Dear Scott,

I love your letter, your healing testimony and your healing miracle, I know exactly what you went through, how you felt, your pain, your fear and what it feels like when someone tells you that you may never walk again. I also know what it feels like to create your own personal healing miracle, and how downright empowering that is for not only you but also your family.


As far as what would I have done, if anything different, I doubt it. And your results speak for themselves, I don't think anyone could have healed themselves quicker from such a traumatic and devastating injury then you did. But for you and all the readers, I will briefly outline the steps that I would've taken.

Step #1: ICE

Immediately after an injury such as this, where you feel the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even bones have been injured, ICE is the 1st and most important step. You can see how I do this, and how I make a natural icepack, on my First Aid DVD, which is free for the asking, and even viewable for free on this blog site. But basically I put a bowl full of ice in a cotton towel, draw the towel together tightly and close it with rubber bands so the ice doesn't fall out, and then slightly wet it with cold water, which makes it much more effective, and much colder. Now apply the ice to the injured area for about 8 minutes, then take the ice off for about 5 minutes, and then reapply the ice again, and do this for as long as you can, but for at least an hour.

Step #2: Deep Tissue Oil (the Miracle in the Bottle)

After you have used the ice, on and off, for the 1st hour, now it is time to apply my Deep Tissue Oil or my Deep Tissue Ointment. This formula does three main things.

A) It increases circulation. The more I can get blood flowing back to, and in and out of the injured area, the quicker it will heal. Often after any traumatic injury, the body swells, and circulation is blocked off. This slows and hinders the healing process. The concentrated Peppermint Oil and the Habanero Pepper and Ginger Root in the Deep Tissue Oil dramatically increases your blood flow and circulation to the injured area, and breaks up congestion which dramatically speeds up the healing process.

B) It reduces inflammation. The Wintergreen oil in Deep Tissue Oil has a very powerful effect at reducing congestion and inflammation in the injured area. This also dramatically speeds up the healing process.

C) It repairs trauma. The Arnica, St. John's Wort, and Calendula in the Deep Tissue Oil are used worldwide by traditional doctors to heal everything from bangs, bruises and sprains, to torn and damaged muscles, tendons and ligaments to even repairing fractured and broken bones. I have had thousands of patients and now tens of thousands of customers that have had serious trauma to their body, and not only found themselves healed in only a few days like you did, but never even having any bruising.

Deep Tissue Oil speeds up the healing process and your body’s ability to heal itself. It has turned many a doctor's dismal prognosis into a healing miracle in just a few days.

Step #3: Alternating HOT & COLD Hydrotherapy Treatment

The most powerful non-herbal way to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and greatly speed up the healing process is alternating hot and cold hydrotherapy. Hot water draws the blood in your body to the surface; this is why your skin turns red when anything hot is applied to it. The red you see is simply blood coming to the surface. Cold water when applied to your body turns your skin white. This is because it is driving the blood away from the surface and driving it deep into your body. By alternating hot and cold water on the surface of your body, you are drawing the blood to the surface and then forcing it away from the surface deep into your body. It is the most powerful way known to move blood in and out of an injured area. You can do alternating hot and cold hydrotherapy treatments in a number of ways.

The simplest way is just in a shower using a handheld shower wand. Turn the water on in the shower. If you have a single control for the temperature just turn the water temperature up to the hottest you can stand it and let the water run over the injured area for about a minute. Then turning the water all the way to cold, and let the cold water run over the area for about a minute. Repeat this alternating hot and cold treatment seven times, which will take about 15 minutes. Do this 15-minute treatment at least 4 times a day.

Another way you can do this treatment is simply by using a homemade icepack as I described in Step 1, and then a very hot, hot water bottle, or even a heating pad.

If the injury is to a hand or foot, you can even fill 2 pails up, one with ice water with plenty of ice in it, and the other with hot water, as hot as you can stand it. Then you simply place the injured wrist or ankle into the pail of hot water, keeping it there for 1 minute, and then moving it into the pail of ice water, and repeating this 7 times, again taking about 15 minutes to complete.

There are many more ways to do this hot and cold alternating hydrotherapy treatment. Just use your imagination.

Step #4: Additional Routines

Food Whenever you are injured or have any illness or disease, it is always best to stop consuming solid food, and go immediately to juices. Just a few reasons for doing this are you get a lot more nutrition from the juices. Fresh, raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices are concentrated nutrition, giving you very high amounts of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other nutritional substances that you need for your body to heal itself. So why not give your body all that it needs, even more than it needs. In my clinic I called juice therapy my natural healing blood transfusion, just to give you an idea of what a powerful therapy it is. And as you did, I would add a large dose of my SuperFood Plus to every glass of juice to send the nutritional values way over the top.

Also, you don't need to eat heavy meals and fill your gastrointestinal tract with a lot of food, that will take a lot of your body’s energy to digest, not to mention eliminate, which brings me to the next step.

Elimination I would also immediately take a Bowel Flush “SHOT”. Whenever you injure yourself almost everyone becomes constipated. There are a lot of reasons for this, from the pain of the injury to the emotional fear and shock that usually accompany the injury. Trauma to the body almost always causes constipation, so let's prevent this before it even happens by getting your bowel working great immediately. Then I would continue using my Intestinal Formula #1 or whichever one of my many bowel formula you are used to or have on hand, using it every day until you feel that you are out of the pain and the emotional trauma and shock and your bowel will work normally on its own.

Managing Pain For pain management, usually I suggest nothing. A little pain, even moderate pain, is a natural part of the healing process. It lets your body and you know, that it's not time to resume your normal activities. You will also find that all the above suggestions will dramatically reduce the pain immediately, especially the Deep Tissue Oil, and probably you will have no pain within just a day or two. If you are in extreme pain then I would suggest my Nerve Tonic. I never advise pharmaceutical pain relief. First it masks the pain so you have a false sense of getting better, not to mention that it will probably also constipate you. My Nerve Tonic will reduce the pain and help you to sleep, and at the same time will NOT hinder your body in healing itself and never constipate you.

Now, as far as anything that you could do more now, six months later, I think you are well healed and your ankle and knee are fine. I would highly suggest not to jump out of tractors anymore, and simply to climb down them like normal people. I do not think it is necessary to wear a support bandage anymore but if it makes you feel more confident then go ahead.

Scott, again congratulations for creating your own personal healing miracle. You did an awesome job! And I also thank you for sharing your healing experience with the rest of us, because everybody at one time or another in their life will injure their body like this and it is important for them to know that they have an alternative, right in their own home, a simple alternative, to the pain, torture, hopelessness, financial stress and lengthy recovery time that is often the case with the medical treatment of trauma. I have seen it 1,000 times in my clinic, a patient’s physical trauma was actually made much worse by the medical procedures and medical treatment, not made better. So again Scott, thanks for believing, and thanks for sharing.

— Dr. Schulze