A few weeks ago at my company, I met Kim, a woman that the medical doctors said would be dead a year and a half ago. But Kim is not dead; instead she is very much alive!

Please, take 9 minutes to see and hear this mom’s amazing and inspirational story!

This remarkable young lady has baffled some of the nation’s leading oncologists.

Kim’s story is powerfully inspiring, and proves once again that if YOU are willing to change your life, and get healthy, you can prove all the medical doctors wrong.

You would think that these oncologists would understand how detrimental to your immune system negative thoughts and affirmations can be. After all, medicine has now proven that your immune cells have receptors on them for brain chemicals, called neuropeptides. And furthermore, they have discovered that your immune system is LISTENING to and REACTING to your emotional dialog.

Regardless, they told this beautiful, loving, smiling young mother that “It would take a CHAINSAW to cut this cancer tumor out of your chest!” And then later the nurses reinforced this horrific, ugly and extremely negative statement.

Regardless, and thank God, Kim didn’t listen to them. Instead she decided to “Focus on the Good” to eliminate the bad. Kim decided to not listen to the doctors, and decided to Get Healthy instead. After doing the “Incurables Program” the tumor shrank in size. So she did the Incurables Program again.

Thanks Kim – YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

— Dr. Schulze