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Avoiding Your Genetic Cancer Risk


Dear Dr. Schulze, I recently had a 5cm thyroid nodule removed that turned out to be cancerous. I am also BRCA1 positive. Doctors want to take the other half of my thyroid out, give me radioactive iodine, perform a hysterectomy, and remove my breasts. I do not plan on doing any of these. I have ordered a juicer and am starting to follow your Incurables Program. I have 2 questions: 1) Can the Incurables Program help with the genetic mutation cancer risk of BRCA1? 2) Do any of your products address the balancing of my thyroid hormones? Thanks,

- Roberta, F, Providence, RI,

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Dear Roberta,

Your first question, can the incurables program help when you have a genetic cancer risk? This is a great question that many people have. And you are under the gun of the medical doctors wanting to prophylactically remove your female reproductive organs and your breasts? OK, let me see if I can clear some things up for you by telling you a story.

Not long ago, I attended a holiday party in a person’s home, who was asking for donations for a large cancer research and treatment charity in America. I can’t tell you the name, but they may be the largest. Anyway, during this party, one of the chief oncologist medical doctors (who was also in charge of research) gave a speech, and this is what he said…

He said that first, ALL Cancer is caused when certain genes in our body give a message to our body’s cells to mutate and become cancerous. He went on to say that their research plan was to develop chemicals that (when introduced into the human body) would inhibit and block these genes from giving this “message to mutate” to the cells of your body.

At the end of his lecture, I asked him two questions:

First, I asked how much money they needed to develop this program of chemical “genetic altering”, and he said it was unknown, but it could be trillions of dollars.

I then asked him how long this research was going to take, before they know if it works, and he said that it might take up to 100 years to perfect this genetic “altering approach” to stopping cancer.

Being that I was a few dollars short of a trillion, I put my checkbook back into my pocket. But also, there were people in this audience that had parents with cancer, in fact, some of them had cancer themselves, and this doctor was talking about a cure that would cost an amount almost the size of the national debt, and also a cure that probably wouldn't be available—even if it worked—until everybody at this lecture, and their children, and probably even their children, were ALL DEAD!

Needless to say, this guy had spent too many years in medical school and in the research lab with rats and not the clinic with human beings, and he obviously doesn’t live in the real world. They should have sent a better salesman with a better bedside manner, as this man’s highly expensive, extremely tentative and futuristic cancer treatment didn’t get too many donations.

But, it gets better… and this is where YOUR answer is.

Finally, because you know me, I have a lot of questions too, so I asked him WHY?

WHY do these genes, that some of us have, tell our cells to mutate and become cancer in the first place?

He said, “Well, everyone knows that!” And, he started naming junk food and fast food hamburgers, French fries, alcohol, soft drinks, candy and sugar, etc. He went on to say that chemicals, harmful chemicals, toxic chemicals, poisonous chemicals, mutagenic chemicals and carcinogenic chemicals, this is what turns these genes on to create cancer in us.

When we consume these chemicals, and our genes are exposed to these chemicals, this creates a mutagenic response to our genes and then our body’s cells, and we develop cancer.

So, I had one more question. I said, “Well, then if we know what causes cancer, what if we make changes, create a healthier lifestyle and stop exposing ourselves to these chemicals? Wouldn’t that stop our genes from going haywire and stop our cells from mutating and STOP CANCER?” He looked me right in the eye and said, “Well, who would do that?”

So there is your answer Roberta. If you stop exposing yourself to toxic chemicals, then your genes should stop telling your cells to mutate, and you will stop making cancer.

Now, obviously you have a genetic predisposition to developing cancer, but that does NOT mean that you have to have it. It just means that you have the predisposition, the POSSIBILITY!

Our level of health (or level of disease) is a perfect reflection of our genetics, reacting to our environment and our lifestyle, nothing more and nothing less. And, since I have never seen a farmer plant corn and get strawberries (you reap what you sow) well, then if you or anyone is not happy with what you have created, then all we have to do is change and create something else.

Now, before you complain and say that you take care of yourself better than most people, forget about most people. We all have different genetics and we all have to live in such a way as to not create disease, but instead, to create powerful health.

So, what I would do is what I often refer to as a complete lifestyle “makeover”. You have to change EVERYTHING! Again, everything is genetic, we are basically 50% our Mom and 50% our Dad, and whatever they had, we are prone to get. YOUR level of health (or level of disease) is a simple combination of your genetics REACTING to your lifestyle and environment. It is a REFLECTION of this collision between your family genetics, and how you live your life.

YOU may be predisposed to develop cancer—genetically predisposed—but that DOES NOT mean that you will have it. That does not mean that there is nothing that you can do about it. Obviously, your relatives lived a life that caused this genetic disposition to mutate their cells. The way for you to stay cancer-free is to live a DIFFERENT life than your parents, a different lifestyle than your parents.

And I know this was a long-winded answer, my evangelism on genetics and Natural Healing, but to finally answer you…


A Juicer and the Incurables Programs… AWESOME! That is a great start!

I have seen thousands of patients that have had all types of cancers—you name it. And, I have seen them heal themselves by making radical changes in their lifestyle. So again, great, get started, do a complete lifestyle makeover and enjoy the journey, enjoy the adventure. Get my 20 Steps Book and look at each of these 20 steps and try to do them all at once. I have been working on this myself, to master these 20 steps for over 40 years now.

And, for balancing your thyroid hormones I suggest the Female Formula and SuperFood Plus. The Female Formula works to balance ALL of your endocrine organs, so not just the ovaries, but the thyroid also. And, the SuperFood Plus gives your body the nutrition it needs to build these thyroid chemicals.

Roberta, remember fun is FUNdamental on all of my programs, and please enjoy your new lifestyle, and your new life!

— Dr. Schulze

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