In this Video Dr. Schulze gives some very intense bottom lines and some powerful tough love to a woman who asks about her husband who is very ill with bleeding Stomach Ulcers, but this problem lies much deeper than just the stomach lining.

Many people think that natural medicine is just finding a natural herbal cure for a disease, instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs. But in this video Dr. Schulze reminds all of us that first, we need to stop thinking we don’t deserve our current health or disease situation and step up and take full 100% Responsibility. Then we need to look at ALL the aspects of our lives, not just the stomach ulcer, or the liver disease, or the heart or cancer, but look at our WHOLE LIFE.

Healing Disease Naturally and Creating Powerful Health is much, much more. It is all about Creating a NEW LIFE and a NEW LIFESTYLE and for many of us it is probably a WHOLE LIFE MAKEOVER!!!