Dear Debbie,

Your problem is a common one and I have a very simple yet effective remedy.

First, Why This Happens

Most of us store about five pounds of digesting food and fecal matter in our stomach, small intestines and colon. (Unhealthy people can store 10 pounds or more.) When we eat a major meal, we swallow more food into our stomach, which causes peristaltic muscular waves and “helps” the previous contents of your stomach to be moved into your small intestine for nutrient assimilation, which moves the previous contents of your small intestine into your large intestine (or colon or bowel), for dehydration, which causes the previous contents of your large intestine to move into your rectum and to be eliminated as fecal matter. This is why it is normal to have one bowel movement, about 30 minutes after every major meal that you eat. Eating a meal starts the “waves” that move the food you ate—that is in various stages of digestion, assimilation and elimination—to the next organ or stage.

When you stop eating, as you do during a juice fast or a juice flush, or during my 5-Day Detox Programs, your entire intestinal tract becomes empty. After a day you have nothing left in it, so it is empty to store quite a lot. But, since you are not eating during your Detox program, the little amount of solids in juice, smoothies, potassium broth, SuperFood or a liver flush drink, even a salad, is not enough to cause a bowel movement. So, for many people it just starts storing up.

Now, How To Fix This Problem

The best way to assure you have a daily bowel movement or even two, during any fast, Flush or Detox program, is to take a good dose of fiber and mucilage every day during your cleanse.

What I do (and highly suggest to anyone who stops pooping during a cleanse) is to take a daily dose of my HerbalMucil Plus. This will cause a daily, complete bowel movement. It does this because the herbs in this formula swell up and cause volume, they are almost pure fiber, both of which cause you to have a daily soft and satisfying bowel movement, even if all you are consuming is liquids.

So, for you or anyone that stops “pooping” during any of my 5-Day Detox Programs, simply have 1 or 2 doses of my HerbalMucil Plus during the day, and you will have complete bowel movements like normal. This should put a smile on your face.

Stay Healthy,

— Dr. Schulze