Dear Brian,

I apologize for any drama and trauma that was caused by my lack of clarity. I can assure you, that you DID NOT do any damage to yourself by drinking my Eyebright Formula, nor putting it directly into your eyes. Well, maybe a little emotional damage, but certainly no physica damage. Again, I apologize for my directions not being clear.

Unfortunately, I cannot legally advise ANYONE to put my Eyebright herbal tonic into their eyes, and this is the reason my directions are not clear, nor specific, on this formula at all.

Your wife is right, and has finally instructed you correctly. I agree with you, she may have been unclear at first just as some kind of payback for past mistreatment, but now you know how to use this formula correctly.

I am thrilled to hear that it worked so well, and that your eye infection or conjunctivitis has not returned in two weeks.

MOST IMPORTANT, to PREVENT any future eye infections, please continue to use this formula a few times a day for a few more weeks. Then, I would highly suggest a prevention program, where you wash your eyes at least once a day right when you get home from work, or better yet, in your office before you leave work.

This will not only keep your tear ducts open, clear and flowing, but will also clean your eyes of any debris and disinfect them, too.

Again, I apologize for our stupid government that has caved in to pressure from big medicine corporations to pass laws that gag me (and others) to help you heal yourself naturally using herbs, foods and common sense.

Finally, this link should help you regarding my Eyebright Formula.

— Dr. Schulze