Dear Dan,

First, I am glad that you asked this question, as I have had HUNDREDS of questions asking me if there is any Gluten in the SuperFood Products, especially over the last few months.

ALL of the SuperFood Plus Products


This includes the original SuperFood Plus bulk powder, the tablets, the powder “On the Go” packets and the bars, again, ALL of them are Gluten-FREE. Also, the NEW SuperFood Apple Cinnamon CRUNCH Bar that I will release sometime this year, again, will be GLUTEN-FREE!

In fact, I don’t have ANY herbal product or ANY herbal medicine in my entire line that includes ANY Gluten at all.

The simple reason I do not put GLUTEN FREE on any label of any of my products, is that I do not want to add any more energy to the Gluten Paranoia Epidemic that has currently infected America.

What The Heck is this Gluten Stuff?

Gluten is found in grains, mainly in Wheat but also in Barley and Rye. But there is NO GLUTEN in Wheat and Barley GRASSES, which is the ONLY part of the plant that I use in the SuperFood Products.

Wheat and Barley Grasses are highly nutritious and detoxifying, and do not cause any negative reactions for anyone with Celiac Disease.

For those of you that don’t know, Celiac disease is thought to be a genetically inherited auto-immune disease where the person has a negative reaction to the consumption of gluten containing grains in the small intestine. These negative reactions can range from all kinds of digestive problems to fatigue, to almost anything.

Poor Gluten

I have been totally involved in Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine since the late 1960s. Way back then, and well into the 1970s, the fashionable disease that most doctors (both medical and alternative) blamed for almost everything and every symptom was Hypoglycemia or Low Blood Sugar.

There is always what I call a fashionable disease. What I mean by this is the art of diagnosis is very, very difficult. It is estimated that the average medical doctor is less than 20% correct with their diagnosis. Most alternative doctors are even less correct. Where does that put pediatricians and veterinarians whose patients cannot speak? The bottom line is that the diagnosis of disease is a very difficult art, almost impossible. So all types of doctors (both medical and alternative), when they don’t know what is wrong with a patient, and when they have no idea why a patient is having a group of symptoms or is ill or dis-eased, INSTEAD of simply saying “I DON’T KNOW” or “I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU”, well, they instead simply LIE! That’s right, whether it is their FRAGILE EGO or their INSECURITY or whatever, again, instead of simply telling you that Diagnosis of disease is a very difficult task and often is wrong anyway, they give you a CATCH ALL DISEASE, and diagnose you with it, which often has hundreds of various symptoms.

As patients and doctors alike got bored with hypoglycemia, in the 1980s, the new catch-all disease to be diagnosed was Candida albicans, a fungus that is naturally present in EVERYONE, EVERY HUMAN, in our digestive tract. When an unhealthy lifestyle, a poor food program, constipation and a weakened immune system are all present, this natural fungus of our body can overgrow and cause a thousand different symptoms from indigestion and constipation to a lack of energy, funky toenails and depression. So in the 1980s and even into the 1990s, if a doctor had no idea what was really wrong with you, well, you guessed it, you would be diagnosed with “Candida”, or more correct, an overgrowth or Candida albicans fungus in your body.

So all during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and even into the 1990s, I had to convince tens of thousands of my patients that they DID NOT have Hypoglycemia nor Candida albicans, and that they were simply ill from living a lifestyle that was not healthy enough to keep them healthy, and that their particular group of symptoms (or their dis-ease) was simply caused by their genetics reacting with their lifestyle, and that the only sure way to heal themselves, was to improve their lifestyle. And furthermore, if they improved their lifestyle, their dis-ease would simply go away.

Remember my friends, what I am constantly trying to teach you, that in Natural Medicine, our FOCUS is NOT your dis-ease, but instead our focus is Creating Powerful Health. Instead of wasting time trying to discover what may be wrong with you, or trying to add up all of your different symptoms and then naming you with some disease, we focus on creating a healthy lifestyle. We focus on getting really, really healthy, and the very next thing you will notice, often long before most doctors come up with a name for your disease, you are well and the disease is gone. This is the beauty and simplicity of Natural Healing. Focusing on the GOOD to eliminate the Bad. Focusing on Creating Powerful Health and the dis-ease simply disappears.

Naming Diseases

So in the 1990s, both patients and doctors got bored with Hypoglycemia and Candida, so they flirted with Lyme Disease, Peanuts and Strawberries, Legionnaire’s disease and a number of others until they could find something, anything, that they could blame all the unknown symptoms and ill health on, and they finally got one—GLUTEN! That’s right, good old wheat! Something that we have been eating for hundreds, actually thousands of years, yeah, that’s it, let’s blame EVERYTHING on wheat.

Now, before the few of you out there who really have Celiac disease freak out and get pissed off at me and say they really have a wheat sensitivity—I KNOW YOU DO.

What I am saying is that MOST people, the VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE… DO NOT.

Is wheat a great healthy food, or a super nutritious grain? Absolutely NOT. Why? Well, mainly because it has been mutated, genetically altered, de-branned, bleached and turned into something so alien it is more like wallpaper paste (actually, this is exactly what wallpaper paste used to be).

Then, after all of this, we cook it. Most products made from wheat today—bread, pasta, cakes, cookies, etc—are very low in nutrition, help your body build fat, are horribly constipating and are not healthy food at all. Many people believe that baked and cooked wheat flour is carcinogenic. Furthermore, just Google this and you will find hundreds of articles claiming that heated wheat is carcinogenic.

But having said all of this, I do not believe that wheat or GLUTEN is the new curse of America causing millions of people to be sick. Again, it is many, many negative factors, all together. Let’s just call this a disease-causing degenerative lifestyle.

That’s right, this is not as sexy as blaming one disease for the ills of Americans, and doesn’t make the patient feel as warm and fuzzy all over, but this is the reality of the millions of un-diagnosable diseases in America. It is simply a degenerative lifestyle that is not able to sustain health.

This degenerative and disease-causing lifestyle is the sum total of many, many factors, from low quality and garbage food, to the malnutrition and the sluggish metabolism and constipation that consuming this type of food creates, along with a lack of good elimination, exercise and movement and a negative attitude and spirit, to a hundred more things, hence my book, “20 Powerful Steps to a Healthier Life”.

OK, Back to Dan…

In the very last paragraph of your letter you stated that:

“I'm 51 so I realize it may take some time. I have been at this for 18 years and just have not found the solution yet. Emotional stress was the precipitating factor it seems.”

This statement gives me a lot of clues.

TAKE SOME TIME? SICK for 18 YEARS? OH MY GOD, this is ridiculous!

You must be so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! In my clinic, when any patient came to me that has been ill this long, I IMMEDIATELY put them on my Incurables Program or at least my 30-Day Detox.

Being sick for one single year is too long, even six months. In my clinic, almost all of my patients following my programs were well in about three or four months. It should NEVER take longer than this, but you must be willing to completely commit to a life-changing lifestyle.

If you have been sick for 18 YEARS, there are only two possibilities:

Either you have been pussyfooting around and really not making dramatic enough healthy and healing lifestyle changes.


You have never addressed the real cause of your dis-ease!

I suggest the truth lies in both.

Also, from your last sentence, I believe that you are not emotionally and spiritually well. I believe that you need a LOT OF WORK on being positive, from positive affirmations to possibly psychotherapy (if you can find a positive psychotherapist).

I also believe that there is a very strong possibility that you are a hypochondriac, or at least someone that is focused on the symptoms, and trying to discover what disease you actually have. You MUST STOP THIS!

You will NEVER figure out exactly what has been causing 18 years of ill health. SO STOP TRYING. INSTEAD, start LIVING! Start FOCUSING on creating an amazingly healthy lifestyle and having a lot of fun and laughs with this lifestyle.

Also, you really, really, really, really, really need to “Learn 1,000 Jokes” immediately—probably 2,000.

I can tell by your letter that you are way too SERIOUS, and way too FOCUSED on your DIS-EASE, and you must STOP this.

Finally, I don’t know what happened 18 years ago that started your decline of health, AND I DON’T WANT TO KNOW! But your last sentence is a real key, when you say, “18 years ago this emotional stress was the precipitating factor”. This is a real key to your ill health, because whatever it was, you BURIED IT my friend, you did not get rid of it, and it has been eating away at you ever since.

So along with creating an amazingly healthy lifestyle, FOCUSING on the GOOD, having lots of FUN doing this, and really being POSITIVE about all of these new lifestyle changes, and doing my 30-Day Detox or my Incurables Program, you also need to do some serious Physical and Emotional Trashing. I would highly suggest to get rid of a lot of what you own—if not everything—and START OVER. I am sure that your home has a lot of old shit in it, probably reminders of a life past, so let’s get rid of all of that.

Forget a Dan makeover, it’s time for a Dan DO-OVER, because Dan has created 18 years of hell, not Gluten, BUT DAN!

It’s time to create an entirely NEW LIFE.

If you have been sick for 18 years, I would CHANGE EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE, EVERYTHING, down to the littlest detail! I would even change your name. Like someone who is put into the witness protection program, you must CHANGE EVERYTHING!

You can do this, brother. How exciting! You get to be a completely new person for the next 50 years. WOW, Iwonder where this Natural Healing adventure will lead you? All I know is when you start feeling better, you will know you are on the right path.

ENJOY the journey!

— Dr. Schulze