This week, Dr. Schulze answers a question about an 83-year-old father who has Leukemia and is taking an astounding ELEVEN DRUGS and MEDICATIONS!!!

Dr. Schulze explains that not just one of his products can be suggested, but his arsenal…his Incurables Program.  He describes the Incurables Program as a BLITZ—an all-out attack on disease—for those who have been given a death sentence by their medical doctors.

Dr. Schulze also reads a letter from a young mother who is suffering from bowel problems, autoimmune problems and numerous other diseases, and as result, is having diarrhea 20 TIMES A DAY! Again, he suggests his Incurables Program because he designed it for people with diseases that medical doctors can’t cure.

Two more letters sent in by younger women with numerous health problems are also answered, and again Dr. Schulze suggests his Incurables Program.

Dr. Schulze’s bottom line: “Listen to yourself and listen to your body! Stop listening to the doctors and stop taking drugs!”