This week, Dr. Schulze gives his recommendations for learning more about Natural Healing and becoming a Natural Doctor.

He begins by sharing that the problem with most schools of naturopathic medicine, is that they are focused on disease in the same way as modern medicine; only they are trying to cure with herbs. Dr. Schulze doesn’t do that, and why he doesn't do that is because he has seen time and again that it never works very well.

He goes on to share, "I have 17 different diplomas and certifications, and it took me awhile to realize none of them mattered. I was hiding behind all of those pieces of paper, and none of them made me better at helping my patients. Putting the focus on health instead of disease, and getting my patients to put their focus on their health and not their disease, this is what got them well."

His bottom line: Forget getting a degree. You don’t need one to be well or to empower anyone else to get well. Helping anyone to heal themselves and get well is really all about Healthy Living. It's not about healing disease, or even healing disease with herbs.

Stay healthy and see you next week.