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Eyewash Drama


Dear Dr. Schulze, I have been plagued with bouts of Conjunctivitis and Eye Irritations and Infections most of my adult life. I manage a mill, which is a very dusty and dirty environment. My doctor says it’s caused by a combination of this dirty environment plus a deformity in my tear ducts. Anyway, I seem to have an eye infection most of the time, and have been on medication and drops and creams for years, that don’t seem to have done me any good. Last year during the holidays my ex-wife gave me a bottle of your Eyebright formula and a few of your books, and they sat on my shelf for the last few months where they haven’t done me any good. Finally, last week my eye infection was so bad, that itched so bad, I thought I was going to damage my eye as I was rubbing it so hard and so often, because it was itching and burning so bad. So I started taking your Eyebright and it didn’t help me either. I emailed my ex-wife to complain, who told me that I had to put it into my eyes, not drink it. I have to say I felt a bit stupid, and also I was afraid to put this stuff into my eyes. Then, when I did all my fears were realized, it stung like hell, so bad I thought it would permanently blind me. I grabbed the emergency eye wash bottle off the wall of the shop screaming, and dumped this emergency medicine all over my face, and poured this stuff into my eyes. The other employees thought I went nuts. Once I recovered, I immediately emailed my ex and screamed at her, and that is when she told me that I needed to dilute it with pure water and then wash my eyes with it. I’m not too sure she didn’t skip that part to get me back for some old pain I caused her. Anyway, she convinced me to dilute it and do it again, and she told me how to wash my eyes this time, the eye exercises, etc. This time I listened, and I followed her specific instructions to the T, did it three times the rest of the day, and it didn’t sting this time, well, maybe it was just a little warming. The very next morning when I woke up my eye infection was completely gone! The painful itching, the burning, the infection, GONE! This has never happened to me before with any of the doctors’ medicines. I have a complaint and a few questions. First, my complaint is that your directions suck and are not clear at all on how to use this formula, especially if my ex-wife is correct. My questions are first, is she correct and second did I do any damage to my eyes or to myself by using it undiluted directly into my eyes, or by drinking it? I am so relieved that my eye infection is gone, and hasn’t come back in two weeks, which is a record, but I am also worried that I may have damaged my eye not knowing how to use the medicine correctly. Please advise.

- Brian, D, Helena, MT, USA,

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Dear Brian,

I apologize for any drama and trauma that was caused by my lack of clarity. I can assure you, that you DID NOT do any damage to yourself by drinking my Eyebright Formula, nor putting it directly into your eyes. Well, maybe a little emotional damage, but certainly no physica damage. Again, I apologize for my directions not being clear.

Unfortunately, I cannot legally advise ANYONE to put my Eyebright herbal tonic into their eyes, and this is the reason my directions are not clear, nor specific, on this formula at all.

Your wife is right, and has finally instructed you correctly. I agree with you, she may have been unclear at first just as some kind of payback for past mistreatment, but now you know how to use this formula correctly.

I am thrilled to hear that it worked so well, and that your eye infection or conjunctivitis has not returned in two weeks.

MOST IMPORTANT, to PREVENT any future eye infections, please continue to use this formula a few times a day for a few more weeks. Then, I would highly suggest a prevention program, where you wash your eyes at least once a day right when you get home from work, or better yet, in your office before you leave work.

This will not only keep your tear ducts open, clear and flowing, but will also clean your eyes of any debris and disinfect them, too.

Again, I apologize for our stupid government that has caved in to pressure from big medicine corporations to pass laws that gag me (and others) to help you heal yourself naturally using herbs, foods and common sense.

Finally, this link should help you regarding my Eyebright Formula.

— Dr. Schulze

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