This week, Dr. Schulze shares more healing wisdom from his clinic. The simple fact was that, for the vast majority of his patients, getting their bowel cleaned out was a crucial step to getting well.

After all, the bowel is where all of the poisons and toxins accumulate from eating fiberless, low-nutrition, and unhealthy foods. You don’t want this stuff sitting in there rotting, you want it OUT of you

In fact, 80% (4 out of 5) of Dr. Schulze’s patients responded, recovered and got well, just from getting more nutrition IN and more waste OUT!

Watch as Dr. Schulze tells the room, “It’s so simple, yet most people won’t do it. We’ve been brainwashed to believe it is easier to just go get a drug from the pharmacy.” His bottom line…Don’t let this garbage sit inside of you and make you sick. Start getting the waste OUT today!

See you next week for another video from this amazing and inspiring event!