This week, Dr. Schulze shares his final thoughts on Natural Healing and creating powerful health, as we wrap-up our special event video series.

Watch this latest video and discover the essence of his powerful message. His top question: How bad do you want it? How badly do you want to get well? Dr. Schulze learned early-on that the patients that really wanted to get well, were the same people that created healing miracles in their lives. 

We have created a system of medicine in America where we take all of the responsibility away from the patient. Natural Healing is about taking control of your health and your life; it demands your participation, your involvement, and working with your body to create powerful health. 

Dr. Schulze's bottom line: If you want to be well, it is all up to you. All you have to do is flip that switch and take responsibility for your body, your life, and your health. Fill your body, mind and spirit with getting really healthy, and disease will simply go away. It’s that simple.

“Tomorrow is what you BELIEVE and DO today!"