This week, Dr. Schulze brings you the “best of” his recent @TheHerbDoc Instagram videos!

In this short video, Dr. Schulze is on the road and giving his best tips to help you find quality, healthy, organic food when traveling.

Chapter #1: I LOVE BEETS!!!!! And Beet Juice. Add carrots and greens, it’s a meal!!!! Stay positive, there is awesome food in every direction!!!!!

Chapter #2: Friends, I’m still on the road down by the border, I can’t get a video out, but I took this picture, because I always carry a backpack of goodies with me on the road. Tonight I’m in the desert and there is not a lot of good food, or any food for that matter around me, so I went into my backpack....a nice organic almond butter sandwich on organic sprouted bread, some organic raw nuts, a bag of organic tangerines and a few Cacao Crunch Treats for dessert, I’m eating like a king!!! Always have a food backup plan!!!

Chapter #3: Tomorrow is what you BELIEVE and DO TODAY!!!! I traveled through Roswell, New Mexico and found this bottle. My own health experience, and that of thousands of my patients, is what made me a believer in Herbal Medicine and Natural Healing, simply because IT WORKS!!!!!! If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired then join me in this Revolution!!! It’s so simple!!! The cure for ALL dis-ease is to get REALLY REALLY REALLY HEALTHY!!!!!! Oh yeah, and as far as aliens, I don’t exclude anyone. Natural Healing and Herbal Medicine will work for them also!

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See you next week!