can do. The doctors just keep saying, "i think, i think" and pass it off (shocking I know) and I figured you'd be the best to help solve this painful mystery.

Thanks so much for you time and efforts.

P.S. On a side note, even though you can come off as a jerk and crass to some, I for one appreciate blunt honesty. I am not a big fan of strong language but you know better than anyone that walking around kissing babies and hugging kittens ain't gonna cut it when a life is on the line. I see your brutal honesty as the passion it is and thank God for your ministry of Creating Powerful Health (and giving swift kicks to those who need it).

Keep soldiering on good sir!

— Zak R. in New Albany, IN

Dear Zak,

It is almost always women writing me about helping their husband so congratulations for writing your letter on behalf of your wife. Good man and Great Husband!

And thanks for your kind words regarding my blunt honesty and passion. The bottom line is that it all comes from the clinic, and this is what sets me apart from most “armchair” herbalists and “wimpy” natural healers. In the clinic, after a few years, if not a few decades, you simply learn what works, and what doesn’t. It is ALL about helping people heal their diseases. So my passion and bluntness are something that came out of my clinic, simply because they were effective tools at nudging people to heal themselves naturally.

Medical doctors are generally much more soft spoken and polite, they can be, because then later they sedate you, and when you are sleeping, well, that is when they beat you up, cutting, burning, drilling and carving your ass off, like a butcher. Since I don’t have that option, I need to do a little more ass kicking face to face, while my patients are awake. I am glad you understand.

And great that you are working your way through my 5-Day Detox Programs, this will help both you and your wife to Create Powerful Health and her problem may in fact have been solved already by now, before you read this answer, but in case it isn’t and for all of the others, let’s go!

Specifically, for your wife, she may or may not have endometriosis, but either way our plan will be the same.

For Menstrual Problems and Even Endometriosis

First, she must start on my Female Formula IMMEDIATELY and get her hormones balanced. This is the real permanent cure. She should start with taking 2 droppersful three times daily, indefinitely. I would suggest, from what you tell me about her condition, that she should continue taking this formula for at least a year. This alone will balance her female hormones and 90% of the time this will be all that is needed for her complete healing of her menstrual problem and her endometriosis.

During menstruation, especially during her next menstruation, if it comes in a week or two, this may not be enough time elapsed for this formula to have solved her problem entirely. She can add the additional dosage of my Female Formula of 2 droppersful one or two more times during the day or night, which would increase her dosage to 2 droppersful four or five times a day. She can also take a larger dose of 4 droppersful anytime. She just needs to discover what works best for her. If she is still in pain during her next “period”, I suggest the following additions…

Female “SHOT” This is what I designed this “SHOT” for. It is an emergency dose of my Female Formula along with additional herbs that will solve any hormonal imbalance. If she feels any pain coming on with her next menstruation, take a whole Female “SHOT” IMMEDIATELY.

Nerve Tonic This formula is mainly an antispasmodic formula, a pain-relieving formula and a sedative. For all three of these reasons, she should take this formula when experiencing any menstrual cramping. The antispasmodic action will relax her uterus and keep it from cramping, the pain-relieving action will do just that, and the sedative action will help her to relax as well.

I would suggest 2 to 4 droppersful as needed, but up to 8 or 10 droppersful can be used. This formula is strong tasting, so add her dose to an ounce of juice.

NOTE: With very sensitive people, overdosing on this formula can cause mild vomiting, but this is in no way dangerous. But, I always mention this as most people prefer to start with a lower dosage of 2 to 4 droppersful and then work their way up to the higher doses of 8 to 10 droppersful.

Hot Water Bottle This is grandma’s remedy, and a very powerful and effective one, but we have almost forgotten it. Fill a hot water bottle with BOILING water, and place a towel over her lower abdomen, then the bottle, and cover it with another towel. Place the bottle on top of and just above her pubic bone. ‘Ahhhhhhh’, that’s the sound you will hear, as the heat relieves the menstrual and uterine cramping, spasm and the pain.

5-Day BOWEL Detox I am glad that you told me that you were both doing this detox. More often than not, Menstrual Cramping (and all types of uterine problems including endometriosis) are at least partially caused by constipation or some type of colon problem. Intellectually, this may sound odd, but physiologically and anatomically, it makes all the sense in the world.

In our mind’s eye, the uterus is nowhere near the bowel, but anatomically, the uterus is entirely wrapped by the bowel, with only a very thin layer of skin separating the rectum from the vagina. These two organs actually touch each other, so any swelling, spasm, inflammation or irritation on the bowel will cause compression, squeezing or irritation of the uterus. This is pure Newtonian physics, of “every action having an equal and opposite reaction”. Consequently, when the uterus goes to shed its endometrial lining during menstruation, and it is compressed or squeezed from bowel constipation, you will experience pain.

The bottom line, pun intended, is that ANY woman with ANY female complaint or ANY female reproductive disease should FIRST do a thorough bowel cleansing. In my clinic, with thousands of women, more often than not, a good steady dose of my Female Formula and a few 5-Day BOWEL Detoxes solved every type of female problem imaginable.

Finally, MEAT! In closing, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the direct relationship between meat and all animal food consumption and all male and female reproductive diseases and even menstrual problems. Since the production and farming of all meat, from beef to fish and everything in-between, and all animal by-products like eggs and milk (liquid meat) and dairy products involves the HUGE use of HORMONES, GROWTH HORMONES and STEROIDS, I would not be doing you a good service if I did not mention that the consumption of animal flesh and animal by-products has been directly linked to Endometriosis, Female Hormone Imbalance, Uterine, Ovarian and Breast Cancer and almost ALL Female Reproductive Diseases, Disorders and even Cancer. Not to mention a foundational cause of Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (Hyperplasia) and Prostate Cancer, and all cancers for that matter.

Even if you buy your meat HORMONE-FREE, an animal’s natural hormones are EXTREMELY ALIEN to your body and throw your body a curveball that really causes it to react in a 1,000 different alien ways, just one of them being reproductive imbalance and disease, and abnormal growths in female and male reproductive organs. Just imagine putting cow hormones that have the genetic messages for your body to grow from zero to 2,000 pounds in the first year of your life, into your body. This is a POWERFUL GROWTH HORMONE, and it will cause your body to grow abnormally.

There is NO animal on this planet that drinks the milk of another species, and we are really giving ourselves the wrong genetic messages by doing this. I didn’t say that ice cream doesn’t taste good; I am just saying that it is the perfect genetic roadmap for making a cow. And looking at half the people I see walking around, well, it looks like they are turning into cows.

Zak, you are a good man and a great husband, so keep up the good work and add my suggestions to your wife’s health program and she will be over her menstrual problems in a few months, if not immediately.

— Dr. Schulze

Horrible Menstrual Cramps #2

Dear Dr. Schulze,

First off, I would like to say thank you so much for offering your products and knowledge to the world despite all of the scrutiny from the medical industries.

I turned to your products after being diagnosed with an under-active thyroid. Long story short, after being overdosed on medications from a doctor and being sent into a thyroid storm I decided to follow your cleanses for three months. I got re-tested and my thyroid had been healed! That made me a true believer. Now I take your Superfood Plus religiously (along with some of your other products). My husband, mom, and uncle all do as well. :)

And now for my question... I have one issue I just can't seem to overcome.

When I was 15 I started getting horrible menstrual cramps. Not your ordinary, a little bit uncomfortable, I feel like whining cramps. These were excruciating. They sent me to the ER twice in a year. I fainted, couldn't get up and had to be carried to the car and then to the emergency room. That was when it all started. They thought it was my appendix at first. Then, I was put on birth control once they realized it was related to my cycle. Fast-forward eight years and I was still on the pill. I was told by another doctor that birth control was not good to be on that long and that it could have caused my thyroid issues so I immediately got off of it.

After stopping the pill, it took 18 months for my cycle to come back. Now that it has I am back to square one. The pain I experience each month on the first night of my cycle is so excruciating that it wakes me from a dead sleep. It feels like someone is stabbing me over and over again with a huge knife. I can't move, keel over on the floor, and am on the verge of fainting (or do faint) every time from the pain. It does eventually go away... in about 2-3 hours! So, now I know the drill. But 2-3 hours of agony?! What could possibly be causing this?

This pain is so bad I can't imagine dealing with this once a month for the remainder of my life. I have had about six cycles since they started coming back and I literally scream and cry in agony each time. Obviously, I don't want to get back on the pill (learned that lesson and spent too much time cleansing it out of my body). And I don't want to take pain meds each time (I never take anything that isn't natural anyway) nor do pain meds even help.

It seems being on birth control for those eight years helped my cramps not exist, but now that I am off of it and don't want to take it, I just don't know what to do or where to start with finding a solution.

My questions to you are: A. Do you have any idea why I am experiencing this? B. Do you have any suggestions for me? and C. Have you ever come across this before?

I will be forever grateful if you have any ideas for me or can point me in the right direction. (Not to mention so will my husband.)

Thank you soooooo much in advance.

— Amber C. in Las Vegas, NV

Dear Amber,

No worries, we can fix you up—no problem, too. And, I definitely want to keep you from becoming a statistic of the over 500,000 woman in America every year that get sterilized by medical doctors and are gutted of their female organs having a hysterectomy because medical doctors won’t use a little common sense and a few dollars worth of herbs.

First, just follow the exact same program I laid out above, for Zak’s wife, making sure you include using my Intestinal Formula #1, but hopefully doing my complete 5-Day BOWEL Detox at least once, if not a few times. And stay on my Female Formula for at least three months, if not a year, or until your menstrual cramping problem is over.

OK, let’s get specific and I will answer a few of your questions…

The Birth Control Pill

Using the birth control pill all of these years basically just suppressed your body from being a woman, and suppressed your menstrual cycles. And as you can now see, although suppression often seems to solve the problem, it actually just covers it up and hides it, and then when the suppressive therapy is halted, the dis-ease comes back, and more often than not, it comes back with a vengeance.

Suppressing your ovaries, which are just one part of your endocrine system, could also definitely throw off your entire endocrine system and endocrine balance because, your endocrine organs are your ovaries, but also your Thyroid and many other organs like your Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands in your brain, as well as your Pancreas, Adrenal glands and any organ in your body that manufactures and then secretes hormones directly into your bloodstream. So, it is very possible that the pill also affected your thyroid too, but for you, the Female Formula will get your entire endocrine system back in balance and should fix your thyroid problem, too.

You see, unlike drugs, herbs work with your body to bring it back into balance. Just one of the herbs in the Female Formula, Dong Quai, actually sensitizes your Hypothalamus in your brain to pick up and detect subtle changes in your hormones (like your estrogen and progesterone). It will tell your body to manufacture more when a slight blood level reduction is noticed, but also tell your ovaries to STOP producing it much sooner, when the required level is detected in your bloodstream. It is basically a tune-up for your hypothalamus or a tune-up for your hormone production, regulation and balance.

So getting off the birth control pill was a great idea and you will be healthier because of this, and your endocrine system will be in much better balance. The downside of stopping the pill, as you discovered, is that it turned your reproductive system back on, and now you are back to square one, and back to the menstrual cramps that you experienced years ago. But NO PROBLEM, you can heal this easy.

I actually belly laughed when you asked at the end of your letter if I’d ever come across a situation like yours before. Hmmm, let’s see? YES!!! Probably 5,000 times! Although I am sure you are a very special person, your problem is not unique AT ALL, and is actually very common. More women today have menstrual problems than ever before in history, more women are put on birth control pills to suppress these menstrual problems, more women are sterilized than ever before in history because of their menstrual problems and female reproductive cancers are on the rise. So, I am glad you wrote this letter long before you were at wit’s end and thought about a surgical option.

Finally, please read the above answer that I wrote to Zak, and the end of it when I talk about meat consumption having a negative impact on female hormone balance, and female reproductive organs. It would be great for you to stop eating any and all animal foods, at least until you have healed yourself.

You will be Healthy and Healed soon,

— Dr. Schulze

Dear Friends,

Last week's BLOG was my response to A Very Angry Medical Doctor.

I want you to be very clear about one thing.

My only focus of my BLOG is to teach you Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine, and my desired outcome is for you to be able to Heal Yourself Naturally and to Create Powerful Health!

I want you to have a very healthy life, and to live that life as long as you possibly can. I’ve said it before, QUALITY and QUANTITY, that is what I want for me, and for YOU!

So to be very clear, when I answer a BLOG like I did last week, my sole purpose is NOT to defend myself, nor is it to attack the medical profession. I don’t give a damn about this doctor, or what he thinks about me, or my healing methods. I have been attacked all of my adult life for my beliefs, my clinical experience and what I do, so much, I don’t even notice it anymore.

My sole purpose for answering this BLOG is that I know how important this is for your Natural Healing Education, for me to respond to medical doctors like this. I know it is just a matter of time before you run into one, if you haven’t already, and I want you to be prepared and to be able to defend yourself, or at least be strong enough to walk away. I want you to live your life your way, and take charge of your health, and the health of your family, the way you choose.

Sure, Healing Yourself Naturally and Creating Powerful Health is a lot about Routines, Programs, and how to use Natural and Herbal Medicine. But don’t underestimate the importance of understanding the Philosophy of Natural Healing and the Foundational Principles of Natural Healing. Without this Philosophy and Principles, you would crumble at your first confrontation with an egotistical, myopic medical doctor with a strong personality and a medical bag filled with 10 dollar Latin and Greek words. Worse, if you crumble, the next moment you will find yourself waking up, doped up, lying in a hospital bed, missing a few parts, and slapped with a huge financial burden (if not bankruptcy) for all of this medical torture.

So from time to time, between which herb to use for what ailment, I MUST teach you about the other important aspects of Natural Healing and one of them is standing your ground and keeping your belief and integrity intact when face-to-face with a powerful medical doctor. One who has probably had more education than some of you,(although not in grammar and spelling) and who probably makes more money than you, and probably is considered a more important or valued member of society than you. I want you to not only survive this confrontation, I want you to keep your cool and make great decisions. After all, the doctor may have more formal education, money and prestige, but you have much more common sense, and your bag is filled with Natural HealingEducation, Philosophy, a few bottles of herbs and a lot more Love in your Heart!

So, this week's BLOG was going to be my answer to two people who wrote me about severe Menstrual problems and Endometriosis (don’t worry ladies, I’ll post it next week) but your responses to my Angry Doctor BLOG were more than any BLOG I have written to date. Not one negative response (I have not heard back from Merlin, so hopefully he took my advice and stopped reading my BLOG) but literally hundreds of positive and very supportive responses, so I thank all of you who took the time to write me.

Some of you even thought I made the BLOG up. I know, it’s almost hard to believe, and written so badly. I assure you, I have better things to do than to make up blogs, and I don’t lie. So Merlin’s letter to me was printed, EXACTLY as it was sent to me.

I want to honor some of you who took the time to tell me your story or just say hello. I also thought that the rest of you might enjoy hearing from some like-minded people. Sometimes knowing that you are not the only “health nut” in your neighborhood, can give you more fuel and strength to carry on.

I also understand why some of you were so infuriated by this medical doctor's ignorant statements, as you felt like he was trying to invalidate your healing miracles, that you worked so hard to create.

So this week I am posting some of the people who wrote me last week. I apologize that I am not printing all of them but there are just too many. I thank each and EVERY one of you for your responses. I love you too.

You are not alone!

—Dr. Schulze

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Hello, I actually do not have a question, but I wanted to comment on an email I just received about the angry doctor. I just want you to know that my mother in law, about 11 years ago was diagnosed with high stages of breast and colon cancer. She refused the chemo and radiation. Her doctors said she would be dead if she didn't. Instead she used your Incurables program and is a cancer survivor, alive and well today. She just welcomed her 14th grandchild at the age of 53. That doctor has no idea what he is talking about. If it weren't for your program, I wouldn't have ever known my mother in law. So for that, I thank you. It's because of your program and God that she is here today.

Thank you for your time.

—Kristen S. in Mason, OH

Dr. Schulze,

You are amazing!!! Stand up to this angry medical doctor!! Great response!! My dad is 90 with Alzheimer's and we take your stuff and the MD told me four years ago that he would have to be put in a nursing home.

I immediately started herbs and he is off all meds and juicing and looking amazing and walking two miles a day! BULLSHIT to take my hope away!!! I love herbs!! Way to go!!!!!

—Elizabeth B.

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Would you promise me never to go out of business? That is my question. The blog "Response To A Very Angry Medical Doctor" was very candid of you and very, very informative. I enjoyed reading it... why? Because laughter creates endorphins, which is good for one's health! I completely agree that all doctors should be taking natural health education courses as part of their training every few years to keep up with the latest, especially those who have practiced for many years. Case in point, when my wife suffered from urinary tract infections, the pain was so bad, she had to go to ER and they gave her antibiotics that caused her to get sick due to be sensitive to penicillin and other drugs. This happened twice. When she took your KB formula when having the symptoms again of a urinary tract infection, it was gone within 24 hours! This she used on two different occasions and has never had an episode since! Woo Hoo!

Thanks again for creating such wonderful products.

—Brian A. in Reseda, CA

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Thank you so much for your blog, I really enjoy it, and that on a regular basis. It's not only educational on a very elevated basis, and correct in what you say, but it also makes me smile. I love the way you responded to the angry medical doctor, priceless! Keep it up, Dr. Schulze, the world is a better place for you being there for us!

—Angie S. in Arklow, Ireland

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I don't have a question I just wanted to write to say THANK YOU for all that you do! I recently read the article on your site where a medical doctor attacked you for "being you." If it were not for you and especially your Intestinal Formula #1 I would have been very sick and full of disease by now as I suffered from severe constipation for years. You have helped me and countless others renew our health, THANK YOU!!! Your passion to help relieve so many of us our agonies and tribulations is a testimony of how much you care and how big your heart is.

Keep fighting the good fight Dr. Schulze!!!

—James G. in Corpus Christi, TX

Awesome response to the angry medical doctor. When I went on your 'There are no Incurable DISEASES' I was on Oxygen 24/7 and couldn't walk to the bathroom without my Oxygen. I was out of wind, couldn't breath, but after doing your program I was loading lumber, walking around doing all sorts of things that I haven't been able to do for about three years.

Thank you Dr. Schulze.

—Richard S.

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Thank you so very much for continuing to be a voice that inspires, impresses, afflicts the comfortable, and comforts the afflicted. You call me to be a better person and a better healing professional. God Bless You and Your Work.

—Tina L.

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I LOVED your answer to that DUMB medical doctor! Herbs over medicine has always been a better solution! You and you alone have been my Guru since the nineties, and I don't want any medical doctor messing with my body.

Thank you for your herbs that really work!

—Raya H. in Venice, FL

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Why does that doctor say you are ruining his business?? Is he saying he's losing patients to you and that many patients leaving him to you is ruining his business? Hum, if that's what he's saying, oh well. Oh, and who's angry? I really did laugh. That doctor is livid and rude and says you need anger management classes. His anger worries me how he is toward his patients. I have known doctors like that and whew! I ran away from them. I personally know people cured of cancer and other illnesses by herbs, etc. Thank you for your products, I love the videos and blogs and just everything about you and your products. Oh, thank you again for publishing the latest blog. It made my day and honestly I did laugh out loud. That was the best medicine I could have ever taken today.

Best to you,

—Carol B. in Trinidad, CO

Dear Dr. Schulze,

OMG! I loved, loved, loved your answer to that so called medical doctor!

Right on!

I have been using your herbs and SuperFood for almost 10 years. I will continue to use them for the rest of my life, however long that may be. I hope you continue offering these things for a very long time!

God bless!

—Jacqueline P. in Sarasota, FL

Dear Dr. Schulze,

After reading so much negativity from the 'medical professionals' out there, I wanted you to have some positive feedback from the 'other side'.

I have been working with natural and herbal medicine before entering PA school, so I was not easily brainwashed. I now see both sides of the 'debate' pretty clearly and totally side with your version.

I now let patients know the choice they have in many instances, and use your Anti-I with great results instead of staples and stitches.

I love the line we are drilled with: "There is no cure for the common cold", since it has been years that I have kept clear from colds and flu while exposed to diseases in hospitals and clinics. My attending doctors in pediatrics say that they get sick with something dreadful at least once a year, and I have gone through many years without incident. Your Supertonic is magical- or natural...

I wish you continued success in helping show people how to improve their health and survive the 'system' we are in, and don't let some 'higher than thou' people bother you.

—Y.B., RPA-C in Brooklyn, NY





Dear Dr. Schulze,

I cannot adequately describe to you how much I enjoy reading what you have to say. You almost always make me laugh and I almost always learn something new from you. I am so grateful that you have a passion to share what you have learned with the rest of us, and in that way you improve the energy and life on this planet. This latest blog was funny too, but also sad for that poor doctor, who is obviously frustrated about the holistic view of health, which is way more than the western view of "medicine", which reduces human beings to a compendium of symptoms. I admire your patience, tolerance, wisdom and tenacity. I just want you to know that I think you are doing an incredible job, and that you are truly an asset to life in this world. Thanks for who you are. And thanks for making me laugh!


—Helen S., a customer for life and alive with joy because of people like you!

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Go Dr Schulze, Loved your response to Merlin, the Dr. in Stockton Ca. I respect you and love to read your blogs. I have done your detox programs and swear by them. I am grateful for real Doctors like you who actually care about people.

—Patricia B. in Rocklin, CA

THANKS! Love you Dr Schulze! Your herbs are incredible and I feel fantastic... I also share your info with friends and we love it! Love that letter, was that really serious? Well anyway, at least you have a great sense of humor. Thanks again and much appreciation for all your hard work and incredible herbal products.


Dr. Schulze,

I really appreciate all you do! These arrogant doctors are precisely why I started looking for alternatives to healing. I had been to around 10 doctors in a span of 7 years, who were surprisingly unempathetic when they couldn't diagnose me. One even said I needed a psychiatrist! Finally, my GYN figured out I had narcolepsy and a dead colon. So he referred me to a doctor who prescribed Provigil, and Xrem. I read the warnings and I was scared to take it and for good reason. DEATH is a side effect! The absolute beauty of your products is that it works for everyone! A few diet changes and using your other products as needed created a new me that could walk, talk, drive a car and enjoy life again without frequent "shut downs". I hardly notice many of my symptoms anymore and only hope to continue to improve. I am so very grateful and I cannot thank you enough! —CJ

Dr. Schulze,

The blog reply to the angry doctor was amazing. I laughed more than I have laughed in a while. I am a registered nurse, and I have been relying on natural/herbal "medicines" all of my life!

I am a big fan of all of your products. My first experience was "flu shot"; then I found SuperFood, and the cleanses, and Air Detox, and so on. I just sipped my first batch of potassium broth, practicing up for the Liver Flush.

I am now a hospice nurse, because I do not have to push medications and interventions. At the meeting last week, I told the team that what matters is "Golden Rule Medicine": Do unto patients as you would have a care provider do unto you.

Dr. Schulze is my idea of a "Golden Rule" doctor! Best wishes, and thank you ever so much for all that you do, all of the staff at ABP.

—Ann D.

Dr. Schulze,

Good for you!! I have been using herbal products since the 1980’s and I wouldn’t touch this garbage period. I have been using your tinctures for over 10 years and they work great!! Keep up the great work.

—Bill B.

Great comments to the angry doc. I believe he has good reason to worry about the medical profession. People are waking up and taking charge of their own healing and I wonder how all the people could ever have given over our power to an unnatural and chemical substance. Its day is almost over. Thank you for giving us the facts.

—Alysia M.

Dr. Schulze,

I love it! This is an awesome blog, as I almost lost my life to doctors and started studying herbal medicine which saved my life. Maybe if you get other nasty emails like that one, you can ask them, if Dr. Schulze medicine is bogus, then why do doctors always warn you that you can't take the drugs with Dr. Schulze's medicine because it's strong? Now I think they even mention that on doctor's papers: Do not to take the "chemical drugs that they prescribe" If you are using any of Dr Schulze's formulas. How funny is that????


Dear Dr. Schulze,

In response to your angry doctor, I applaud you. I am one of those so called people that they didn't give hope to. I had a brain bleed and my left side was completely paralyzed. I lay in the hospital and they gave me drugs that caused a cancer that I didn't have before the bleed. Even when my left side was completely gone, being on so many drugs, to the point of being a vegetable, I still couldn't understand why I had this cancer. I asked questions and all the things they said that caused it, I didn't do. So, still being afraid, I put two and two together. They were giving me a drug to stop seizures that I didn't have when I had my stroke and the drug was so toxic that they had to take blood tests everyday. My liver started to go bad. With the other 9 drugs, this particular drug was making me sick. My family was too scared to take me out of the hospital, so during the night when they weren't looking, I taught myself to walk. They caught me standing one day and told me they would put a straight jacket on me if they caught me standing again. Yes, put a straight jacket on a paralyzed person. You see, I had really good insurance and they were going to keep me for as long as they could. I told my friend about what was happening and she said she would lie for me and tell them I would stay with her. It didn't work. So they gave me more drugs to shut me up. (Bad girl!!) They came into my room and told me they were moving me to a nursing home (insurance again). I got up and started to walk out of the room. My sister almost fell out of her chair. She said, "You don't walk” I replied, "They won't let me!" She got me out in two days. I got a new doctor that weaned me off the drugs, I detoxed, got retested and the cancer was gone. Yes, I lied for my life, but over 12 years later I am alive, walking and even got a college degree with brain damage. I wrote a book about the rest of the horror that happened to me, I wanted people to know what really goes on. I fought for my life against more that 15 doctors. Yes, I am one of those patients.... that lived. I love you Dr. Schulze, keep up the good work. My dream is to meet you someday. I want to hug you. Maybe someday when I go to pick up my herbs, I will run into you.

Love, from someone who took control of her life.

—Nellie S. in North Hollywood, CA

Dear Dr. Schulze,

(edited because of length)

Just a note to say, I LOVE YOU, Dr. Schulze! =)

I just read your reply to the medical doctor, & it was perfect!

I've followed your approach since I was a teenager when you only had 10 steps for a healthy life instead of 20 on the back of your pamphlet! =) I used to hand those out to everybody back in the day, including all of the people around me who were heavily in the western medical fields.

My own goal has always been to empower others, instead of enable them, since people usually give their own power away to medical doctors, or other groups they turn to under false hopes to actually help them.

I want you to know that there ARE medical doctors out there who also talk to their patients about your herbal remedies and alternative therapies, regardless of the risk. Many MD's have truly lost faith in their own professions simply seeing the pharmaceutical companies prosper, while their patients still stay sick or addicted to medical drugs. I've experienced this first-hand.

Thank you for what you do, from the bottom of my heart! You have truly been a monumental blessing to others with your aggressive, in your face approach that I know has always come from a place of love. You give tough love in the finest sense of the word! In fact, you remind me a lot of myself! LOL!

Warmest wishes and many wonderful blessings to you!

—E. A., Ph.d, D.Div in Los Angeles, CA

Dear Dr. Schulze,

This is not a question. I totally believe in you and recommend you to people all of the time. You cured yourself of major heart disease and more, and studied with Dr. Christopher for whom I have the utmost respect. I am just writing because that last letter from an angry medical doctor...was that for real? I wonder. He misspelled common words and while he used all the key phrases, I wonder if he really was a doctor at all. I think he was a flake.

But whatever, you gave a good answer even if he was a flake/fake.

Just wanting to tell you that I am a fan, and when and if I ever get seriously ill, it is to you and your methods I will turn. In the meantime I will just continue with my high raw diet and juicing and good health.... I was going to say knock on wood, but if a person lives right, they don't need to knock on wood.

I would love for you to have a conversation with my sister, who got a PhD in bio-organic chemistry and did a post doc with a Nobel scientist in France, and who then went to law school and became a patent attorney... and who now works for Glaxco-Smith-Klein (I know!) As she will argue with me that pharmaceutical medicines and herbal medicines aren't all that different, that they come from the same source and work the same (and as you can imagine from her high degrees, my sister is a very intelligent person) but I wish she understood that herbs, while they might have interactions and some undesirable side effects, wreak nothing of the havoc on the body that pharmaceutical drugs (poisons) do.

Anyways, this blog was entertaining as always if nothing else.

I think you are the best and I am so grateful you do the work that you do with the intelligence and humor that you do.

Keep on keep on!

Ciao bello!

—Alessandra D. in Boulder, CO

Dear Dr. Schulze,

With regards to your blog post: Response To A Very Angry Medical Doctor

Just a quick, stupid note. I found the irony of the first sentence of this angry letter to you to be hilarious:

"I first of all want to advise you that your an idiot!"

I have to say, I wouldn't have taken a single syllable serious after that gem! I was a little shocked you didn't ream the highly educated doctor for horrible grammar and spelling throughout the entire letter but I understand, keep it relevant.

Keep up the good work!

—Tyson R. in Glendale, CA

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I read your blog 'Response to an Angry Doctor.' It is difficult for me to believe the authenticity of his complaints. Any individual who has completed four years of college and an additional four in medical school would not substitute 'they're' with 'there.' In addition, 'there' was substituted for 'their.' Either this individual is not an M.D., or an error was made in the transcription.

Thank you for all you do.

—Susan H. in Miami, FL

(Susan,it was printed EXACTLY as it came in, and sorry to say, he was confirmed to be an M.D. I think possibly his anger got the best of him.—Dr. Schulze)

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Just wanted to say I LOVE your response to the angry medical doctor in Stockton. Where does he get off saying YOU need anger management? Thanks for sharing all you have learned along the way and for realizing there was a lot more than what they taught you in medical school.

—Lauri K. in Castro Valley, CA

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Nice response to the "Angry Physician." As usual you are spot on and with good humor, too.

BTW, you are styling in your coat and hat in London.


—Rick S. in Boulder, CO

Dear Dr. Schulze,

Just want to say good for you and amazing answer for the doctors that never see you or hear your real problem. Maybe if more doctors would listen to us and treat the roots of the problem more people would leave a healthy life and get the right treatment . Keep doing what you do best - help others -that's what you sign up for when you become a doctor.

—Keren N. in Los Angeles, CA

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I just wanted to congratulate you on your latest letter. Well done!

—Sabine L. in Sherman Oaks, CA

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I am in total agreement with you in the reply you gave to the "angry medical doctor". My husband and I were just married a year when he died last year of glioblastoma stage 4 at the young age of 45. He had been on medical drugs since the age of 17 and they finally killed him. By the time I met him there was nothing I could do. I tried getting him off the drugs but it was to late. (A long sad story) So called, doctors and the drug companies have done a great job in killing billions of people. FYI, I'm angry at them. I won't touch their drugs. I am so thankful to people like you, Bernard Jensen, John Christopher and other "health food nuts" I've met along the way. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

—Elizabeth W. in Cincinnati, OH

Dear Dr. Schulze,

What an excellent and sweet response to the angry doctor! I am on your side! I have worked in hospitals and nursing homes for many years and have grown very tired of the band-aid treatments. The main problem as I see it, is that most people do not want to change their sick life style, they just want a pill to make it better or worse yet, a shot. Keep doing what you are doing! I regret you do not have your clinic any longer - to go there and learn hands on. So I keep learning on my own; thankfully I have a good foundation from my child hood and herbs just seem the right way for me.

So glad I found you!

—Gudrun B. in Mount Joy

Dear Dr. Schulze,

We love you Doc... love your answer here!


—Carol S. in San Francisco, CA

Dear Dr. Schulze,

WOW!! Great blog. I love when you take on this type of person (because we are up against this in our own lives).

I loved when he said, "you are ruining my business"! I am so glad that it is being "ruined" and the patients stop being patients!

Maybe people are getting smarter and why doesn't he retire anyway?

Also, you have seen it, done it and participate in it to this day---how could he even question you? His attitude is confusing.

Anyway, I had to send this to some friends! Thanks for being you! Mary

—Mary C. in Tucson, AZ

Dear Dr. Schulze,

You absolutely are the man of the hour!!!!!!!!!! Way to sock it to that idiot Medical Dr. God bless you in a million ways and keep your business alive and well for many years to come. I'm a witness to the amazing power of plant botanicals and personally depend on your fine herbal products and wisdom!


—Melissa K. in Gaithersburg, MD

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I love you! Thanks so much for standing up to the idiot Doctor that tried to lamb bast you! You did a SUPERB job! Keep up the great work!


A Faithful Believer and client

—Mara E. in Flowood, MS

Dr. Schulze,

I just wanted to e-mail you to let you know how proud I am of you and how much I appreciate you. I read your latest blog entry about "the very angry medical doctor." Let me tell you, this Merlin guy sounded like a complete schmuck. First of all, his e-mail was so poorly written that it did not look like it came from a professional at all. I counted more than a few words that were spelled incorrectly and the guy just sounded like an idiot. Second, he is full of crap about western medicine not being toxic and bashing herbs/natural medicine claiming they do not cure disease. Let's think about how many prescription medications killed and kill tons of people and are recalled. Vioxx comes to mind. Third, his claim about prescription drugs coming from plants is a total misconstruing of the facts. I will give it to him that medication may begin as some plant constituent or extract but the final results-the prescription drug itself-is far from it. They are chemically altered in labs. I am currently a law school student in Charleston, South Carolina. This past summer I took an Intellectual Property law class and one of the first things we learned about patents is that you cannot patent a plant. Man must chemically alter in some way a plant in order to put a patent on it. Therefore, drug manufacturers have to chemically alter/create/produce their drugs in order to patent them. And guess what? You would never see Big Pharma promote a plant or herb because they cannot patent it and therefore cannot make money off of it!

So, since I have blabbed enough, I will finish with this. This Merlin is completely off base. After reading his message to you I wanted to both laugh and throw up at the same time. He is just completely off his rocker. I am so glad you put him in his place. I love all of you products and to be quite honest, I love you. You are a wonderful human being. I feel privileged just to have access to all your great healing products. Please keep fighting the good fight. Have a wonderful day!

Customer for life,

—Brian S.

Dr. Schulze,

Many thanks for this one. Have forwarded to many of natural healing, like-mindedness friends. Keep up the great work that you have been blessed with learning, and then impart to us.

Very sincerely,

—Lilian K.

Dr. Schulze,

The "Good Doctor" does not know the difference between “there, their, and they're”. Scary! Nice of you to let that go!


Dr. Schulze,

Are you kidding me? I believe in your products and know they work. But that little contrivance in your web blog is so farcical as to be hilarious. No medical doctor would ever write such a load of tripe. If such a low cognition individual is actually a doctor, then some serious action must be taken immediately to strip that buffoon of his license. How in the hell did he get a bachelor's degree without learning the proper use of their/there/they're, and your/you're? I have known some pretty dippy doctors, but if anyone thinks that a doctor would write such a ridiculous response to your "threat" then they are a fool.

Please don't stoop to trying to portray the medical field as being so full of malicious frauds. Western medicine has a place just like you do. They're great for fixing the symptoms of stupid people who insist on eating garbage and sitting around all day, but don't want to feel lousy. It's not the doctors' fault that people suck so bad. Still I do agree that they should have started checking your stuff out a long time ago.

I wouldn't have wasted your time and space responding to someone that is clearly too poorly educated to be a doctor. That crapola read like a bored housewife, or some sort of reverse cheerleader who wanted to bait you with fresh meat for a response. I just hope it isn't some sort of love/hate note you opted to contrive to give yourself the fodder for a speech. Though perhaps that is too cynical of me to be true. Regardless, I normally don't take my time to offer my opinion, because I know that it will be lost in the spam, but I just hoped that you'd take my word for this- you are too good for that sort of silliness. Your stuff works.

I know a woman who was on death's doorstep from eating an all convenience store diet. Parasites and fungus had completely riddled her system, and she was only 24. She still has scars all over her hands from the fungal infection that had turned her hands into brittle cracking straw. Someone turned her onto your products right then, and since she has become an organics master. When I met her her diet was absolutely perfect, with only pure organic products. She used to soak her nuts overnight to activate the enzymes therein.

I was sick from shabby living, and she turned me onto healthy eating and yoga. She also convinced my wife and I to use your SuperFood. We are now members of your SuperFood a month club, and I feed it to my daughter twice a day. It has offered the incredible nutrients that keep my wife and I very healthy, and when we run out we wait with baited breath until the next bottle arrives. We are planning to order an extra bottle so we can have a backup when the first runs out because it sucks to run out of SuperFood when you know what it is worth.

My daughter who has had SuperFood almost every day since she was one is now almost three, but she is the size of a four or five year old. She has high functioning intelligence, and can read small words. She is emotionally intelligent and she is vigorously strong. Aside from the SuperFood that she has in her twice a day smoothie, she doesn't eat very much else, because she is fussy and difficult to feed. The other things she eats are not the best choices, including, but not limited to breaded chicken, cheese, lunchmeats, and eggs. She also eats almonds and raisins, and a few other healthy things too, but honestly, the bulk of her nutrition is SuperFood and smoothies, that we make with bananas, avocado, orange juice, and whatever berries we have on hand. Her stupendous might can only be attributed to the SuperFood. So if you want something to post on your blog, put that in your pipe and bite down. SuperFood is awesome and so are you. Good luck and God bless you Dr. Schulze. If everyone used your products we'd have a great time putting big pharma out on their butts. Keep charging!!

—Brad C.


—Lauren K.

Hi Dr. Schulze:

Good going. About Dr. Merlin, my mother always told me 'don't answer fools' so I don't go to or listen to medical doctors unless absolutely necessary. Any person with a thinking brain (unfortunately some are fixed on the medical doctor being God don't hear) the dangers of most drugs. All you have to do is listen to the commercial on TV. Take any drug they are pushing and hear the side effects (nausea, vomiting, stomach aches, sudden loss of vision, blurred vision, hypertension, stroke, and if you are taking anti-depressants the side effects are worsening of depression, suicidal thought, suicide, etc. Thanks, but no thanks. Keep up the good work.

—Roxanne P.

I agree, the good doctor needs ANGER MANAGEMENT lessons - but worse yet - where was he during the GRAMMAR lessons BEFORE medical school??? The guy cannot write one sentence free of grammatical errors! He could never be MY doctor!

—Roseli D.

Dr. Schulze,

Great reply to MERLIN. What an idiot!!!!!

—Carol G.

WOW!!! I like your response!!!!!

—Pamela B.

Way to go Dr. Schulze!!!!

—Samantha B.

Hurray! Great answer to that imbecilic pseudo - doc. Herbal and natural healing is the ONLY way to go!

—Bogdan B.

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