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How to Heal a Migraine Headache with Natural Remedies


Dear Dr. Schulze, I hope you can help me with my problem. I seem to be fairly healthy and thank God I have no big health complaints, except a nagging one. Almost every day at work, in the mid-afternoon, I get a headache. I am a manager at a manufacturing plant so usually I am sitting at my desk talking on the phone, or working on my computer checking invoices and then it starts. Often with a knot in my neck, sometimes with a pain in my temple, but then it turns into a full-blown headache. I hate to take drugs, but I take a few aspirin almost every day just to get through the afternoon. Can you please suggest anything that I can do to heal a migraine headache naturally and make them go away?

- Daniel, S, Manchester, NH, ,

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Dear Daniel,

I can help my friend, and you can get rid of these headaches permanently, totally, guaranteed, just follow my natural remedies for headaches simple steps…

First, we simply need to begin by listening to your body, instead of telling it to shut up. What I mean is that every day, your body is sending you a message, and is trying to communicate something to you, and you are telling it to shut up instead of listening to this communication. What you are doing is no different than if you were awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of the smoke detector screeching in your bedroom, but instead of looking for the fire, you just rip the batteries out of the smoke detector to stop the noise, and then go straight back to sleep. This would be a very dangerous thing to do as the alarm is trying to warn you that something is very wrong, and the house is on fire.

In the same exact way, your body is telling you almost every afternoon that something is wrong. And instead of finding the problem, and solving it, you are just ripping the batteries out of the alarm by taking drugs. The big danger of doing this is that after awhile—if we continue to ignore our body’s feedback and communication—well, little ignored problems have a tendency to become very big problems, if not big diseases. So let’s get to the cause of this “alarm” or your body’s communication before it turns into something more serious. I think you will find these headaches are a fairly easy problem to solve with my natural remedies for headaches below.

First, the fact that they come in the afternoon is an important sign, and also the fact that they are often preceded by a knot or pain in your neck or temples. And you mentioned that you are often on the telephone or computer. So let’s eliminate the obvious first.

They are probably stress-related, physical stress and tension from sitting in one position and keeping your neck, head and eyes stuck in one position all day and also the way you hold your neck while you are on the telephone, or staring at a computer monitor for hours. Add in the mental job stress and tension, and there you have it, the perfect breeding ground for a daily headache.

The cure will probably be as simple as about a half hour before you usually get these daily headaches, TAKE A SHORT BREAK! Take 5 to 10 minutes to just breathe. Find a quite place to be alone, the lunchroom, locker room or even a broom closet, and turn the lights out.

Before you go to your quiet space, take 2 to 4 droppersful of my Nerve Tonic. It is a powerful anti-spasmodic and naturally relieves the pain by relaxing tension and tight muscles in your neck and temples before they spasm, and releases these muscles, and also relaxes your mind and mental state. Put 2 to 4 droppersful into an ounce or two of juice, this will help to disguise the strong flavor, and just drink it down. It is a potent physical and emotional relaxation tonic.

Next, take along some of my Deep Tissue Ointment or Oil and place a dab on your neck and temples, and rub it in real well, until it is gone. Close your eyes now as the vapors are strong and will make your eyes tear.

Next, do two minutes of deep breathing. Then after two minutes, keep breathing, and start doing some neck stretches. Lift your shoulders up high and try to pinch your ears with them, then let them drop, repeat this. Then some neck rotation, circles to the left, then right, then stretch forward and back. This isn’t rocket science, just move and stretch your neck. You might even begin with a little neck massage. I am always for finding a friend at work to exchange massages with, but you can also do this yourself. Massage your trigger points, in other words where the pain usually starts, or where the knot is in your neck, massage both sides, your temples, face, scalp and neck. Massage yourself HARD, be tough, and continue your neck stretches. If you are really tight you can always use a heating pad on your neck. I would set up a little mini-environment somewhere at work where you can be alone for to do these natural remedies for headaches. If the area is noisy, then I would also bring a music storage device and some mini-headphones and play some relaxation music, or positive affirmation meditations with music.

You will find that in only in five minutes, you will feel like a new man, and in 10 minutes, you will feel like you have had a weekend at the spa. Think of it as an afternoon power nap, breathing, massage, herbal, relaxation, meditation, physical, emotional and spiritual makeover. Most important you will not get your usual headache in the afternoon.

And, if you have already have a headache, do the exact same routine I have suggested above and that will get rid of it.

Also, I suggest eating would have a SuperFood Bar before you begin this routine. Most people have a physical and emotional slump in the mid-afternoon. Many people have low blood sugar, or are exhausted from what they ate for lunch, usually lots of fat, grease and junk with no nutrition. This is why so many people need coffee to keep them awake in the afternoon. By the way, if you drink coffee in the afternoon, STOP! This may be a contributing factor to your headaches and migraines as it causes muscles to tighten and does the complete opposite of what you need to do. So, eating an afternoon SuperFood Bar, or just taking a few bites of one, can make a huge difference in how you feel.

If the Nerve Tonic doesn’t feel like the right solution for you, then you can also try the Brain Tonic. This tonic drives more blood, oxygen and the nutrition from your SuperFood Bar right up into your brain, it gets your brain feeling better and your nerves firing better, and will change how you feel all afternoon. Use 2 to 4 droppersful of Brain Tonic as an option to the Nerve Tonic. Or use both of them together!

You know, 10 years ago, this would sound crazy, but today it is easy to find others at work that would benefit from this session too—an afternoon 10-minute self-healing massage and meditation moment. So, see if you can find someone at work you can share this experience with, especially somebody with strong hands.

Finally, please remember, you can heal yourself of anything, ANYTHING! So just STOP doing what is making you sick, and START doing what will Create Powerful Health. Let’s stop supporting the drug companies, and stop drugging and numbing our body’s wonderful communication system! Instead, get to the cause of the headaches and heal your body, mind and spirit. It’s fun, and it feels good!

— Dr. Schulze

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