Dear Mike,

Well first off, CONGRATULATIONS!

You said that you watched your neighbor go through a GRUESOME death from Prostate Cancer, who decided to follow conventional medical treatment for his Prostate Cancer and he was dead in just 18 months.

On the contrary you have Prostate Cancer confirmed by two biopsies, have had NO TREATMENT WHATSOEVER, and have followed my programs, and are healthier than you have been in decades, feel great and it has been THREE YEARS! Again, congratulations!

You also said that your PSA numbers have gone steadily down over the past three years, and that you have also LOST 60 POUNDS, and your cholesterol levels are now NORMAL. Another big YES from me!

You also say that the medical doctors’ response has been hostile and negative. Sounds typical. You would think instead, that they would be asking you to teach at medical school, since you are getting better results than they are!

And PLEASE, STOP subjecting yourself to biopsies and MRIs, both of which are not only counter productive to what you are doing, but can cause disease, so your decision is correct.

To sum up what you have done… It’s like I always say, you have focused on the good and eliminated the bad. You have focused on Creating a Healthy Lifestyle and Creating Powerful Health. In fact, you have Created Powerful Health, and your dis-ease has gone away!

Think about it, Mike, this is NOT rocket science. If you make dramatic changes in your lifestyle (which you have) your body gets really super-healthy. And, when it does this, it reverses the process of degeneration and disease, and instead it heals disease and builds HEALTH! In your case, your body healed your cancer in response to your lifestyle changes. This is why I also always say that…

You can Heal Yourself of ANYTHING, ANY DISEASE, by just STOPPING what you were doing that made you sick, and START doing what will Create Powerful Health, and you did just that.

The beauty is that you did not have to really know what was wrong with you, you don’t have to have a medical degree, be an oncologist nor understand Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry or Biology, and you don’t have to know how to heal yourself at all. This is because YOUR BODY KNOWS EXACTLY HOW TO HEAL ITSELF! All you had to do was to set up the proper environment, the proper lifestyle, the proper circumstances, and your body will do the rest. This is the essence of Natural Healing and also the difference in the philosophy and angle of approach between Medical Intervention and the Natural Healing of disease.

I once graduated a student from a school I taught at in England, who failed every final exam. But she was a wonderful lady; she had a beautiful loving heart and spirit. She knew my programs well, and I knew she would help many people to heal themselves. So I passed her in spite of many protests from my colleagues and the university. She then went out and opened a small clinic out of her home in London, and since then, she has helped thousands of people heal their diseases, even cancer. How? It’s simply because you don’t have to know anything about disease, to heal disease. You just have to know how to live well. In fact, I think because her mind was purer and less cluttered than some of my other students, this made it much easier for her to see through, and even past, all the medical hysteria and chaos, and get on to the healing.

Now, to answer some of your questions…

First, you should know that Ann Wigmore, who was the founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute, was a huge proponent of wheat grass juice and raw live food for detoxifying the body and healing disease. She was a colleague of mine, and Ann sent people directly to my clinic, as I sent many people to her facility to study her methods and programs. And Brian Clement, the new director of the Hippocrates Health Institute, also referred people to my clinic before it was closed, and I referred many people to Hippocrates under his direction. We both have the utmost respect for each other’s work, and we are both very successful in our approaches, and we both used almost exactly the same programs.

Now, having said that, if someone were to ask me the difference between their program and mine, well I really don’t even know. I think mine may be a more intensive and aggressive herbal therapy program, as I am not sure which herbal medicines they use outside of their nutritional herbal medicine. But lets STOP this; I wouldn’t get too crazy on the few details we may disagree on. See, we are all Natural Healing pioneers and explorers. You know me; I would not hesitate for a second to blast anyone else’s program if I thought it was bullshit, and especially if I thought it was based on some hypothesis or theory instead of clinical results. But Hippocrates Institute, and Ann Wigmore, Vik Kulvinskas and what HHI is doing, along with a very few others like Gerson and Hoxey, have all had great success with their programs healing degenerative diseases, the same as I have, so BRAVO. Again, ALL of these programs help Create Powerful Health where you body in turn, heals any and all disease.

So below I will give you a few comments on your specific questions.

SUGAR - I understand sugar feeds cancer so I have tried to avoid all food containing added sugar, Maple syrup, honey etc and have only used infrequently Stevia as a sweetener. Hippocrates agrees with this but includes all natural sugars as well INCLUDING ALL FRUIT.

On the contrary, in my days as a student and my decades in my clinic, I have seen people heal their cancer using fruit and fruit juice fasts, so I do not believe at all that fruit either feeds or causes cancer. Fruit and fruit juice is very alkalinizing to the body, especially citrus juices, and causes powerful detoxification and healing.

The Macrobiotics also hate fruit, but let’s make this really simple. The only fruit you should be eating, in fact, the only FOOD you should be eating, is local organic produce that is in season. To tell someone not to eat the fruit that is falling off the trees in their own backyard is ludicrous. I watched Paavo Airola and Bernard Jensen heal cancer with fruit, so let’s not get dogmatic on this one. Remember, you live in England, which is almost the North Pole to this Floridian. So you should not be eating a tropical fruit-based food program, like me, who has coconuts, mangos and papaya almost killing me by dropping out of the trees onto my head. Anyway, remember to eat your apples and all the AWESOME fruit you have locally, and get it organic and in season, and you will be just fine. But kiwis from the other side of the planet, and the other HEMISPHERE? Forget about them!

Also, remember that fruit is not going to cause you any cancer, but worrying about it will definitely depress your immune system, so you can lighten up on this issue. It’s the other 99% of the program that Hippocrates and I agree on that matters. Yes, I would avoid honey, maple syrup and all the rest as a part of your food program.

OILS – We have been cooking with coconut oil and rapeseed oils only, and have eaten out at Asian restaurants from their Veggie/Vegan options (accepting we would not be eating organic), where they have cooked with vegetable oils.

Hippocrates advice is that Palm oil is the only safe cooking oil.

I wouldn’t cook with oil, period. If you cook at all, just use water. OK, once in a blue moon cooking, who cares, but generally, cooking sucks! If you eat out at a restaurant, and have been on your program three years, and your cancer is probably gone, don’t freak out or get overly concerned. Just try to pick clean restaurants where the food is not greasy and it is healthy and vegan. And, I do not promote eating non-organic, but don’t stress on this point either. And I do promote eating LIVE and RAW so seek out places that offer this type of food if you are eating out, and make Live Raw food at home.

After three years on my very clean program, having a meal out once or twice a month, can do more to boost your positive mental state, which will dramatically boost your immune system and your immune cells and chemicals, much more than any damage a little oil might do. Don’t give a teaspoon of oil so much power!

To be even more specific, I live in Italy part time, and also with my extensive clinical research over decades, if you use a little oil, Olive Oil is the best.

Stay away from any polyunsaturated oils; they are all rancid and therefore ALL carcinogenic. And the saturated oils like coconut and palm, will clog your arteries and give you a heart attack—they are artery blockers. ANY oil that solidifies at room temperature is an artery blocker, whether animal or vegetable, whether it is lard or coconut or palm. So I do not advise any rapeseed, coconut, palm, or anything except organic, pure, extra virgin, unfiltered, cold pressed olive oil.

Large consumption of any oil is not good, it will clog your body and make you have a fat ass and find the 60 pounds that you lost, so stay away from oil, limit oils, even olive. But having said all of that, when eating out, who cares? You will do it so rarely, and I am much more interested in you having fun, laughing, and keeping your spirits high, than the damage a teaspoon of oil will do. You are eating out to take a break and have a little fun, so… HAVE FUN. Again, Don’t give a teaspoon of oil so much power!

BREAD – because of yeast and sugar added and produced in the baking is not recommended.

Bread is also not a good food, and in the future, cooking and baking grains into bread will be seen as a big cause of the diseases in modern civilizations. Eat unleavened bread, or even better, make raw crackers in your food dehydrator (see my recipe at this Commentary’s end). They always satisfy my occasional desire for a little bread. So investigate raw, dehydrated breads and crackers. You can find them on the Internet, too.

You should also be focusing on my Purifying Raw Food Program and my Juice Flushing Program, and NOT my Health Building Food Program. The first two are the ones that will get your body so healthy that the cancer will literally leap out of your body.

POTATOES – are again not recommended because of sugar and other bad health effects.

Potatoes are a high-calorie food, and create a steep rise in your blood sugar if you eat too many of them. They are not poison, but should not be a staple of your food program, and should be added to a dish sparingly and in small amounts, and not be the base of a dish.

The Hippocrates route is virtually an all-raw diet which coupled with the 4 items listed above is a major change to our current lifestyle, ruling out most eating out and becoming somewhat isolated from our remaining sympathetic friends.

Our dilemma is that we have now been on our change of lifestyle for nearly 3 years, feel better than we have for years, and I do want to rid myself of the small amount of cancer I have, so I can spread the word as someone whose body has healed itself.

The Hippocrates Institute seems to have a good record of achievement in healing all manner of diseases just as you do.

Is it a matter of just deciding which camp to follow or am I missing something here?

AGAIN, my food programs for cancer are also ALL raw, as I said, my Raw Purifying Food Program and my Juice Flushing Program, these are both RAW. My cooked food or my vegan Health Building Food Program, which allows you to eat cooked food, is for use ONLY after your body has eaten up and disposed of the cancer, which I am sure it has already done. Then, you can eat cooked foods, while returning to my raw food programs on occasion, or maybe even most of the time. You will have to be the judge of how good you are feeling. Then you will know what to do.

You are missing a little bit here…

In my life I have been blessed to study with the greatest Natural Healers, Master Herbalists and Natural Doctors. Paavo Airola was a great teacher, I interned with the incredible healer Dr. Bernard Jensen, at his Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Southern California. I apprenticed with Dr. John Ray Christopher in Utah and studied with many others including Ann Wigmore. Then, on top of all of this, I ran my own Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine clinic that spanned three decades and in the last decade I mostly dealt with degenerative diseases like cancer. I watched as some of my sickest patients, with the absolute worst cases of cancer I have ever seen or heard of, turn it around and heal themselves. Many are still alive and cancer-free to this day, 20 and 30 years later. But so did the doctors I mentioned above, help their patients heal themselves of cancer, and there are slight variables and even disagreements in ALL of our programs.

Dr. Jensen used to suggest a vegetarian program for anyone with cancer, with the exception of his veal joint broth, that he loved using and prescribing. One day in class, when he said this, I made a “ugh” noise in disgust, and he looked right at me, pointed his finger right at me, and said, “I want to see you after class!”

After class, he smiled and he said to me, “Look, I am tired and fed up with the noises you make, every time I mention something that isn’t vegan, like my veal joint broth or my yogurt.” He said, “I have been helping patients heal degenerative diseases like cancer since before you were born, for 50 YEARS, and I am giving you my absolute best knowledge, the absolute best I know in Natural Healing, so give me some damn respect and shut the hell up in my classroom. AND STOP MAKING NOISES!” He also said, “You are an Aries, just like me, so I know well your kind,” he said, “You remind me of… of ME!”

From that day on I never made another noise. It was a valuable lesson.

It sounds like you know me well, and therefore you know that there are only a handful of doctors and institutions in the world that I have respect for, and the rest are hogwash. Hippocrates Institute is a great institution and is a great program, and I have the utmost respect for them, as they do for me. I don’t focus on our differences; I focus on the 99% of our similarities.

Now, this is where your two lessons come in…

When Hippocrates Institute and the great Dr. Schulze are not in alignment, (although I am still not sure we are not), you have to discover your OWN truth, and stop looking to either of us for the answer, as the answer is inside YOU.

One of the things that I used to do with ALL of my patients was empower them to be their own doctor. You have done well grasshopper, VERY WELL, and I know that you have healed yourself of Cancer. It is GONE! But also never forget that your body knows how to make it again if you stray too far off the path of enlightened living, and enlightened eating. So be good, brother.


There is a time to get INTENSE, eliminate all of the bad in your lifestyle, get extremely dedicated and pure, and heal your cancer and save your life, and I believe you have done this and done a great job.

I am not worried about your ability to heal your cancer anymore, but I am slightly concerned that you have become a Natural Healing Gestapo like Dr. ‘Adolph’ Schulze. This is OK, in fact it is GREAT, and this is also why you are alive three years later and why your neighbor is dead. What you have done, using your FOCUS, YOUR INTENSITY, YOUR DEDICATION, AND YOUR POWER, IS AWESOME. You have healed your cancer. But don’t forget a few of my other 20 Steps, like…


It may be the time to learn 1,000 new jokes, and work on smiling, laughing, and taking a break here and there and having more sex with your new 60 pound smaller body, you stud, and your new slimmer sexy wife.

There is a difference between the cancer curing, mucus and acid-purging, detoxification and cleansing food programs and the healthy lifestyle food programs that promotes health and life. In other words there is a time to get real serious, and get squeaky clean, and put the focus on detoxification and healing, and there is a time to relax a little bit, and not focus on what you do on Saturday night, and you have to be the judge of what the balance is here, and when you can allow yourself to play a little. I think you have earned a little playtime.

I had many patients, that got sooooo focused on saving their life, as I did myself, that they forgot about living their life, so remember its quantity AND QUALITY.

We are all going to die my friend—you, me, all of us. But your time is not now. In fact, if you keep on this program, it is going to be decades from now.

So in between the sprouts and the sunflower seeds, remember to have some good laughs, great fun times, smiles, sex, love, and all the great things that make life worth living.

Stay Calm, Carry On!

— Dr. Schulze

P.S. Here’s My RAW Cracker Recipe!


Equipment Needed:

- Food Processor or Blender

- Food Dehydrator

Start With:

- 1/2 cup of Organic Whole Rye Berries

- 1/2 cup Organic Whole Millet

- 1/2 cup Organic Whole Barley

You can also use organic whole quinoa, amaranth, chickpeas, or any whole organic raw dried grain or bean.

Soak your grain combination overnight in the refrigerator (or you can make slightly sprouted grains, too.) Drain and rinse the soaking nuts and grains, then add blend them in the blender or food processor.

Next, add the following nut, vegetable and herbal mix to the blender:

- 1/4 cup whole organic, raw, unsalted walnuts

- 1/4 cup whole organic raw, unsalted almonds

- 1/4 cup whole organic raw, unsalted sunflower seeds

- 2 cloves of organic garlic (or more)

- 1/2 organic onion

- 1/4 organic red pepper

- 1/2 organic celery stick

- 1 tablespoon of Herbalmucil Plus

(Optional) 1 small organic tomato

Optional seasonings you can add are chili flakes, dulce seaweed, cilantro, cumin, black pepper… what are YOUR favorites?

Now re-blend or mix all of these ingredients again in your food processor or blender very well. Spread this mixture on parchment paper, add another layer on top and gently press with a rolling pin. (Note: The thinner they are, the more they will dry and crumble. The thicker they are, the more they will be moist like bread.)

Using kitchen scissors, cut crackers into the size you want while still on the parchment paper. Then, transfer carefully to your dehydrator, and set it to the lowest temperature, or temperature for vegetables.

When the crackers are almost dry (after three or four hours) gently peel the parchment paper off the drying crackers and continue to dehydrate the crackers without the parchment paper to achieve the desired dryness.

Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator as this is still live food!


And please remember that ALL recipes are just to “prime the pump” and to spark your imagination. Make this FUN!!!