This week, we revisit with Dr. Schulze’s special event guest, Rebecca, who healed herself naturally after being told by medical doctors that she was dying. 

An attendee at the event asks Rebecca which products she used to heal herself. She outlines the exact formulas—HerbalMucil Plus, SuperFood Plus (powder), Super-C Plus, and Female Formula—all taken twice per day. 

She started every morning with her SuperFood smoothie made with kale, hemp and chia seeds, organic berries, and aloe water. Then, throughout the day she continued with fruit and vegetable juices like carrot, beet, and coconut water, along with consuming five full bulbs of garlic!

She also added in Intestinal Formula #2, to remove the many parasites in her system, once they were discovered. She says she removed over 30 parasites over the course of a week, and her entire digestive system was back on track after that. 

Watch and discover Rebecca's daily routine and all of the powerful practices she put into place to help her heal herself.

See you next week for another video from this amazing and inspiring event!