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Gum Abscess Treatment


Dear Dr. Schulze, My dad is fairly healthy, and BTW he thanks you for his SuperFood Tablets and Protect Formula. He does have problems with his gums though, and occasionally gets a gum infection. The dentist is suggesting to pull all of his teeth out and to do implants, but he would love to keep his teeth, and save the $20,000. Is there anything that I can do for him? Thanks in advance.

- Dorothy, G, Yorba Linda, CA, .

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Dear Dorothy, YES! I have treated hundreds of patients with tooth problems and gum abscesses, and my treatment has always worked, so here it is…


In a small bowl, put about 1 rounded tablespoon of my Intestinal Formula #2 powder. If you use the capsules, then just open up and empty the capsules until you have this same amount of powder.

Next, add to this powder, 2 droppersful of Tooth & Gum Tonic, 2 droppersful of Echinacea Plus and 1 dropperful of my Anti-I Formula.

You do not want to make this into a wet paste, it should still be dry and crumbly, like dry cookie dough, and it should seem like you have not used enough liquid to the amount of powder.

Then using a fork, mix this crumbly powder well and then, using a small spoon, just shovel this moist powder right into your mouth, all over and around the abscess.

(Caution: Hold your breath, and make sure NOT to breathe in when shoveling this dry powder into your mouth. Since it is very dry, you do not want to breathe this powder into your lungs.)

Then, using your finger, pack this powder all around the teeth and gums, and leave it there. As more saliva mixes with this powder, it will pack better over the abscess. Use a lot to cover the entire abscess and the surrounding area.

Your saliva will naturally add whatever additional moisture to make this dry powder into a poultice, but we want it dry because we want it to draw.

Let it remain there for at least two hours. I like to put it there during the evening, and then go to sleep and leave it there all night long. Don’t worry, it will stay there, and it won’t hurt to swallow some of it.

You will probably find that one treatment is all that is needed to eliminate the infection, but I always suggest doing this two nights in a row, just to be sure.

WHY and HOW this WORKS

It is quite simple.

Intestinal Formula #2 is primarily designed to be a powerful drawing agent, to draw out and remove old fecal matter, pus and poisons from your intestines, but it will do this anywhere. I had a student who used it on his arm to draw out the poisonous venom of a copperhead snakebite, and it worked! It is a powerful drawing poultice. So on the gum, it sucks the infection right out of the abscess. It also reduces inflammation and absorbs any toxic material, the same as it does inside your colon.

The Tooth & Gum Tonic, the Echinacea Plus and the Anti-I Formula do exactly what you think they would, destroy the bacteria and the infection on contact.

So this combination in the poultice, well, the abscess does not stand a chance. Remember, you can repeat this routine for a few days if you need to.


A Gum Abscess is an infection in your mouth, so start using more garlic right away. Chew at least three cloves of raw garlic every day for a week, if not 12 cloves a day for 10 days, YES! This will kill the bacteria.

Additionally, start taking 3 droppersful of my Echinacea Plus five times a day, until you use the entire bottle, this will really boost up your immune system. Swish each dose right over the abscess, or where it was, and this will not only numb the pain, but it will also kill that bacteria. And then, when you swallow it, this will start boosting your immune system right away. If necessary, you can even soak a cotton swab with the Echinacea Plus and then scrub it into the abscess or infected area.

Also, remember that an abscess is usually a sign of tooth decay and gum disease, so get working on those teeth and gums with a water pick and my Tooth & Gum Tonic, and get them healthy. Floss, then brush your teeth and then use a water pick with about 8 droppersful of my Tooth & Gum Tonic in the water. Do this daily for a few weeks to heal the teeth and gums.

Let’s get your Dad’s mouth healed, and save his teeth!

— Dr. Schulze

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